Arippara waterfalls in Iruvanjipuzha/ RIver, Calicut, Kerala, Wild milky river current splashing through river-bed rocks

Arippara waterfalls and river course. Not one of the most popular Waterfalls in Kerala, but absolutely one of the most beautiful river picnic spot. The waterfalls is in one of the tributaries of Iruvanji river commonly known as Iruvanjipuzha. The river course is much rocky and steep which makes so many water cascades throughout the river path. Similar rocky terrain is seen in most of the rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats through Kerala into the Arabian sea or the backwaters.

Reaching the Waterfalls of Arippara
Arippara waterfalls and the river tourism spots are located in the Tiruvambady panchayat of Calicut district, Kerala. The waterfalls is situated  at a distance of about 50 to 55 Kms from calicut city of Kerala. About 15 Kms from Thiruvambady panchayat. The waterfalls is located in Anakkampoyil route. You can get buses heading to to Anakkampoyil from the KSRTC bus station of Calicut and alight near Arippara waterfalls. The journey is of about 2hours and costa around 20 INR/- . May need a little walking towards the river course and waterfalls. Their are nearby points in the river where this river makes much bigger cascades and you may visit there too.

The places are a little remote and the river flows through forests and makes so many water cascades on its course. The water is least polluted and mountain fresh. The splashing river water rushing through the rocks makes the atmosphere cool and fresh makes us refreshed. The waterfalls and surrounding place will be much loved by tourists who like trekking and a little adventure. But always be cautious for the place can be much dangerous, if you are acting careless in those rocks and streams. All the rocks are so polished by prolonged action of the river and can be so slippery if a little wet.

The photos of the wild river stream given here are the portion of the river after the small falls. The river forms a dwarf cascade in this place and leads to the formation of a small pool of fresh river water ideal for water sports and bathing. These photos from Arippara are taken during the months of January. Monsoon seasons are not ideal to visit the place for the river will be flowing angry and mad and won't like anyone going near her. Most of the accidents happens due to stepping over slippery wet rocks. Careless bathing in some of the waterfalls in this river course had already taken lives and hope people coming here do take a little more responsibly to leave the place alive.

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The wild gush of water through Iruvanjypuzha, actually a river tributary of Iruvanjipuzha . River flow photographed near Arippara waterfalls. The fresh mountain stream turns milky on their encounter with rocks in the river bed.
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Water flowing out of the rock pool under the small river cascade. In the times of less rain the river and waterfalls is ideal for bathing and having some fun with. Most of the potholes and narrow rock cuttings in the river bed will be visible and can avoid them while exploring through parts of the river.
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The emerald green river water turning milky. Splashing through the rocks and falling into the narrow path. The rocks here are so much smooth and obviously its due to the action of river water current. What remains now are the hardest parts of those rocks and they may also weather in due time.
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Its month of January, that's why standing this close to the river. Literally standing in the rocky river bed itself. During monsoons the whole place will go under water and some of the shorter water cascades disappears. The taller waterfalls in the river turns much strong and once you got slipped inside the river current, you are gonna travel a long way down the river hitting the rocks. Chance of survival depends on, how hard your skull and bones are, than those river-bed rocks. Your swimming skills going to count very little.

Photo courtesy, ma girl classmates. Taken during a one day picnic trip. Much nice snaps of the falls and the river was there, but all having some people posing and smiling. Have to avoid them and what i got left is published here.

A small hydel project is gonna come in this river near Arippara. Topographical surveys, Geological investigations and engineering is done and the dam project is ongoing. Its a 3MW small hydro electric project.

The potential and beauty of this river and waterfalls is not yet exploited by Kerala's tourism department. If you want a comparatively less disturbed tourist spot of Kerala, Arippara is one of them. The place is a little remote and you can't figure out many shops or restaurants here. Advisable to take food and snacks if you are in the habbit of eating something always.

Tourist attractions Nearby Arippara, Thiruvambady, Calicut, Kerala
  • Thusharagiri Waterfalls, many water cascades and rocky river course. Ideal trekking and mountaineering spots in forests. Long walk through forests to reach the main falls at a higher altitude. Have some restaurants at the base point from which you starts walking. Safe bathing pools formed naturally and very cool and fresh river water even in the midst of summer. Beware of leaches. Monsoon time is not recommended if you wanna river bath.
  • Vellarimala or Camel's Hump mountains
  • Anakkampoyil
  • Koyippara waterfalls
  • Iruvanjipuzha
  • Olichuchattam waterfalls - Much beautiful waterfalls inside forest.
  • Muthappanpuzha
  • Poovaranthodu
  • Kakkadampoyil
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  1. lovely! Makes me want to go there!

  2. Nice writeup and photos.
    Can you tell me if there are any accommodations in Tiruvambady and also what is best time to visit this place. I understand January is good, can we go there in May?

  3. The place is a village area but very near to many educational institutions like NIT, medical college, other engineering colleges etc and lots of accommodation facilities are available in places around in the form of lodges, private hostels with family rooms etc.

    Hotels and resorts are also there but fewer when compared to popular tourism spots. Or you can stay in the township of calicut and reach Thiruvambady. just 2hrs journey.

    Thusharagiri waterfalls and around is an eco tourism point. Naturally you may get an accommodation. The places are very much ideal for trekking and photography.

    Best time to visit the places are from september to january if you intending to see the rivers and waterfalls rich in water. By month of May am afraid of rivers getting dried up and very little streams and lines of water will be remaining, unless summer rains haven't came in time. But for trekking and walking through the rocky river course to the top of rivers month of 'May' is best.

    If no water in river you can either explore through the river or the forest. Do care to take foot-wears that can grip tight to rocks and defend leaches.

    You can see one of the Thusharagiri photos taken during the time of may.

  4. Wonderful pics with wonderful discription. :) I am tempting to go there.

    Happy blogging! :)

  5. beautiful pictures and a nice write up...

  6. These are so amazing. It is alluring and calls to me.

  7. seems place is wonderful

  8. It's a very nice place, I bet. I've gone there 3 or 4 times. There is one more place near by called Kozhipara waterfall in Kakadampoyil. It's a very very lovely place...


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