Photos of DUTCH PALACE at MATTANCHERRY/KERALA and the Art Museum Inside.Photos of old Royal Paintings of Rajas of Cochin,Pallaks etc.

The palace of Mattancherry/ Kerala also called as dutch palace, a monument of history was built in1555 by the portuguese.

By the 1660s the palace was remodeled by the dutch and is called as the dutch palace since then.

After renovation the palace was handed over to the maharaja of cochin.. Higness Kerala Varma..
From then it is used by the raja as his Royal house..

The Jew Community lived in the street very near to this palace..The place was given to the Jews by the Raja..

Their is only 2RS/- per head as the entry fee..Its worth more than that for sure.......Heard some guides saying about the special type of paintings inside the museum...The Mural Art...

The palliyara, the first room you are entering in has the Murals painted into its walls....It is said that the whole painting was done by the Raja himself..the main subject for the paintings are occasions from the Ramayana And Mahabharata.....

Its said that their was no paint available at that time..So the raja has made the paint by combining soo many vegetables,egg yolk oils etc..

the portrait museum having the paintings of old rajas of cochin kerala from the dutch palace museum of mattancherry kerala india"Inside the Art Gallery....The Work Of Photographers Done By Artists...."

Am sure you will wonder seeing the Life In the Paintings....The pictures are of different Maharaja's of cochin...

The pictures are soo lively that you will feel the Raja standing infront of you..Artists have done great job in giving the tones with colours..Look at your skin tone and the picture..They are same..sooo close to reality.....

photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810i(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

the portrait oil painting of raja of cochin photographed from inside the dutch palace portrait gallery of mattancherry cochin"Hmm Can You Feel His Presence Before You!!!!"

I know you can't find something that marvellous..Thats only the incapability of the camera to grab the human talent ....i can't blame the camera for its inside the museum and the subjects not well lit..Also i am taking the snaps in a hurry for photography its not allowed.

We got stunned by the 3d effect the artist have created in the photo.The badge in his chest,Ribbon in Neck and the Swords in his hand everything soo real..

photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810i(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

The Pallak made of ivory used by rajas of cochin as a means of transport photograph from the mattancherry old dutch palace museum"The Pallak...Runs In Human Shoulders...hmmm Dont have to Fear Fuel Price Hike..."

This is the special type of thing made of wood to carry the Royal Family Members...The two poles on both sides are lifted by servants and the Lord can sit inside the Pallak..

The photo got blurred for taken while walking..Pardon..I have no way to take it slowly with more care..

photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810i(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

old palace built by dutch in mattancherry cochin kerala photograph"Snap from The Entrance to the Museum...This Building Is having The Museum And Art Gallery."

This is a part of the palace.. For the museum is working in this peoples are restricted around this building..
Again the Old disappointment...Photography restricted!!!but i took some risk for you..Only a few shots ..If anyone saw, then i would have been kicked out..

photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810i(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

way to dutch palace museum of mattancherry cochin kerala india"Way to the Museum...Dont hesitate...A Gallery of Art for You"

photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810i(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

The dutch palace is one of the attractions of mattancherry town of Cochin..Cochin as an ancient place of spice merchants has witnessed many rulers from the Rajas of Cochin to the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British..

Every thrown gave some marks to be remembered to the future and palaces like this is one among them.. Their is more information and photos, about cochin in the posting on history of Fort cochin ..Just move on friends...more things like the Jew street, Synagogue etc awaiting you..



Marcuss said...

you have very interesting subjects. however, if you're really serious in photography why not get a good digital camera rather than use a cameraphone. or if you want to photoblog on the go you may get a phone with a good camera feature like SE K850i which has a 5meg camera and nice editing features.

lvs said...

Beautiful! Exquisite!

Yup this is where I want to God's own country!

pinaykeypoint said...

Hi there, thanks for adding me in your BC list :) I added you back.

These are indeed very nice photos and infos. You're so clever to take those photos even if it's restricted. Thanks for sharing this to us. Keep it up :)

Maximus Enchaladis Burritois said...

These pictures are great!

quite a feat for having used just a camera phone!

Maximus Enchaladis Burritois said...

These pictures are great!

quite a feat for having used just a camera phone!

danny said...

The cutest photoblog i have ever came across....

keep it up buddy...will keep on visiting here...

your photos and description tells alot about the culture and traditional wealth of kerala...Love to visit Gods own country now...

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Really proud of major Unnikrishnan!

Do you think terrorism will affect tourism in Kerala?

zoram said...

Ethnically beautiful :)

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Peterson said...

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It has about 6 million photos!

Rick Bman said...

I love the pics of the older cameras. I have a couple really old cameras sitting around my apartment that don't work anymore but I love the way they look sitting on my shelf.

candy said...

do you have more snaps of dutch palace???

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