Aquarium fish photos of Aquarium and non aquarium fishes like PIRANHA, Gold fishes,Gaurami, Miss KERALA etc.Aquarium Photography with Digital Cameras.

Second Photo Gallery on Aquarium fishes.Hope you may have seen the first one.Photos of Aquarium fishes like the deadly giant PIRANHA, Giant Gaurami, white and black multy coloured Golden fish, and the fish seen in Kerala's water bodies named as Miss Kerala fishes.

Unfortunately i couldn't get any salt water aquariums for you here. all are fresh water aquariums.. Salt water fishes are much multicoloured and attractive but needs more care to maintain their aquariums.

Deadly Fish In the Aquarium, The Piranhas.
piranha fish closeup photograph,big piranha flesh eater fish in aquarium fish tank,african deadly fish piranha"Hey How Is My Muscles...Wanna Fight Me.."

A closeup photo of the Piranha seen in the beach aquarium of Calicut/Kerala/India...Hmm it was a big one..I did the mistake of taking the photo with the flash on. So got some glare their.

In the African countries tribal people often uses Piranhas teeth rows in the place of our scissors. They uses those teeth for even cutting hairs in their Saloons. Amazed! Its true, i saw it once in the Discovery Channel.

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

Golden Orandas photographed from Aquarium
variety of golden fish in aquariums,photograph of black doteed white goldenfish in aquarium fish tank,Golden Orandas,special type of golden fish Orandas"Hey Help Me..I Want To Escape These Glass Walls.."

The fish named Calico Orandas, a group in the gold fish species. Hmm they have got black dots all over in addition to the red and white colour..I managed to get this photo focussed i think..Thanks for her gentle movements while i was clicking. At times she was only moving her fins and standing still there...

Camera:Panasonic Lumix digital camera (6mp)
Photo by: Georjo

Giant Gourami
giant gaurami aquarium fish closeup photograph from fish tank in calicut kerala india,Gouramy fish in aquarium"Hmmmm..Your Flash Is Annoying Me"

Sorry guys i am not sure about the details of this fish...It was seen in the Calicut Beach Aquarium where the pirahna was present..

If you people identifies her please comment below this post.Think she is Gourami, the giant Gourami.

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

Miss Kerala Fishes.
miss kerala aquarium fish found in kerala india,closeup aquarium photography from aquariums shop,Famous fishes of Kerala-Miss Kerala or puntis denisonii"The Beauties Of Kerala..In An Aquarium!!!"

The Miss Kerala pet named fishes.Just another shot.For the increased demand of these ones in the international market uncontrolled capturing increased and there is a threat for these species now..Government has taken measures to control the capturing and also to protect and breed the species now.

Miss kerala of puntis denisonii is considered endangered and researches are going on widely to breed it in captivity. The fish was called Miss Kerala for it is considered as the most beautiful ornamental fish of the south Indian state Kerala.
Miss Kerala Fish, Price tag:-
The fish is priced about Rs 400/- in International market and about 1200/- for a pair.

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

Aquarium Fish from Calicut Beach Aquarium-Kerala
white aquarium fish closeup photograph from fish tank in an aquarium in calicut kerala"Hey Don't Stare!!!!"

This one is also from the calicut beach aquarium.Sorry guys i failed to notice the label there..Any way didnt have an intension to publish these photos here at the time of snapping.Else i would have cared for it...

Anyway you can share through comments if you know about the unknowns here and ofcourse your opinions and advises..Cheers....Wish we can meet again soon..

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

The aquariums photographed here are mainly freshwater ones and the fishes are also fresh water fishes. You know what, maintaining a saltwater aquarium and saltwater fishes are far more expensive and complicated than freshwater aquariums and freshwater fishes. The advantage of salt water fishes are they are far more attractive and radiant than fresh water ones, but need extensive care for making them survive.

You have to take care of the salinity of water for more stable saline conditions are demanded. The pressure has to be kept constant. Water sterilization is needed. And the Equipment used in saline water is more expensive for they have to resist the corrosive effect of the water compared to fresh water ones.So the aquarium supplies are going to be expensive.

Another thing is that the salt water fish may have strange behaviour. Some may have deadly toxins in them even to harm humans. Another trouble is some species are aggressive towards the same species and calm towards others..So we have to keep singles from a species unlike the freshwater fishes in a saltwater aquarium.

What you think..wanna setup a saltwater aquarium??

Thanx for your visit ..Browse on more.Interesting photos are awaiting you in other photo galleries..

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  1. As said in the other page, that there is a pacu. And african tribes dont use piranha teeth, Piranhas come from south america. So, south american tribes use them for haircut and whatnot.

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