Aquarium fish photos of Aquarium and non aquarium fishes like PIRANHA, Gold fishes,Gaurami, Miss KERALA etc.Aquarium Photography with Digital Cameras.

Second Photo Gallery on Aquarium fishes.Hope you may have seen the first one.Photos of Aquarium fishes like the deadly giant PIRANHA, Giant Gaurami, white and black multy coloured Golden fish, and the fish seen in Kerala's water bodies named as Miss Kerala fishes.

Unfortunately i couldn't get any salt water aquariums for you here. all are fresh water aquariums.. Salt water fishes are much multicoloured and attractive but needs more care to maintain their aquariums.

Deadly Fish In the Aquarium, The Piranhas.
piranha fish closeup photograph,big piranha flesh eater fish in aquarium fish tank,african deadly fish piranha"Hey How Is My Muscles...Wanna Fight Me.."

A closeup photo of the Piranha seen in the beach aquarium of Calicut/Kerala/India...Hmm it was a big one..I did the mistake of taking the photo with the flash on. So got some glare their.

In the African countries tribal people often uses Piranhas teeth rows in the place of our scissors. They uses those teeth for even cutting hairs in their Saloons. Amazed! Its true, i saw it once in the Discovery Channel.

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

Golden Orandas photographed from Aquarium
variety of golden fish in aquariums,photograph of black doteed white goldenfish in aquarium fish tank,Golden Orandas,special type of golden fish Orandas"Hey Help Me..I Want To Escape These Glass Walls.."

The fish named Calico Orandas, a group in the gold fish species. Hmm they have got black dots all over in addition to the red and white colour..I managed to get this photo focussed i think..Thanks for her gentle movements while i was clicking. At times she was only moving her fins and standing still there...

Camera:Panasonic Lumix digital camera (6mp)
Photo by: Georjo

Giant Gourami
giant gaurami aquarium fish closeup photograph from fish tank in calicut kerala india,Gouramy fish in aquarium"Hmmmm..Your Flash Is Annoying Me"

Sorry guys i am not sure about the details of this fish...It was seen in the Calicut Beach Aquarium where the pirahna was present..

If you people identifies her please comment below this post.Think she is Gourami, the giant Gourami.

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

Miss Kerala Fishes.
miss kerala aquarium fish found in kerala india,closeup aquarium photography from aquariums shop,Famous fishes of Kerala-Miss Kerala or puntis denisonii"The Beauties Of Kerala..In An Aquarium!!!"

The Miss Kerala pet named fishes.Just another shot.For the increased demand of these ones in the international market uncontrolled capturing increased and there is a threat for these species now..Government has taken measures to control the capturing and also to protect and breed the species now.

Miss kerala of puntis denisonii is considered endangered and researches are going on widely to breed it in captivity. The fish was called Miss Kerala for it is considered as the most beautiful ornamental fish of the south Indian state Kerala.
Miss Kerala Fish, Price tag:-
The fish is priced about Rs 400/- in International market and about 1200/- for a pair.

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

Aquarium Fish from Calicut Beach Aquarium-Kerala
white aquarium fish closeup photograph from fish tank in an aquarium in calicut kerala"Hey Don't Stare!!!!"

This one is also from the calicut beach aquarium.Sorry guys i failed to notice the label there..Any way didnt have an intension to publish these photos here at the time of snapping.Else i would have cared for it...

Anyway you can share through comments if you know about the unknowns here and ofcourse your opinions and advises..Cheers....Wish we can meet again soon..

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

The aquariums photographed here are mainly freshwater ones and the fishes are also fresh water fishes. You know what, maintaining a saltwater aquarium and saltwater fishes are far more expensive and complicated than freshwater aquariums and freshwater fishes. The advantage of salt water fishes are they are far more attractive and radiant than fresh water ones, but need extensive care for making them survive.

You have to take care of the salinity of water for more stable saline conditions are demanded. The pressure has to be kept constant. Water sterilization is needed. And the Equipment used in saline water is more expensive for they have to resist the corrosive effect of the water compared to fresh water ones.So the aquarium supplies are going to be expensive.

Another thing is that the salt water fish may have strange behaviour. Some may have deadly toxins in them even to harm humans. Another trouble is some species are aggressive towards the same species and calm towards others..So we have to keep singles from a species unlike the freshwater fishes in a saltwater aquarium.

What you think..wanna setup a saltwater aquarium??

Thanx for your visit ..Browse on more.Interesting photos are awaiting you in other photo galleries..


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Photos of Volvo Electric car concept, Electric car and engine,FH16 trailer closeup,Fh16 driver cabin and dashboard,Hybrid engines,water scooter etc

Another gallery of emerging new technologies in automobiles from the Volvo's auto show in Cochin..Information and images on latest developing automobile engine concepts..

Signs of developing engines on electrical energy and also hybrid engines which runs on petroleum and electricity effectively in a timely manner of switching between the two..Just have a feast on Electric car engines and recharge concept from Volvo..Also images of Hybrid Engines from Volvo and a water scooter.....

volvos electric car concept model shown in volvos auto show in india cochin,electric car engine and mechanisms demonstrated,volvos recharge concept"Dissected Legs And Dissected Heart"

The Volvo electric concept car has a 4*4 wheel drive..each wheels is driven by separate motors embedded in the wheel cups... The motors powered by either the combustion engine or the car lithium polymer battery technology...The seperate motors makes the car more efficient and balanced..

The energy produced while braking is used to charge the battery...The battery is assigned an equal life or more than that of the car...

The highly efficient special tires to embed the motors are manufactured by Michelin..

volvos electric car engine closeup photograph also the electric dynamo for the car inside the car wheel is seen in the photograph"Under The Hood Of An Electric Car.."

The Volvo Recharge concept car...Uses a Flexi fuel engine..Battery+fuel for running....Can go upto 62 kms on a fully charged battery..It takes upto 3hrs for the cells to get charged fully.

0-60 mph in 9sec time and can go upto 100mph.
For a 155 km ride with a fully charged battery the car will require only 2.8 litrs.. Claims 80% fuel efficiency over other petrol driven cars.. The plug-in technology also says of lower emission levels..

The combustion engine is turned on automatically when 70% of battery charge is depleted.. The driver has the option to turn the engine on manually to maximize the battery capacity and save it for future use in the journey.

For eg:- he can run the car on battery while in the town and can run on combustion engine while on motorways outside the towns..

volvos latest trailer fh16 from volvos automobile show in india cochin kerala,a closeup upshot of the fh16 trailor front"A bottom Up Shot..Volvo FH16..."

I am helpless about the photo for there was not much space to take the photo at a little more wider angle. So got too close..More details about the trailer is given in the previous posting.,You may check their..

volvos latest trailer fh16 driver cabin and dashboard controls photograph from volvos automobile show in cochin kerala"The Dashboard and Steering Column Of Volvo FH16"

What i feel is ...its missing a pedal here..the clutch..And what is surplus is the dashboard switches..Ohhh the driver have to deal with the switches more than the steer i think!!!

Hm the missing clutch is nothing to get excited, the transmission is automatic i think..Certain vehicles in this category may have gear shifts upto 15 and the running gear is always displayed in the dashboard displatys...

volvos hybrid engine,latest engine technology to be used in automobiles"He Is A Hybrid....A Volvo Hybrid Engine."

Moves on electricity and diesel together using one at a time..More info is given in the previous posting.

I was trying to get its full length in my digital camera through this photo..

water scooter demonstrated in an exhibition during volvos ocean race village at cochin kerala india"A Water Scooter"

Shown in one of the stalls there in the exhibition. These also can be battery powered...

links to s80 sedan, d13 engines, volvo luxury bus closeup etc..

links to volvo ocean race village in Cochin / Kerala

The photos above are taken with Panasonic Lumix 6mp Digital Camera with 3x optical zoom by Georjo...

Feel free to comment your opinions....Wish we can meet soon again


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Volvo's auto show in India. Photos of Volvo XC90, XC60 SUV s, EC35C excavator, Safety cab, Sedans, Volvo Bus, Fh16 trailer

Hi friends..Presenting you with some more photos and information about the latest offerings of cars, SUV s, Excavators, Bus, Trailers etc from Volvo the automobile giant.

Got something interesting to share about the latest recharge electric car concept from Volvo.To be precise you can see images of volvos latest Suv's in the market like XC90, Xc60 etc. photos of Volvo's Luxury bus,Trailer truck FH16, safety cab, and photos of safety measures reinforced into Volvo's auto mobiles are depicted with dissected sports utility vehicle bodies..

This post is a continuation of the posts i have done before on volvo automobile shows and i think you may have seen the previous one already, or no problem its right there in the archive list links shown at the right side of this blog..Click here for another gallery..

volvos xc90 latest suv closeup photograph from the volvo autoshow at cochin kerala, white suv, mighty muscular suv cars, monster cars, american auto engineering,volvo north american car company"The Toughest Guy.From the line of Volvo SUV s..The VOLVO XC90"

I said toughest ...I really meant that..Coz this is the only one in its class to conduct a roll over test to make sure the safety of passenger inside in case of a roll over accident..The roof is reinforced with high strength steel to avoid a collapse into the passenger cavity.

This vehicle has the highest ratings in rear end collision crash tests also..The car has patented front end design for its peculiar safety design and crumble zones..In case of a pedestrian collission it is claimed that the subject is deflected over the bonnet rather than going under due to the special design.

The suv was revealed first by the company in the Detroit motor show in the year 2002..The company is giving the vehicle face lifts in times and reintroducing with new goodies year by year..

Present researches are to improve its, fuel efficiency, handling, weight etc.. They are seeking their own hybrid engine technology's help and start-stop technology for making it fuel efficient..It is predicted that the coming generation will be a bit bigger in size for the company want to compete the BMW X5 series....Lets wish Good Luck to them...

volvos escavator in volvos autoshow at india cochin kerala during volvo ocean race,earth movers from volvo, excavators, chain moved vehicles, tyreless vehicles, mini earth moving vehicles, Volvo earth movers"Excavator Kid....Volvo EC35C Escavator"

Boasts of a powerful and efficient Volvo engine with stability and maneuverability.. Enhancements for faster blade works and air conditioning to operate in all climate are optional.....

safety features in a volvo car or suv demonstrated by volvo in the dissected volvo xc60 car body photographed from volvo ocean race cochin kerala, dissected body and chassis of suv, suv body skeleton, volvo suv chassis, steel reinforcement in volvo multi utility vehicles, rollover protection bars inside volvo xc60, safest suv, Steel skeleton of volvo xc60, displaying suv safety features in autoexpo"Dissected To show The Safety Embeddings.Volvo XC60 Safety measures. noted something special? The curtain airbags are meant for rollover safety and the coloured bars are boron steel reinforcement done for the passenger cabin to avoid getting crushed in any accidents."

The side impact security measures included..Volvo SUV s are distinct in the matter of security i think. You can see the airbags, steel hit defending bars etc which may be saving lives in case of an accident....More about xc60 is said on the other Volvo automobile photo posting.

volvos latest suv xc60 car dashboard and steering column photograph, inside volvo xc60, suv dashboard and driver console, american car interiors"The Volvo X60 suv Dashboard and Steering Column.."

You may have noticed in the previous photo that the car doors are cut to reveal the security features..Hmm took advantage of the gap i got there...

This photo is taken by putting the camera inside through the hollow door....The bright sunlight from outside have made the photo a little over exposed...You can see the steering column, ac vents, and the gear leaver and a car stereo i think..

volvos automobile show from cochin kerala showing volvos suv,car,trailer,escavator,bus,xc60,xc90,s80,fh16, volvo vehicle family picture, popular volvo vehicles, auto expo 2009 cochin kerala"A family photo, the Volvo Family Members parked outside. The range of cars, trucks, buses and earth movers from volvo"

It includes the members from Volvo automobile family..The members includes a Volvo bus, Volvo FH16 trailer, an Escavator,Volvo XC90 (SUV), Volvo S80(luxury sports car) etc...

volvos latest and toughest suv xc90 closeup photograph from volvo ocean race village cochin kerala india, most cute and muscular suv, blue suv, volvo xc 90 photos, bonnet of volvo suv, ocean race volvos, mighty muscular american suv"The Eyes Of A Blue Fairy....Tough And Strong No!!!"

This is a XC series 90 SUV.. A group of nearly 10 SUV s were used their by the officials for local transportation purposes..

volvos yellow cab known as safety cab demonstrated in automobile show in cochin kerala, weired vehicle, cute cab from volvo, american car makers, vehicles displayed in volvo autoshow"Yellow....From Volvo.Guessing its a safety cab used in some scenarios ."

They calls it safety cab or something..Am not sure about this and its purpose. If you people know just share through comments..

Adding more and more ..keep browsing..other galleries have more for you..


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Sunset Photographs.Images of Evening horizon,Cloudy sunset,Sky after sunset,Golden Clouds in the sunset,.Photos with Panasonic Lumix Digital cameras

Sunset Photography by my brother taken from his hostel window.Yea his hostel and college at the top of a hill and you can see the valley down there.Oh sorry its a little dark there.. The photos are Magnificent or not...the decision is upto you photography lovers..Of course i will consider it as a sunset scenery.

The photographs shows the gradual sunset till the sun is dissapeared leaving the orange tint in the sky...

sunset sceneries in horizon with clouds photographed"Hmm the sun and clouds saying Goodbye...Not over...Cu Tomorrow too."

The yellowish sunset made gorgeous with the presence of that the group of clouds absorbing the yellow sunlight and glowing itself..

Hmm they were together the whole day..the sun and the clouds..May be the clouds now waving hands to the sun for he is going to his other world...Oh he is working in shifts all over the world na, Don't this guy wanna sleep for sometime..

horizon in sunsets scenery photographs from kerala trivandrum"Oh Cloud Friends give Me a Hand...Am Sinking Down!!"

Looks like the sun asking for help as he is sinking down in the horizon..oh will the clouds help..They may be willing but are helpless no....

The Photographs are done in landscape mode. For the digital camera is not an SLR or such high end one the photographer cant try with the focus and aperture settings much, which may otherwise have given more depth for the image...Am grateful to my brother for he has tried his best with his six mega pixel digital camera..

clouds in sunset glowing golden in setting sunlight,photograph of sunset scenery from kerala trivandrum"Oh are they crying.No No it would have rained then.but they are not so happy i think.."

Seems the clouds are watching the sun's departure sadly...Hmm they are losing their glowing friend for a long night...Oh may be saying goodnight and sweet dreams...and see you tomorrow..Watch the group of clouds spread over the valley beneath...Pretty enough to make a sunset gorgeous..

beautiful sunset scenery photograph from india kerala trivandrum"Oh its nearing the end...Look he is crowded round by the clouds.."

It feels like the golden globe is burst out and light is spilling all over the horizon...The yellowish cute sunset with a group of clouds soaked in the sunlight...
If you people have professional photographers in you and want to suggest some photographic tips for taking sunset photos please feel free to comment below the post..

clouds in sunset horizon photographed from kerala india"The yellow sunlight spreading out.. A more closer look.."

I suspect he has used the optical zoom a bit for taking this photo..Its not a typical clear sky sunset with the red sun in the horizon but you can see the sun surrounded by the clouds and spreading the light all over.

sunset afterglow in the horizon sky photograph"Hmm looks Soo Peaceful and beautiful, with that perfect calm blend of colours"

The sky after the sunset.A post sunset horizon photograph.Watch the clouds have left and the sky is somewhat empty and is coloured gorgeously..

afterglow sunset photograph of the horizon from kerala india"Looks Like a Fine Oil Painting of the evening sky"

The photos are taken with digital camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01..Its a six megapixel digital camera with 3x optical zoom. The photographs are resized to 800*600 with a lower quality and posted here..Hmm its same with all the photos here in pixelshots. If you want the actual photo of anything here you can mail to the contact us mailid given at the right side..

The photographer is Nithin Thomas a final year b tech mechanical branch student of Mar Basalios Engineering College Trivandrum/Kerala/India..hmm he is my cousin brother..

If anyone want to share some photographic tips with a sunset photography please do as comments..You can comment your opinions and advises.......Wish we can meet again soon......Till then Take Care..

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Crocodile park photos Chennai, One of d biggest Indian reptile park - pixelshots photo index

croc world photos, crocodile park, small aquarium fishes, large number of crocodiles photographed together, crocodiles in the world info board
man posing with crocodile baby in hands from crocodile bank of madras india, crocodile baby, crocodiles, handling crocodiles, pay and take crocodiles in hands, reptile zoo

a reptile park of crocodiles, snakes etc, take baby crocodile in your hands, large crocodile group in reptile park, crocodiles in pits, crocodile breeding in India

Tortoise photos from aquariums in the crocodile park of Madras/ Chennai, sleeping giant crocodile, lonely crocodiles in the reptile park pits etc.

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Kerala hill station photos & info, Munnar, Ramakkalmedu etc - pixelshots photo index

Munnar hill station tour
munnar photos, sceneries on the way to munnar, small river stream, lonely tree in mist, tea plantations, neelakurinjy flowers, photos from rajamala, tourist attractions in and around Moonar hill station.

munnar photo galleries,hill stations in kerala,indian famous hill stations,hill stations under threat,kerelas coldest places,kerala tea plantations,hill station scenic landscapes,kerala landscape sceneries,rarest flowers seen in india,green hills with tea plantations and valleys landscape sceneries from hill station munnar of keralaMunnar photo galleries
Tata tea plantations, green carpeted mountain slopes, munnar green mountains, trees in mist, mountain slope covered in neelakurinjies, neelakurinjy plants and flowers,places to visit near munnar hill station.

Munnar mountains and mist
Mist cladded munnar mountains, small mountain springs, A valley of mountain ranges and clouds, neelakurinjy flower bed in the mountain slopes, curvy walking ways carved through the mountain garden of Rajamala, the mountain where neeelakurinji flowers are preserved in Munnar, Tourists walking through the mountain roads in a misty rainy day, munnar photos taken during the tourist season - time when neelakurinjy flowers bloomed.

Photos from Rajamala - Munnar
tea plantations in Munnar hills, photos taken on the trip to Rajamala - munnar, walking through munnar mountains, small purple mountain flowers, munnar hill photos in tourist season, cover of mist in the rajamala walking mountain roads, neelakurinjy flowers and plants closeups, neelakurinjy flowering season in munnar, mist raising up from the valleys and covering mountains in munnar

munnar mountain flower,munnar plants and flowers,neelakurinjy flowers and plants,fully bloomed neelakurinjy plants in munnar hills,munnar tour trip photos,rajamala photos,tourist season in munnar,rarest flowers of the worls,flowers seen only in munnar,kerala rare flowers,rarest indian flowers,once in 12 year flowersMisty munnar hills and neelakurinjy flowers
mist in munnar mountain valleys, bloomed neelakurinjy plants, forest in the misty mountain valleys, neelakurinjy plant and flower closeups, mountain rock wet in mist and rain, neelakurinjy flowers covering the mountain slopes, violet flower beds covering the mountains

Neelakurinjy flower closeup, green munnar mountain slopes, trees in the tea plantations covered in mist, rajamala, dense mountain mist, foggy mountain valleys, small waterfalls on the way to munnar hills, tour spots around munnar listed, ways and means to reach munnar hill station. distances from major nearby cities, train and air stations.

Neelakurinjy flowers, mountain valleys and mist covering the valleys, walking lanes theough the rajamala hills, dense group of neelakurinjy plants in full bloom.

Ramakkalmedu photos, vagamon photos, hill stations of kerala, tourist hill stations in idukky district of kerala, college tour trip,rocky mountain ranges of kerala, location of wind energy project in kerala, boundary mountain ranges between states of kerala and tamilnadu, mountain peaks of kerala, adventure tourism and hiking spot, reaching ramakkalmedu.

pixelshots, the kerala photo blog

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Aquarium fishes - aquarium shows & aquarium fish facts - pixelshots photo index

 Aquarium show photos - kerala 
aquarium fishes like golden fishes, black moors,piranhas - the flesh eater, calicut beach aquariums, black white orandas, information and facts on Miss Kerala fishes and something about salt water aquariums.

gold fish,aquarium fish gallery,pixelshots photo galleriesFresh water aquarium fishes
 Fresh water aquarium fishes like giant gauramies, types of golden fishes, miss kerala fish and the large piranha in aquarium. photos from aquariums in Calicut and Cochin.

Aquarium care, fish selection, aquarium plant info and aquarium fish photos
 Photos of aquariums from aquarium tank and fish supplier in Cochin- kerala. Big golden coloured fish, black moors and golden fish filled tanks, orandas, red tailed silver sharks etc.  Information on selecting fishes for your aquarium, facts on egg laying in aquarium fishes, aquarium plant benefits, caring your aquarium etc

 Gourami and silver sharks in aquariums
giant gouramy and silver shark fishes in aquariumfish tanks. fish facts on gouramis and silver sharks.

Oscar aquarium fishes
expensive aquarium fish pairs of oscars. pink coloures oscars for sale in aquariums. Oscar fish intresting facts and caring info. Information on oscar fish breeding, pairing, aquarium tank preparation, feeding the oscar fishes, tips to select the oscar pairs etc

 Electric yellow African cichlids in aquarium
African yellow cichlids also know like yellow prince, yellow labs, lemon drop cichlids etc. Fishes from aquarium show in Cochin, kerala.

Lump head cichlids of African rivers
Lump heads or lion head cichlid fish photo from aquariums. Cichlid breeding and other fish caring facts and tips.

Fish market photos, kerala
Fresh sea fishes for sale in cochin fish market. Photos from fort cochin market. Fishes like pearl spots- karimeen, shrimps and prawns, konchu, chemmeen etc.

Silver pomfrets, moon white pomfrets, cochin fresh fish market, sardines, mathy, ayila, chala, paral meen. etc etc.

Chinese fishing net photos from Fort Cochin, Kerala. 
Fishing in the beaches of kerala. Photos of fishermen catching fish using throw nets from cochin beach. Fish net facts. 

 Small aquariums in the croc bank
crocodile bank small aquarium fishes

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