Aquarium Fish Photography.Photos of fresh water aquarium fishes like, gold fishes,Black moors,Miss Kerala and a giant piranha..Digital camera photos..

The photos taken from some aquariums..You can find here a few species of decorative aquarium fish photos. Ofcourse some of the cutest aquarium fishes, and their is a deadliest one too, the PIRANHA... The photos are taken with Panasonic Lumix digital camera and SonyEricsson k810 Cybershot series cell phone. Any way have a look...........

gold fish and black moor in aquarium fish tank,aquarium photography"What You Say!!!!Aren't We Made For Each Other..Perfect Match huh...."

The Red-White Oranda and the Black Moor..It is said that their are three groups of gold fish and these two the orandas and black moors comes under group two. Any how the creatures are cute and lovable pets. Hmm fragile too, so much care needed.

The photo doesn't seem to focus the subject accurately for their were uneven light distribution and also some obstruction of the dirts in water. Eventhough the photos were taken experimenting with the exposure and shutter speeds...Yea the entire post is a photographical experiment on Aquarium photography..

Camera:Panasonic Lumix digital camera (6mp)
Photo by: Georjo

gold fish in aquarium posing for a photograph,aquarium photography"WOW..You Taking My Photo...Let Me Pose.."

Golden fishes are breeded first in china, from the Carp family. These are the smallest members of the carp family. Gradually these fish became popular in Portugal and other European countries. At times people considered these fishes as symbol of fortune and prosperity.

One interesting fact is that we can change the colour of gold fish by changing the spectrum of light under which they are kept. They can produce pigments in their skin according to the light. Their life time is maximum upto 20 years..........

For this photo i have to wait there some time bcoz these creatures are restless all time...

Camera:Panasonic Lumix digital camera (6mp)
Photo by: Georjo

golden fish varities,white orandas from fish aquariums photographed"Am I Like An ANGEL..Hmm Angel in Water."

A black white oranda. Hmm nature has spilled its colours over these creatures with the skills of an artist..Look the light red fins and wings waving around the creature. The colour of these fishes are determined by the type of pigments in the cell, the number of molecules of pigments present etc.

Another interesting fact is that these fishes lack in digestive power for they have only an intestinal tract not stomach. So the water gets contaminated fast due to toxins in their feces and through their gills...So proper dissolved oxygen and neat water should be maintained to avoid sudden deaths of the fish..

Hmm if you have a fish aquarium and these type of fishes in it don't hesitate to get some aquarium supplies for maintaining the oxygen in water, like aerator.

Camera:Panasonic Lumix digital camera (6mp)
Photo by: Georjo

piranha fish in aquarium fish tank photographed from an aquarium store"I Am Pure Non-Vegetarian.Wanna try!!Put your hands in...."

The piranha. The fish notorious for its appetite towards meat.. It will feast on any meat regardless of human, animals, or other fishes including other piranhas..These things are known for their sharp teeth and people used its teeth to make weapons. But their are sayings that the stories about piranhas are exaggerated. But the fish has an affinity towards meat is a fact.

If a piranha is caught in the hook it will be attacked by the fellow piranhas....Good helping mentality no??

Camera: SonyEricsson K810i Cybershot cell phone (3mp)
Photo By: Georjo

aquarium fish miss kerala photographed from aquarium fish tanks,miss kerala aquarium fishes" Miss Kerala In Swim Suits!!!!!..."

This species of fish seen only in kerala/India is named as Miss Kerala and has an increased export value and demand now. The fish is beautiful with silver streaks..A fact that i noticed about them is they always swims in group to a particular direction at a time. Photographing these ones were difficult for their faster movements in the aquarium....

Camera:Panasonic Lumix digital camera (6mp)
Photo by: Georjo

The aquariums shown here are mainly freshwater ones and the fishes are also fresh water fishes. You know what, maintaining a saltwater aquarium and saltwater fishes are far more expensive and complicated than freshwater aquariums and freshwater fishes. The advantage of salt water fishes are they are far more attractive and radiant than fresh water ones, but need extensive care for making them survive.

You have to take care of the salinity of water for more stable saline conditions are demanded. The pressure has to be kept constant. Water sterilization is needed. And the Equipment used in saline water is more expensive for they have to resist the corrosive effect of the water compared to fresh water ones.So the aquarium supplies are going to be expensive.....

Another thing is that the salt water fish may have strange behaviour. Some may have deadly toxins in them even to harm humans. Another trouble is some species are aggressive towards the same species and calm towards others..So we have to keep singles from a species unlike the freshwater fishes in a saltwater aquarium.

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