Volvo Ocean Race & Autoshow Photos Cochin

Hi friends..Presenting you with some more photos and information about the latest offerings of cars, SUV s, Excavators, Bus, Trailers etc from Volvo the automobile giant.

Got something interesting to share about the latest recharge electric car concept from Volvo.To be precise you can see images of volvos latest Suv's in the market like XC90, Xc60 etc. photos of Volvo's Luxury bus,Trailer truck FH16, safety cab, and photos of safety measures reinforced into Volvo's auto mobiles are depicted with dissected sports utility vehicle bodies..

This post is a continuation of the posts i have done before on volvo automobile shows and i think you may have seen the previous one already, or no problem its right there in the archive list links shown at the right side of this blog..Click here for another gallery..

volvos xc90 latest suv closeup photograph from the volvo autoshow at cochin kerala, white suv, mighty muscular suv cars, monster cars, american auto engineering,volvo north american car company"The Toughest Guy.From the line of Volvo SUV s..The VOLVO XC90"

I said toughest ...I really meant that..Coz this is the only one in its class to conduct a roll over test to make sure the safety of passenger inside in case of a roll over accident..The roof is reinforced with high strength steel to avoid a collapse into the passenger cavity.

This vehicle has the highest ratings in rear end collision crash tests also..The car has patented front end design for its peculiar safety design and crumble zones..In case of a pedestrian collission it is claimed that the subject is deflected over the bonnet rather than going under due to the special design.

The suv was revealed first by the company in the Detroit motor show in the year 2002..The company is giving the vehicle face lifts in times and reintroducing with new goodies year by year..

Present researches are to improve its, fuel efficiency, handling, weight etc.. They are seeking their own hybrid engine technology's help and start-stop technology for making it fuel efficient..It is predicted that the coming generation will be a bit bigger in size for the company want to compete the BMW X5 series....Lets wish Good Luck to them...

volvos escavator in volvos autoshow at india cochin kerala during volvo ocean race,earth movers from volvo, excavators, chain moved vehicles, tyreless vehicles, mini earth moving vehicles, Volvo earth movers"Excavator Kid....Volvo EC35C Escavator"

Boasts of a powerful and efficient Volvo engine with stability and maneuverability.. Enhancements for faster blade works and air conditioning to operate in all climate are optional.....

safety features in a volvo car or suv demonstrated by volvo in the dissected volvo xc60 car body photographed from volvo ocean race cochin kerala, dissected body and chassis of suv, suv body skeleton, volvo suv chassis, steel reinforcement in volvo multi utility vehicles, rollover protection bars inside volvo xc60, safest suv, Steel skeleton of volvo xc60, displaying suv safety features in autoexpo"Dissected To show The Safety Embeddings.Volvo XC60 Safety measures. noted something special? The curtain airbags are meant for rollover safety and the coloured bars are boron steel reinforcement done for the passenger cabin to avoid getting crushed in any accidents."

The side impact security measures included..Volvo SUV s are distinct in the matter of security i think. You can see the airbags, steel hit defending bars etc which may be saving lives in case of an accident....More about xc60 is said on the other Volvo automobile photo posting.

volvos latest suv xc60 car dashboard and steering column photograph, inside volvo xc60, suv dashboard and driver console, american car interiors"The Volvo X60 suv Dashboard and Steering Column.."

You may have noticed in the previous photo that the car doors are cut to reveal the security features..Hmm took advantage of the gap i got there...

This photo is taken by putting the camera inside through the hollow door....The bright sunlight from outside have made the photo a little over exposed...You can see the steering column, ac vents, and the gear leaver and a car stereo i think..

volvos automobile show from cochin kerala showing volvos suv,car,trailer,escavator,bus,xc60,xc90,s80,fh16, volvo vehicle family picture, popular volvo vehicles, auto expo 2009 cochin kerala"A family photo, the Volvo Family Members parked outside. The range of cars, trucks, buses and earth movers from volvo"

It includes the members from Volvo automobile family..The members includes a Volvo bus, Volvo FH16 trailer, an Escavator,Volvo XC90 (SUV), Volvo S80(luxury sports car) etc...

volvos latest and toughest suv xc90 closeup photograph from volvo ocean race village cochin kerala india, most cute and muscular suv, blue suv, volvo xc 90 photos, bonnet of volvo suv, ocean race volvos, mighty muscular american suv"The Eyes Of A Blue Fairy....Tough And Strong No!!!"

This is a XC series 90 SUV.. A group of nearly 10 SUV s were used their by the officials for local transportation purposes..

volvos yellow cab known as safety cab demonstrated in automobile show in cochin kerala, weired vehicle, cute cab from volvo, american car makers, vehicles displayed in volvo autoshow"Yellow....From Volvo.Guessing its a safety cab used in some scenarios ."

They calls it safety cab or something..Am not sure about this and its purpose. If you people know just share through comments..

Adding more and more ..keep browsing..other galleries have more for you..

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