Lookout point Thenmala,Weir or Lowhead Dam of Kallada irrigation Project,waterpickup point of the Irrigation Canal Networks

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View from Thenmala Lookout tower near Ottakal

View from the lookout tower in Thenmala.What you can see from the lookout tower here is the Kallada river and an aerial view of the forest around. This place is named Ottakkal and is one of the major point of Kallada Irrigation Project (KIP). From here the irrigation canal branches of KIP starts. Mainly two canal wings the right bank main canal system and left bank main canal system starts from this weir dam.

Thenmala lookout point is one of the major stopping points  on the way to Thenmala dam and other attractions. The view form this site is not supposed to be like this with a a dry river course. As thenmala hydro project is an irrigation project and the season now it's rainy season, maintainance works are done now closing the water flow into the irrigation canals from the Dam reservoir. Usually you can see water gushing out through the water level regulation bridge-spillway and splashing onto the rocks in the river course.It will appear like a white stream of river flowing between the forested land. Technically these type of points in the rivers are termed as whitewater points as the river flow appears white and the current is random, mostly danger zone of rivers.

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