Chinease Fishing Nets @ Fort Cochin Beach - Sunset Photos

Golden Sunset photos from Kerala- the God's Country. Fort Cochin, one of the finest tourism spot. A small beach and historically important place to spend your evenings.One of the added beauty of this place are the standing tall Fishing Structures- The Chinese Fishing Nets.

The place is one of the main tourist spots of Kerala. The picturesque Sunsets are more adorable with the presence of that Chinese Fishing Nets..One of the cutest places in kerala to watch Beach Sunset. The beach is a tiny one compared to other beaches in Kerala.

Peculiarity of Fort Cochin is more historic than its landscape beauty. You can see ancient churches built by the Portuguese, remnants of old fort built and later destroyed by the British. and another ancient church the Santacruz Baslica which is worth a visit for the paintings inside the church.
Sunset and a Calm Evening Beach. Photos from Fort Cochin -Kerala

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Sunsets and Fishing nets of the Chinese.Small Clouds like flying cotton swabs..The photographs of sunsets in the background with these Chinese fishing Nets can be seen in every Kerala Tourism brochures published by the department of Tourism here. Telling about Kerala's Scenic beauty and when it comes to Cochin, this place can't be avoided from visiting.

Fort Cochin Sunsets- Photographed with SonyEricsson Cellphone Cameras.

Their is a small walking lane guarded from the tides by chunks of rocks. This picture of the sunset is taken from their. Have to walk through this to reach the small beach. After the Tsunami the area of Beach is a little reduced. A problem that needs urgent attention of the authorities is the pollution done by weeds all over the beach. Water Hyacinth weeds are all over the beach and tourists often complaints that is a little disturbing about this place. But if you are in Cochin as a tourist, you should not avoid this sunset.

How to Reach Fort Cochin:
You can take either Boat or Bus from the Ernakulam town city. Their are buses to Fort Cochin which may seem a little expensive when compared to the Boat fair, which is par below 5 INRs..

Other Tourist Attractions Nearby:
Two Ancient Churches, St Francis Church and Santacruz Baslica.. The lanes of the town are peculiar for the ancient British and Dutch Architectured Buildings.Mattancherry is a place much nearby which you can reach by the boat itself. Mattancherry town is an ancient Trade Centre and also has the historically relevant tour Spots like The Dutch Palace, which is now a small Museum, the famous Jew Street, Jew Synagogue and if you interested in Antiques pieces, this is the place you have to search for in Kerala.

Too many antiquities dealers and shops here in Mattancherry. Some paintings shops too. The street side shops have certain interesting things on display like Gramophones, Old Cameras etc. Their is a Jain temple  here in the Gujarati street.Its better to reach Mattancherry first and by evening move on to Fort Cochin.
Cu here.keep visiting
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  3. Fantastic sunset snaps. I have been to this place several times, but sadly without the camera. This is a nice place.

  4. There are a lot of places to visit but Cochin has its ultimate value....

  5. Beautiful beaches, churches and many more historical monuments, there are lots of places to visit in Cochin. Nice blog. Keep clicking pictures :)

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