Named Temple Elephants of Kerala/India:Elephant Facts and photos

Back again with the final posting of photographs on the domestic elephants of kerala, a south Indian state.Photography of these big but cute creatures are done from temple premises of kerala during times of celebrations with the temples called as 'poorams' in Malayalam the regional language of kerala...

Don't know since when we were in friendship with these intelligent creatures.So many amazing facts are there about these animals,some may seem much amazing to you.Elephants are termed as much intelligent and emotional creatures in the animal world, some facts says indeed they are intelligent..The photographs of elephants are taken by one of ma friend from Thrissur,the land of temples and celebrations in Kerala,also the cultural capital of Kerala.

You know,there were about 7species of elephants including the mamoths and now there remains only three,and they are also endangered now for the lovely humans love their tusks than their life...In case of tusks now the African elephants are keeping the record..Reported largest tusk had a length of 3.3metres and with a weight of 104 kgs.Among the African elephants tusks grows to an average of 2.5 meters and the females ones too have tusks of smaller sizes, unlike the Asian elephants.Asian elephant are smaller in size and tusks cant be seen more than 2.3 meters...Wanna know about the mammoths, hmm no one is supposed to break their record in tusk size,5 meters long tusks...

Temple Tusker Elephant - Pet Named Perumbavoor Kannan

 The royal majestic Creature, ever a man had made friendship with...Seems he is having a nice time eating those palm leaves.Domestic trained elephant of kerala named Perumbavoor Kannan

You guys know what, these creatures are the only ones among the animals who can't jump.No wonder,how could they do that with that mountain like body, but you may be amazed to know that they can walk normally at speeds of about 25 kmph and when runs they nears speed to 40 k mph,pretty faster than a human athlete.And another thing is, elephants are having a sponge cushioning under their legs which helps them walk much silent..

About water!! ohhh pretty much needed ..about 80 litres of water goes in smooth daily, and food about 150 to 180 kgs in summer season and it can increase upto 270 kgs in rainy seasons...More to food, they want water as any other living thing and can't survive without water for longer than 24 hrs..That's why elephants always stay nearer to the swamps and rivers...

You know they are pretty nice swimmers and likes to drown full body if the water is deep enough..After the bath they sprinkles the soil over the skin to get rid of insect bites...And in summer seasons when rivers dries up, these ones are found to dig the sands in bank of rivers to get water.Supporting the saying, Elephants are Intelligent........

Decorated Temple Elephant of Kerala - Named Tayamkavu Manikandan

kerala temple elephant,domestic-elephant,elephants-kerala,elephant named tayamkavu manikandan
Domestic Temple Elephant of Kerala named Tayamkav Manikandan.

The asian elephants may be smaller, but have to admit they are cuter than the African ones..Do you know these are much emotional animals.Elephants plays each other,celebrates when a member returns to their heard after long time.

When a calf of the heard shows discomfort every member of the heard comes near the little one and caresses and comforts the baby elephant,and its is seen that between members in an elephant heard a deep relationship exists and elephants are seen mourning when they loses a member from the heard..

Its found that elephants communicates each other using some infrasonic sound vibrations..The solution to, why elephant hears even separated by miles, and moves in a coordinated way together through the forests..You know what,  these guys can smell water from a distance of 3 miles...

Tusker Elephant of Kerala Named Nandhan

elephants photography from kerala,elephant of kerala named nandhan,kerala-temple-elephants
Kerala's Domestic Elephant named Nandhan

The trunks of an Elephant is the upper lip grown longer and its much heavy for its built of thousands of muscles.The elephants trunk tip is much sensitive and precise and its said that they can even pick a coin from the ground with the trunk tip, not just precise,much stronger too, enough to drag off things upto 2 tonnes and can throw a man longer than 35 meters away.Hmm so never ever go near him and try to call him fat boy with long nose.!!!!!

You may have seen human infants suking their thumbs, why not elephant infants then??? Ofcourse they sucks!!! their trunk tips instead of thumbs. They even show an affection and greets each other with their trunks, you may have seen elephants standing with trunks twisted together, obviously a way of shaking hands...

Elephant Tusker in Temple Festival decorated with Nettipattom

kerala-elephant-names,asian elephants in india kerala domesticated in temples of kerala for temple celebrations,elephant named kutti shankaran just before celebrations of pooram, the temple festival
Kerala Elephant Tusker named Kutti Shankaran.
Decorated with the ornaments for celebrations.Elephants usually gives birth to single babies but 1 percent chance is said for getting twins..Elephants usually have a life time of 70 years and some times more...

Elephants are much social creatures and the children in the society are trained by the elders in the elephant hears to make them responsible and well natured. Its proven for some elephants grown as orphans in some parks in Africa turned out to be much dangerous and naughty!,  by killing  peoples (including a veteran hunter), many white rhinos and even tried to mate on a rhino.  oops!

Elephant Chained in Temple Premises - Named Kutty Shankaran

Domestic temple elephant of kerala. Kutti Shankaran

Its found out that elephants can be trained to obey upto 60 commands..Elephants the national animal of Thailand is among those with lower pulse rates, ie only 27 pulses. Some interesting facts are their like an elephant lead the way to figure out the first oil pool in Asia.

A British officer working for the railways in India that time noticed some oil traces on the elephant legs and by tracing the footprints of elephant he found the first oil pool that inturn turned to the oil field in Asia by 1889..

Elephants are now endangered ones.As i said earlier above, just 3 more species remaining and we have to protect them from poaching and other illegal activities.. In kerala itself many elephant sanctuaries and caring places are there. I think i have provided the details on them in previous postings on trained elephants of kerala. just go through the archives..

With ma full heart expressing ma gratitude to ma friend sreerag for getting me this photos and his friend whose photography with cell phone and digital cameras gave us these photographs to share to the world here.. Hope kerala's Elephants are exposed more to the world now.

See you back here soon..will be back in a moment with something more amazing from my land. Kerala. with love.
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