Athirapally Waterfalls,Kerala's Mightiest and Wildest River Falls Tourism Spot,Thrissur District

Athirapally or often spelled Athirapilly, is one of the wildest water falls in the Chalakudy river in Thrishur district, of the south Indian state - Kerala..The river gushes down through the rocks from a height of about 80 feet. This river is flowing towards the Arabian Sea.  Athirapally waterfalls is unique in India when comparing its picturesque surroundings and mightiness.Jog Falls of Karnataka is there,but is for the height of the falls, ie about 1000 feet.

Athirapally is wild and robust compared to the Jog Waterfalls. No wonder the river falls of Athirapally is nicknamed the Niagra of India. It deserves atleast to be the cousin brother of the real Niagra. The photographs here are taken in the month of January, not july to september-the time of monsoons in Kerala, when the river is in its full strength and fury.

This wild roaring river shower of Kerala attracts foreigners as well as the local tourists throughout the year.The scenic and picturesque beauty of the place has made it the ultimate location for shooting movies, particularly the duet songs.
One stream of Athirapally Waterfalls .The falls is not in its Full strength
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A relatively closer Snap of the giant River falls of Kerala, the Athirapally waterfalls. Watchout, the camera lens is getting fogged. Can't help with that huh! The water is splashing on to the rocks and getting spreaded like fumes. Seems he is a little aggressive.But will be more aggressive and majestic if you were here by the monsoons.

Have you ever been to Hogenekkal waterfalls, the famous falls in the river kauvery in Tamilnadu state of India.The name of hogenekkal means 'smoking Rocks', for the river falls is making a misty smoke like apperance around the rocks.Thinks waterfalls here in Athirapally also deserves the name as much as Hogenekkal.

When water level goes down, river falls here in Athirapally gets splitted up and most of the time there will be three stream of water falls. But by the monsoons there won't be a division and the entire falls joins up and no rock will be visible between them.

The Wild Rush of Water from The Athirapally River Falls.
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Vigorous Rush to reach somewhere. The violent water stream splashing through the rocks down the Athirapally Falls.One of the peculiarity of Athirapally is, you can watch the falls nearer to the splashing point and  the experience of getting covered by the small icecold droplets of water is rejuvenating.

The place is surrounded by the dense forest of Sholayar and much wildlife along with rare species of plants and fishes are present in the forest and the river.Athirapilly is an attractive tourist spot along with much special type of flora and fauna around.

Recently the Athirapally falls is all over in news for a dispute going on between the nature lovers and the government, regarding another Hydro electric Project Dam in the course of the river above Athirapally falls.

Much photographs of Athirapally and the surrounding tourist spotsare gonna be published.Will tell you more in the coming postings. Photographs of the river falls by Amit Dhruvan, using Olympus SP350.
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More photos to be published, hope you return back.
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  1. Beautiful.
    I had never heard of Athirapally Waterfalls before. I am amazed by the view.

  2. The Mani Ratnam film Raavan released, A film that blended with the wild beauty of this athirapilly waterfalls and the river course as never before..

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  4. Lovely pictures. The Athirappilly Falls is located in a small place called Athirappilly in the Thrissur district of Kerala. It is a majestic waterfall that is that is 78 km from Kochi. It is set at the entrance of the Sholayar ranges and is often nicknamed as the Niagara Falls of India. Explore more about Athirappilly Falls.

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