Volvo Suvs,Hybrid Engines and Buses Photographed | Cochin Autoshow Photos

Welcome back friends!! As i have promised you before am back with photos from the Volvo's automobile pavilion set up in the race village in Cochin. Without hesitation i will say, this was the most attractive pavilion there..

Their was the latest automobiles and conceptual models and engines from Volvo on display ..Besides from displaying the vehicles it gave us more light into the companies motto and ideologies....

The promising fact is that the automobile giant is concentrating towards making the most eco-friendly and fuel efficient ones to be on the roads.. Hmm not even roads, they are already present in the air and water.

The fact is that more than 90% of air liners in the world has Volvo's parts integrated in.

I think now you are interested in accompanying me to the pavilion..Lets have a walk together.....

volvos automobile and new engine and safety technologies demonstrated volvos pavilion front view setup at ocean race village of cochin india kerala"The Starting Point"

This is where we start and end the showoff....Their was some huge lcd displays playing out moments from the ocean race and Volvo's cars, buses, and SUV s in action .

You can see the big photo of a yacht cutting through splashing waves, yea absolutely a moment from the ocean race....Their was a smart young boy and girl to help you in understanding the goodies out their.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy their taking our time, for the crowd was relatively small...When we visited in the evening of that day, we were even unable to take a glance due to heavy rush....

photograph of volvos bus in the volvos autoshow and latest technology show conducted in ocean race village india cochin kerala"Here Is What Volvo Is Renowned For...The Real Volvo Bus"

I wish if i could have made a trip in that luxurious piece of art and technology...Yea i have made some here in kerala..But most of the the Volvo named things running here are absolute fakes! Just the body built to resemble the orginal, but inside the ordinary one. Recently things have changed and can see many volvo low floor buses used as public transport by our government itself. The luxury liners of volvos are available for long route journeys in the private and government transportation sector now.

The real Volvo is far more above from the fakes in terms of comfort, performance and ofcourse the emission levels. Volvo buses uses air column suspensions where the ground clearance is adjustable as needed by the driver. The peculiar air suspension technology gives us the top notch travel comfort.

hybrid engines from volvos latest engine technology devoloped by volvo photographed from ocen race village volvos auto and automobile latest technology show india cochin kerala"Can You Guess What Is This!!!"
Volvo's hybrid engine!!!!..Wanna know more?

Its a hybrid engine running on diesel and electricity. The interesting fact is that the batteries gets charged from braking and the engine switches automatically to electric power when the cells are charged upto mark.

The company says that on tight traffic conditions in cities where frequent brakings are done the batteries will be recharged fast and as the engine automatically switches to electric power, a noise free running is made possible...

The engine claims better fuel efficiency,lessens environmental pollution and gives more power...Volvo is making his engine mainly for heavy vehicles....Pretty cool huh........

volvos d13 engine latest automobile engines from volvos showed in ocean race village in cochin kerala indiaThere comes the Volvo D13 Engine. A monster power auto engine by Volvo, the auto tech innovators.

The company claims this heavy vehicle monster has better fuel efficiency by improving the air filtration and fuel injection methods. The power in this series of engines vary from 335-485 hp..

And the company says the oil drain interval is 35000 miles which gives a lower operating costs.... Anyway what i can say you is, yea it is interesting to watch in this angle..!!

volvos latest car s80 sedan diaplayed in volvos automobile and technology show in ocean race village cochin"Strength And Performance...The New Volvo S80 sedan"

The car which has highest ratings among the crash tests, seems we are more safe in a collision. The speed limit is upto 280kmph i think.....Made for better comfort and performance with the speedsters in its class...No need to specify he eco friendly engine for its from Volvo.....

This automobile gallery is not finished yet..Browse the galleries for more on Volvo escavators, sedans, electric recharge car concepts, and many interesting automobile safety measures by Volvo...

Take care

By Pixelshots, the amateur photoblog.
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  1. Where is Volvo in the loop? Are they solid financially?
    I like the photos (real class).
    Can you give us an upshot on the autos? Can/will they compete against Ford, Chevy, Honda price wise?


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