ORCHIDS, Ground Orchid Violet Flowers from Kerala

Violet orchid flowers from some home gardens in Kerala. Spathoglottis Plicata, its this orchid plant's scientific name and is of the flowering plants family Orchidaceae. These are usually termed as Ground orchids and also has flowers in colors of White, lavender,pink, yellow-orange etc. The violet and white ground orchids are most common here in Kerala.

These ground orchids flowers throughout the year than a particular season. The plants need ordinary care when compared to other orchid species. Ground orchids needs moderate or half shade and can be in full sun if its not the hottest sun. They requires to be watered especially in the growing and budding up time but not that careful as the other garden orchids. The garden plant can be grown in a soil mixed up with cow dung charcoal plant manures etc which will loosen the soil for better drainage and easy rooting. The dead leaf strands and the dried out flower stems should be removed regularly for a healthy growth of this flowering plant.

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Water Hyacinth in Kerala Rivers-Worst & Highly Productive Aquatic Weeds

 Water Hyacinths in a river of Kerala, the worst aquatic weed ever known, the aqua life killers. These water plants are notorious for their fast growth. Hyacinths are considered as one of the most productive aquatic plant. A plant which can spread over the whole river in a small amount of time.Water hyacinths collected from a small area of river like this can weight upto tonnes.

Once there was a River!.
Water hyacinth cover on river. Photographed from a river in Ernakulam district of Kerala state.
Hyacinths are known for clogging the river thus making difficult for boats and canoes to move on, Killing the aquatic life by preventing oxygen from dissolving in water, reduced water quality, increasing mosquitoes for they are better place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Water hyacinths are known to make allergies from their plant saps to humans. Also some diseases are seen in people living around the water bodies filled with hyacinth weeds.Recently they clogged the spillway of a dam in Kerala while trying to open the shutters and made serious damage to the Dam sidewalls.Anyway its really a nice sight when the aquatic weed blooms, the whole river surface turns violet with the bloomed violet flowers.These weeds can be used as a raw material for the cottage industry making handicrafts and households with fibers.

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