Kerala Elephants Photos,Trained Elephants of Kerala State with Elephant Names

Elephants, being a part of Kerala's culture, you can find many of the trained domesticated elephants all over kerala, mainly attached to Temples here.. I have already given you information about the elephant sanctuaries and elephant training places in kerala in the previous postings on elephants.

Here is the continuation of previous elephant pictures with elephant names, and is not yet complete. If you are planing your holidays to kerala, the elephants sanctuaries and training places are advisable to visit. most tours and travels operators are aware of those places..To see the elephants in full glory ornamented with nettipattoms, venchamaroms and alavattoms you have to be part of any Poorams (celebrations in Kerala temples), of which the world famous one is the Thrissur Pooram..

lets continue the photos of Domestic elephants in Kerala with their pet names.Hmm obviously the biggest pet that man may ever had with him. Hope he won't put a blue whale in his home aquarium that easy in future.

kerala-elephant-sreenivasan,elephants,kerala-elephant-photos,elephant-names,domestic elephant,temple-elephantElephant of Kerala named SREENIVASAN...
Seems he is on his way to Temple for the Religious Celebration of Pooram.

Elephants,kerala-elephant,elephant-SIVARAJU,temple-elephantElephant named SIVARAJU..
Confused who among them???.. The one who is looking into the camera..
Watchout his Tusks.. Hmm like sharp forks.. God gave them two forks inbuilt..

kerala domestic elephants,sankaranarayanan,elephant-of-kerala,big-elephant,elephant-photoElephant of kerala Named as SHANKARANARAYANAN

Hmm you can see the vehicle is hand braked by the mahout. confused.. you may have seen that long pole leaned to his body.. The elephants are trained to stand still if a pole is kept like that on him.. I think i have mentioned this in previous posts..Oh he too got big sharp tusks..

trained asian elephant,vishnusankar kerala,kerla elephant,vishnu elephant,indian elephant photoElephant named as Vishnushankar

Photo taken before some Pooram...The ornament on the forehead of the elephant is Nettipattom and the one holded over head by the man behind represents the devoted God of the Temple..

Elephant Ganapathy or Ganesh from Kerala,elephant-photo,elephants,kerala-elephantsElephant named Ganapathy, named right after the Hindu God Ganesh..
Elephants are usually regarded as symbols of the Lord Ganesh in Hinduism....

Hmm he is having his food..Palm leaves..Elephant food comprises of palm leaves and coconut leaves mostly here in kerala..You know these are hygienic animals which removes the dust in leaves by beating them before putting in mouth..

Tourism in Kerala got contributed much by these ones , the Elephants.. tourists comes here mearly to witness big Temple celebrations and rituals done with Elephants..From the wild life elephants seems the most useful animal trained and domesticated by man yet..Tourists coming here can get safari over elephants from the elephant sanctuaries...

Hope to meet you soon with some more excitement. Thanx for being with pixelshots. More elephants galleries added previously and some tourist attractions from Kerala are classified with links just below.. You can click on..Wish to meet you soon here again..

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  1. What wonderful pictures!! I love elephants and you got some great shots...thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Wow...thank you for such great photos.
    Elephants are such Unique animals and I wonder if we even understand a portion of their intelligence!


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