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Labrador Retriever, nah the sleeping Labs. Once known as St John's Dogs. The Labrador Photos are taken from a dog show in Kerala/ India. Labs or labradors are the most owned pet dog world wide when taking the number of registered users. Labrador retrievers took over the first place of Golden retrievers in the pet dog popularity list of American Kennel Club. German shepherds comes third in popularity in the US. You can see Yellow, black and chocolate Labradors as standard colours.Yellow labrador ranges from cream white to fox red colour shade. 

Labrador dogs are mainly used in Retrieving purpose itself in hunting and games. Labs were initially used by fishermen in Newfoundland. They were assigned the duty to retrieve the fishes falling off the fishing nets. They are sometimes referred as water dogs, as they retrieves things from rivers, especially for hunters. 

Labrador's specially shaped tails and the webbed toes makes them excellent in swimming. About eighty percent of labs like water while mere 20 percent may dislike water, yellow Labradors will be the most in that 20 percent. Its advised by dog trainers to get the labs exposed to water when they are in the puppy stage itself.

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The Labrador seems much tired posing all day long for the visitors and now in some rest. Dog show photos taken with cellphone cameras. Labradors are king and unaggressive dogs towards humans and animals. Any sign of aggressiveness or shyness in older dogs are considered punishable.

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The sleeping Labrador. May be a sleep after getting feeded.
Labradors are not guard dogs by nature, but can be trained to guard your home. They will not keep barking always but barks if identifies any threat. Labradors may go a little mischievous if left alone for long time without proper training or care. They are one of the few dog breeds which are easy to train. Labradors can turn lazy if left alone without any job.

Labs are one of the best sniffing dogs and thus they makes part of the police narcotics dog squad often. Their hunting and tracking skills are sharpened with this sniffing ability. The dogs are not that good with cats, but you can train him to shake hands with cats by bringing him up with the cat from a puppy stage.

The dogs are having short haired double coat of hairs all over the body. The coat is needing a little care of brushing to keep in clean. They are not big hair shedders, but sheds it seasonally. The hair shedding nature may differ in individual labs. The hair coat is water repellent by nature and gives them the natural cover in extreme climates.

Labradors are very active dogs and they needs to be given exercise. It will be nice if we can give a yard for the dog to play. daily walks are recommended for the dog and labs by nature loves pleasing and playing with its owners. Labradors loves eating and there is a risk of getting overweighted if over feeded.

The labrador males grows upto heights of 56 to 61 cms and the bitches grows upto 53 to 58 cm. Labs males can weight upto 27 to 34 Kg and sometimes around 45 Kg. They gains weight if overfeeded. Bitches weights upto 25 to 32 Kg.

The highest honor an animal can get, the PDSA's Gold Medal for animal gallantry and devotion to duty is grabbed by a male Labrador retriever named ENDAL, the famous Service dog of the Ex Naval officer Allen Parton. 

Endal was the animal ambassador of dog related services and charities. Endal is described as the most Decorated dog in the world. One of the most famous dog of UK which has got filmed by over 340 film crews. He's also got awarded as the dog of the millenium

Labrador Endal was trained to work the ATM's of his master, retrieve the Atm cards out of machine and put back in wallets, loading and unloading washing machines, obey signed commands from his disabled owner, operating lifts, get goods from shop shelves, operate buttons etc. 

The dog's intelligence and ability to take self decisions was revealed once when his owner Allen got struck out from his wheelchair by a car and went unconscious. Endal Made him lay back in a recovery position, get the cellphone from under the car, covered Allen with a blanket and barked for assistance from neighborhoods. The dog ran into a nearby hotel and seeked help for its owner. This event has made the Labrador 'Endal' famous and a hotcake in News.

The dog was so attached to Allen and learned the meanings of his actions when he lost his ability to speak normal. Its quoted by Allen in a magazine that, when he lost his ability to speak completely Endal got much excited and the dog made him speak again despite the findings of the doctors that Allen won't speak again.

Endal was The first dog to operate a chip and pin ATM with insertion and removal actions. He is the first dog who got a ride on London Eye the giant wheel of London. Endal's life span was from December 1995 to March 2009. By the last 9 months of Endal's life Allen introduced another little Lab to Endal who got a little training from endal and is called as Endal the junior, by Allen.

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