Volvo Ocean Race Stopover at Cochin-Race Village Photos From Wellington island

Giving you pictures on the Volvo ocean race stopover at Cochin wellington island..Giving you photographs from the race village..You can see the ocean race Yachts, inside the Volvo dome for exhibiting the ocean race setup in the race village for visitors, the sailors giving interview to the people and the ocean race ride simulator...

The Race arrived at Cochin around December 2nd, and i happened to be there at the village by 4th of the week..It was the time of great delight that Cochin turned out to be a stop over point for the world's renowned Ocean race, which started as Whitbread Round the World Race and now turned out as Volvo Ocean Race...

The ultimate aim of the get the answer for...The Ultimate Sailor in The World?..The winner is the result of the ultimate team work and skill in those hectic and dangerous conditions of the ocean...

The pictures are of Panasonic Lumix (6mp) digital cameras.. The condition while clicking was a bit cloudy and felt the scarcity in light in certain shots..

Any way lets have a walk through the race village set up at Cochin in record time for the Volvo ocean race....

photograph of volvo ocean race 2008 race village setup at india cochin in the wellington island of ernakulam district kerala"The Race Village At Cochin"
That is an overview of the stalls and rides set up at the village by the race crews...The most attractive one was the Volvo's automobile show exhibiting the technologies, concepts and the vehicles that Volvo has so far produced..

Do you notice a dome in the picture....The photo following this one is inside the dome..

volvo ocean race exhibited inside the race village dome photographed"Feel it At least In a Theatre"
Inside the dome, a half moon screen showing parts from the Volvo race.. a series of moving pictures that will give you light into the race history, and the sweetest condition out there in the race..If an unexperienced one is on board while the yachts cutting over the waves, in no time he will be washed out for sure...

Yup not that simple as it sounds...."Ocean Race".....The opponents are not only the fellow yachts...but the Nature itself...

Defy the fellow yachts, Defy the fury of nature, Make the right movement in right time....You are the winner...The Ultimate Sailor Of the World..

ocean race simulator and dome setup in the ocean race village at kerala cochin for visitors and tourists by race crew"Wanna Have a Ride"
The ride simulator of Volvo Ocean Race...Go and have a feeling similar to when you are in a Race yacht at the time of the race.......There was a water sprinkling mechanism inside which gives you the feel of waves hitting the yacht, but was not functional as we went in.

photograph of ocean race yachts docked in wellington island of cochin where the volvos ocean race village is set up"Docked Race Yachts".

You may wonder what is that special in these yachts..They are now tied out their without the sail..Their are 7 of them of different teams..Don't think they are nothing than a simple yacht..They have all the technologies on board. You wanna know more ok...Here you go...

The Yacht is made of carbon fibre. Their can be a maximum of 24 sails, the biggest central one could cover a tennis court..Total number of crews 11, one crew exclusively for the media coverage throughout the race. The top speed can be upto 40 knots(70 kmph)..The boat is separated into six water tight compartments..There is a kitchen with two small camp burners where upto 33 meals per day are produced.

volvo ocean race team ericcson crew members sitting in the race yacht,photographed from race village in cochin india kerala"The ERICSSON4 Team in their Yacht"

Visitors cant get close to the yachts..This shot is using the optical zoom in the camera.

Their are 4 still video cameras on the deck to capture the action and one in the navigation station.Their are radar domes at the tail which keeps the boat in touch and some torpedo weights at the two sides which equals to some 73 men sitting on the sides.
Througtht the race the race team has to face a fierce variation in temperature from -12degree to 50 degree celcius. Does that seems simple to you guys???

Upto the race at Cochin these people the Ericsson4 team were leading..By the time of this post the lead is to Puma..

ocean race sailors giving open air interview to the public,photograph from ocean race village in cochin kerala"Wanna Ask Something???"
Some of the race crews in a public interview...The crowd was allowed to ask questions..Ofcourse there was an intermediator who help the crews to understand the questions which was a bit different to their accent.. Their were so many questions like what do you feel about Kerala, the dishes here, what is the message of the race,how you people with different nationalities work as a team out there etc etc....The crew seemed very happy to mingle with us and share their experiences..

The gallery just started here..More on the volvo automobile pavillion, newer volvo engine technologies like the Hybrid engines and lot more are waiting you in other posts.. Keep going..

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