Cochin Jain Temple Photos,Images from Inside Jain temple, Mattancherry- Kerala

Cochin Jain Temple and Premises

Giving you images of the Jain temple in Cochin/kerala..The jain society here are migrated long ago from GUJARAT. The place shows you some light into jaina religious beliefs and rituals..Photos of Thirthankara or Jain God, inside the temple images , temple premises etc are posted for you..

The Jain Temple located on the Gujarati Road at Mattancherry near Cochin at Ernakulam district of the Indian state Kerala.. The Jain community here is migrated from Kutch and saurashtra of Gujarat long years ago for business..

The temple was built as a memorial and is now handed over to the Jain Sangh (association of jains in kerala) and is now administered by them..

This Jain temple is now nearing a century and after compleating its 100th year the temple will be known as Jain Tirth, and will carry a very prominent position among the Jain Temples in India, and Kochi will be having an important position among the Jains in India.

The place is calm and quiet and the Jain community is living around the premises of the Temple there.

Knowing nothing about Jains, Except the spelling of Jainism me and my friend where a little confused when we got into the Temple premises. We were unaware of any of their customs if have to be kept while entering the temples. Just removing our shoes we went in.

Wanna come with us. Hmm watch your deeds. We going to enter a Temple.!
jaina temple photo from cochin mattancherry kerala india,temple which is a century old from kerala,temples-cochin-keralaThe Jaina Temple...... Cochin...

The calm and quiet temple and the surroundings says a lot about Jainism. Jaina's are vegetarians and keeps non-violence, self-controll, and penance as the principles to lead a good jaina life.. Jaina temples are open to all communities and these people mingles with other communities generously..
jaina temple inside photos from cochin kerala,one of the oldest indian jain temples,kerala-jain-temples,jainism-keralaInside the Jaina Temple

This is the inner of the Temple, where the marbled floors are having some artwork at the center of the hall and the place where the small Jaina god's sculptures are placed has a walk way around it. Some women followers of jainism were seen there taking walks around the god's sculptures.
mahavira the jaina god from old indian jain temple in gujarathy street mattancherry india kerala,jaina-gods or thirthankara mahavira,cochin-jain-temple-photos,kerala-templesSri Guru Gautham Swami - The first Deciple of Thirthankara Mahavira. He took the first Diksha from Thirthankara Mahavira.

There are 24 tirthankaras or Jaina Gods.. Two of them had their proof of existence in the pages of history... One among them is the Lord Mahavira...

God in jainism or Tirthankara is not meant as the ultimate power of universe in jainism. A tirthankara is the one who have made controll over the enemies of his mind from leading the life towards moksha and a person who has conquered his mind like this is termed as 'Jina' among the jains...

The ultimate aim of Jainism is thus to get Moksha or become a Jina..
thirthankaras of jainism photographed from the jaina temple of cochin mattancherry kerala,role-models-of-jainism,photos-of-indian-jain-templeMuni of Jaina religion-Sri Shanthi Suri Maharaj Murthi

From the Temple premises. Their are a few number of small sculptures of Jaina Gods like this all over the temple places. I was unable to figure out the exact names for am not that familiar with this religion...Jainism is followed by about four million people in India and the religion is also seen in North America, Australia etc.

the front view of jain temple in gujarathy street of cochin mattancherry kerala india,jain temple cochin which is 100 years old,kerala-jain-temples,Gujarati-street-jain-temple-mattancherryThe Jaina Temples. A view from the entrance pathway..

The place is kept calm and the surroundings of the temple is paved with interlocking floor tiles.. The temple adds value to the historical prominence of the place Mattancherry besides the DUTCH PALACE museum and JEW STREET--The place where the Jew Community lived in Kerala.
temples in india kerala,jaina temple picture ernakulam,cochin,kerala,india,kerala-oldest-templesA side View shot Of the Jaina Temple Front

The temple is having a special architectural design, and is one of the cutest ones among temples in India. The dome has step by step elevating structure. And like the Hindu temples the pillars are also sculptured....

The photos are continued in the next post of Jain temple..      

bye for again..
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Keralas tourist attractions and Landscape photo;Pictures of munnar tea estates,Neelakurinji,Soochipara waterfalls,Hillpalace,Thusharagiri.

Another gallery on Kerala's Scenic attractions, eventhough a very few in this post. The photos posted here are just the sample pictures from different districts of kerala. Surely its not at all describing the whole real beauty of kerala's tourist attractions but a few highlights that i got in can watch some images snapped in some tour trips..

The images of the most adored hill station of Kerala- the Munnar, soochipara Water falls from Wayanad-the northern district of kerala ,Hill palace photos, evening from marine drive- Cochin, Neelakurinjis etc are posted here. Will saturate with the real deal on Kerala's Tourist spots shortly.

Green Blanket like Tea Plantations in Munnar Hill Slopes


munnar tea plantations,tea plantation in munnar photographed from rajamala,munnar sceneries,photo of green lush tea plantations in munnar covering the mountain slopes in the mist"Munnar..The Scenic beauty of Kerala's Prominent Hillstation"

When comes the question about Hill Station in kerala beyond doubt the pointer is towards Munnar....A place blessed with green lush tea plantations, rivers, mountains, mysterious places like Eco Point and the places own Flora And Fauna...
You may have heard of the Neelakurinjis and Neelgiri Tahr. The Neelgiri Tahr groups are only seen over the mountains here and is considered and endangered species. At times the temperature of this place goes even below 0 degree celcius.

Photo by:Sreerag
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

Neelakurinjy Violet Flowers- rarest flowers of kera which blooms once in 12 years


rare flowers in kerala,neelakurinji flower blooms only once in 12 years,main attraction of kerala tourism,rare violet flowers,kerala flower photos"Neelakurinjys- This Bloom Only Happens once In 12 Years.."

The attraction of Munnar hills..the Neelakurinji flowers.At the season of this flowers the whole mountain is covered with these light blue flowers which gives the mountain slopes a blue tint when watched from a distance. Their are guards all all over the place to keep these flowers from being plucked by the tourists, and if caught red handed a heavy fine is awaiting you..

If you interested to see more photos from Munnar visit the links just below please..

Photo by: Arun
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus Mode: Auto

Cochin Old Palaces- Hill Palace


hill palace photograph from cochin kerala india,old palaces in kerala,an old kerala palace built by rajas of cochin in traditional ettukettu architecture and now working as keralas largest archaeological museum"Hill Palace.Now a Museum than A Palace"

Once the Raja of cochin lived here. The palace as the name itself says is at the top of a hill. Upto the valley of the hill the mountain slope is covered with so many flowering plants, trees and shrubs.. A curly road winds up from the bottom of the hill to the top upto the palace..

The palace is now having many valuable manuscripts which enlightens the ancient culture and art of kerala along with many valuables from the period of cochin Maharaja, like gold crowns, diamonds, utensils ornaments and many more..

If you like to se more photos of this place follow the link below..

Photo by:Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

Soochipara waterfalls- Wayanadu-Kerala

sooshipara=waterfalls photograph from wayanadu=kerala-india,a photo of water splashing on the rocks below,kerala's waterfalls"Soochipara Waterfalls..from Wayanad"

The waterfalls is a 3tired one from about a height of 300 meters. The place has convenience for bathing, rafting etc..This is just one among the attractions of the place wayand.

Wayanad the hill district of kerala situated by the side of mighty western ghats and in the north east part of kerala is blessed with dense forests and waterfalls.

The place termed as 'Silent Valley' is renowned for its flora and fauna and is protected zone now. The river Kabni flows through this district which is one of the main tributary of river Kauvery.

The tourist destinations in wayanad covers Pookode lake, Edakkal Caves, Soochipara, Kanthanpara, Meenmutty which is a  water fall, and so many temples.. their is some thing for every type of tourists here, whether you are adventurous or ordinary...

Photo by:Samitha
Camera: Nikon S1
Focus Mode:Auto

Rice Fields in Kerala

paddy fields photograph from kerala india,green lush paddy fields cultivation photographed during a train journey,rice cultivation photos from kerala" Lush Green Paddy Fields."

A shot from the train.The place is somewhere in Malappuram District, one of the northern districts of kerala. Now the area of paddy cultivation is decreasing in kerala and the state depends its neighbours for its supply of Rice..

An interesting information i have just come across is that the cultivation of paddy increases the methane gas in atmosphere and gives its part in global warming....

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: Panasonic Lumix(6mp)
Focus Mode: Infinity

Thushara Giri Waterfalls In summer-Kerala


water falls in thusharagiri in summer season,narrow line of water flowing through the rocks inside the forest in thusharagiri-calicut-kerala,thusharagiri waterfalls-kerala"ThusharaGiri"

Now we are in Calicut, one of the central districts of Kerala. Thusharagiri is a rocky river Course through the dense lush forests. The river course forms so many smaller and bigger waterfalls and cascades throughout its flow...

The place is pretty much ideal for adventure tourism and hiking..Getting up to the main huge waterfalls through the steep dense forests and rocks is the main task of the tourist.

The little falls up in the photo is just a minor one among the river course..The rock in the photo is not just for seeing but to climb up, to get to the main water falls.We got their at extreme summer season, so the river was almost dried up..

Eventhough we really enjoyed the climbing up of steep water carved rocks through the river course. Inspite of extreme summer season the main falls at the top was not that dried up and there we got a pool of extra cool water and a moderate waterfalls...

If you like some adventure you should visit this place... Haa one more thing...Beware of Leeches..They are present here too as usual in any forests..

The place is situated some what 50 kms away from Calicut Town......

Photo by: Sreerag
Camera: Canon PowerShot A530
Focus Mode: Auto

Meet me again..I will be holding something new for you here..thank you for the visit..


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Kerala photos, Gods Own Country-Closeups of Tusker Elephants, Budding Pepper, Kanikkonna, Kovalam Beach aerial view & some scenic landscapes of Kerala

Wanna have a rough journey through "KERALA".. renowned as God's Own Country all over the tourist maps.. The place is known for its moderate climate and natural beauty.

Kerala the south western part of India, is attracted by the tourists for the state has a vibrant art and culture along with so many gorgeous tourist destinations spreaded all over its 14 districts.. The place is blessed with so many beaches, backwaters, water falls, forests, hill stations, monuments, Palaces, Forts etc, all in together gives an around full package for a tourist coming to the place... Besides their are many ayurvedic massage centers blended with the backwater tourism..

The land is notable for its lush green vegetation throughout, and for the abundance of water bodies as rivers and lakes... The district Alappuzha here is like the Venice, a place with abundance of backwaters . The people in this district depends on waterways more than the roadways..

The visit to kerala is surely incomplete if you haven't visited places like kuttanad, kumarakom etc which are in the Alappuzha district..

Here you can see the photographs taken from different districts of Kerala. Pictures of Kanikkonna , Elephant close up shots,Kovalam beach aerial view, Budding pepper plant, and some scenic pictures from Kerala's landscape..Photos taken with digital cameras, Cell phones etc..

landscape scenery kerala photograph,coconut trees besides beautiful lake photographed during a train journey through kerala,kerala-lakes"As a Fence For The Lake...Line Of Coconut Like Guards"

Just the shot of a landscape found attractive during a train journey through the heart of Kerala..Watch the calm lake and the greenery around in the morning sun's rays.. Its a typical scene from Kerala's natural beauty..Think while taking this photo the train was just leaving the Ernakulam district..

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: Panasonic Lumix(6mp)
Focus Mode: Infinity

kanikonna a tree with yellow flowers,gold-shower-trees,golden-shower-flowers,festival-flower,the symbol of prosperity in keralas culture and flower which is used for the festival vishu in kerala"The KANIKONNA..Golden Shower Flowers. Symbol Of Prosperity.."

As i am posting this, the festival of Vishu just passed by yesterday..This tree Kani Konna blooms in its full fury, sometimes more flowers than the leaves...Vishu is celebrated in Kerala, and adjoining areas of Tamilnadu state.

At the day of festive Vishu people gets up at the early morning and goes to the prayer room and sees the 'Vishukkani' which they believes will make their following life prosperous and peaceful..After this the elders gives away presents to children and the custom is called 'Vishukkaineetam'..

Photo by:Sreerag
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

elephant closeup photograph from kerala,asian tusker elephant domesticated in kerala temples,kerala-elephant-closeup-photos"Hmmm..what u looking at.. My tooth are brushed already... Don't you see?. They are white!!!..
Do you like to buy one as a Pet for your home. Elephants are domesticated and trained to do things here in Kerala especially for religious and business purposes..

The biggest mammal on land in man's control..An Indian Elephant.A tusker here..When compared to African elephants smaller in ear size and tusk length..These Indian Elephants are considered to be endangered due to heavy poaching for ivory..

These days elephant fury newses and deaths are common, pointing to the fact that we need more severe restrictions and laws for keeping Elephants and caring them..

Camera:SonyEricsson C902 (5mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

beaches in kerala,aerial view of kovalam beach one of the hottest tourist spot in trivandrum of kerala,aerial scenic photograph of kovalam beach"Kovalam Beach...One Of The Best Beaches In India"

An Aerial view of the Kovalam beach.. The beach is somewhat about 16kms from the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. The beach is safe for sea bathing and other activities..And their is a Light house situated nearby, from where you can get an eagle eye view of the whole place.

The place Kovalam is away from the rush of busy capital city and will be always saturated with Tourists.. Can be considered as a must see place in Kerala's tourist map.....

Besides kovalam Kerala is blessed with a number of beaches in most of its districts for the state has a large distance of coastal area.

Photo by:Nithin
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

pepper plant photograph,fresh pepper plant with budding pepper wet in the rain photographed from kerala,black-gold-kerala,kerala-spices"The King Of Spices..Just had a bath in the rain....A Pepper Plant With Budding Pepper Threads"

One of the main spices cultivated along southern India. A main ingredient of almost all cuisines in our table and also for some medicines...The pepper. The plant is perennial type which grows onto any supporting trees upto four meters. The green pepper is collected from the plants at suitable time and is dried and powdered before using...Oh you may know.....

Besides pepper their are cultivation and export of many spices like cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves etc from Kerala..

Photo by:Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K550i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto.

More photos from Kerala in other postings..just go on browsing....

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