Hybrid euphorbia millis ornamental plants, Small pink euphorbia milli flowers, spiky garden plants in Kerala

Tiny pink and red Euphorbia milli flowers. An ornamental plant claimed to be native to Madagascar. Euphorbia millis are most popular in Asian tropical countries than in Europe. Thailand is known to produce a variety of hybrids of this ornamental garden plant. Euphorbia milli hybrids varies in flower colors, flower petal size and even in the nature of leaves and thorns in the plant stems. Some of the plant hybrids barely have any thorns.
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Fresh tiny flower closeups. Euphorbia  millis named Small-Pinks, among the gardeners. The tiny pink flowers photographed from gardens somewhere in Kerala the south Indian state. Just a morning snap of the fresh flower with dewdrops sprinkled over.

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Small light red Flowers of Euphorbia plant hybrids. The flower has a little peculiarity of a small curl of petals at the middle. The flowers of Euphorbia's have a variety of colours ranging from red to white. Some flowers are having a combination of colours blended over the petals. Usually euphorbia flowers have a life time of weeks provided the temperature and moisture in the atmosphere and soil are normal. Plants of Euphorbia milliis are drought resistant eventhough may seem a little dull during severe summer season. 

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  1. Very pretty shots of flowers, it makes me long for them to bloom here


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