Jaina temple-Gujarati street-MAttancherry-Kerala.Jainism Facts &Photos of jaina temple,jaina Gods,pigeons etc.

Photos of the Jain Temple of mattancherry /cochin/ Kerala.. The temple and premise owned and maintained by the Gujarati society in Mattancherry..The rituals and beliefs of Jainism is quiet lovely for they give stress to ahimsa- non violence.. You can watch the surroundings of the jaina temple, the inners, jaina god photos, pigeon groups photos etc.

If you are a tourist and planing to visit cochin- Kerala just include this place of jainism too for you are likely to come to Mattancherry town to see the dutch palace and all, and the jain community is living very near to it around these temple premises.

jaina temple in kerala near mattancherry town in the Gujarati street cochin kerala,old jain temple-kerala-india,jain-temple-photos-cochinThe front View Of the Jain Temple

Jains believe that vegetarianism as a part of non-violence. They watch this principle in their deeds and thoughts and considers even upsetting another person as breaking of non-violence.

Even when sweeping floors they walks in barefoot and watches the floor carefully to avoid hurting any other forms of life like insects or ants.

jaina gods or role models of jainism thirthankaras sculpture inside the jain temple of cochin kerala,keralas 100 year old jain temple inside photos from cochinShahan Devi of Jain Religion.

The tirthankaras are not Gods but the role models of Jainism who have achieved the ultimate aim Moksha for their souls.Jains believe in no ultimate controller or super power of the universe, and believes that universe has no beginning nor ending and the life goes on it..

indian jaina temple at kerala cochin,jainism-in-kerala,old-kerala-jain-temple-photosInside The Jaina Temple Cochin-Kerala

The Jains has some practices like wearing cloth covering over the mouth when reading books in any holy deeds to avoid spilling saliva on the text while reading.. Also by covering the mouth and nose they intends to keep insects from entering their mouth or nose to avoid killing them unintentionally. The jains only drinks boiled water..

old buildings around the jain temple of cochin kerala,kerala-jain-templesFrom The Premises Of the Temple....

Their are peoples of the jain community living around the temple premises..

Both Hinduism and Jainism have similarities in some of their religion's concepts like Karma and Reincarnation of life..

Some strives of Hindus are said to be influenced by the jains and has became vegetarians..

The jain monks and nuns have many practices which may seem awkward to us.The male Digambara monks wears no clothes and keeps their body nude, for they believes in non-attachment to the body..

Shwetambara monks use white non-stitched clothes.. the Digambara monks stands in a place on one foot and eats in their palms without any utensils used, and they eats only once a day...

The jain monks and nuns travels on foot and never uses any mechanical means of transport..

pigeons feeding food,large folk of pigeons found near jain temple mattancherry kerala,jain-temple-pigeons-cochinThe pigeon folks of Cochin Jain Temple. Absolutely fearless.

I could get in soo close to them to get this snap and slow movements of people around them are not at all a trouble to them.. If u makes a sudden move they will fly over together as a group...

Jains has great love and care towards the fellow forms of life , whether animals or plants. They runs animal shelters around India where they care all type of animals.

pigeons flying around the cochin jain temple in kerala india,birds-in-templesThe Pigeon Cover For The Jain Temple..

These pigeon groups keeps flying around the Temple occasionally as if they are guarding the Temple. The sky above the temple has always the presence of these pigeons....

Photographed by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810 (2mp)

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