Hot Pink Roses- macro mode photos

What you may call the particular colour of roses below, Hot-Pink, Deep-Pink, or Reddish pink..Anyway those pink roses are taken from our rented Home's small garden at Cochin.

These particular pink colored roses are found widely here in our state Kerala, and when someone here says 'Rose' most probably everyone thinks of these pink colored roses.. Not exactly pink, a variety of pink of course..

Red Rose photographed in Closeup with Cannon Digicam- Kerala's own Roses.
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Morning glance of the pink rose flower

These are roses from potted rose plants just placed infront of our place. I got two advantages on this photo over the others posted below. One is am using a Cannon A530 digital camera here and the other is the subject got lightened in the morning fresh rays of the sun..

Rose Flowers with Cellphone cameras

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Pink rose Closeup

The flower photo done using a 2MP cell phone camera, set in macro mode. You may notice, the picture not live as above, hmm what it lost is the morning sun rays and a 5MP digital camera comparing the first photo..

Twin Rose flowers

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The old and young.Twin rose flowers in a plant bud..

Just the twin rose flowers bloomed from a single bud.. You can see one at the verge of death and other one young.. You may know back from historical times till now Rose flowers have a language of emotion, and symbolization.

Different meanings are given to these flowers according to the colours they appear to us.. Can literally say there is a rose culture which we have to understand before getting into.. Meanings are their not even to the flower colours, but to the number of flowers in the bunch and also the way of mixing roses of  different colors into a flower bunch..

Cu soon back here friends..

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  1. hi pixelshot. The roses are great! To tell you frankly i do not use my celfon as a camera, only for some immediate need, maybe because i haven't seen them downloaded in the PC, and my mine is just very ordinary. I just realized from your photos here they are also great.

    I have some roses taken in Ooty, India and entries about that trip in my blogspot.


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