Clitoria Violet Flower, Fruit & Bud Photos. Shankupushpam-Ayurvedic/ Medicinal Cures. Bluepea Agricultural Significance

More photos on Herbal flowers of Shankupushpam or blue peas, also called butterfly peas and scientifically named as Clitoria Ternatea. The famous Ayurvedic herbal flower plant of Kerala, at the same time ingredient of many recipes in Asian countries. Despite its medicinal value the plant is seen all around unnoticed in between the shrubs and small trees. As it's a perennial herb most of times the flowers are seen peeping from the greenery of the plant or tree it's having an entangled affair for existence.

Flowers of shankupushpam appears in colors of snowy white,dark blue, fluorescent blue ,violet etc. Have got some violet flowers of shankupushpam here and have already posted the photos of blue and white flowers of Aparajitas in previous postings.

 Butterfly peas-Herbal flower's Bud

shankupushpam herbal flowers bud closeup photograph,clitoria flower bud
Walking around after the rain, these are some of the photos i snapped from the nature. As these plants of Shankupushpams are seen abundant all over in between trees and plants, they came in front naturally and i couldn't help taking some closeup snaps of the flowers and buds before leaving.

Am trying to present a little more details on the medicinal value of this common tropical herbal plant by this post. Peculiarity of this plant is, no part of the plant is unusable as per Ayurvedic maestros. In ancient books on Ayurveda the plant, its roots, flowers and even leaves are mentioned for the preparation of peculiar medicines.

Shankupushpam or Bluepea flowers are mentioned in a variety of synonyms in the books of Ayurveda. Butterfly pea flowers and plants are mentioned in most of the old Ayurvedic scriptures for its herbal medicinal value. Some of the common ayurvedic synonyms of aparajita are supuspi, sveta, girikarnika, gokarnika, mohanasi, ardrakarni, mahasveta, sephanda, vishnukrantha etc. Also the flower is known as aral, malayamukki, Kakkanam etc.

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