Old Indian car dumped in scratch yard, Fiat 1100 car of model 1950s, Cochin, Kerala, Black & White cellphone photography

Old Indian car in the scratch yard. guessing the car to be a Fiat made in the late 1950s. The overall body looks of the sedan shows some similarities to the old Fiat Elegant that was introduced into the Indian automobile market in the year of 1957. By now as years passed, its the amazing new era of cars and SUVs with hybrid engines, automatic transmissions, cruise controlls, multi fuel cars and trucks which runs on pure ethanol, gasoline or LPG etc or even electric cars and this very old guy resting in the scratch yard waiting its end. 

Infact if we consider immobility is the criteria of death, then this fiat is already dead. We didn't knew if he got his engine under his hood, even though not functioning. Rusted body, broken blinkers, missing bumpers and what the Fiat got intact was a front windshield and the tires. Ofcourse the car have got a strong steel body which is missing in most of today's vehicles.

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