Volvo Electric Car concept,Boat Engine & D13 Engine Photos

More photos from the car and SUV show from Volvo in Cochin.. Giving you photos on Volvo's latest electric car concept ie the Volvo recharge electric car concept,boat engines, yacht model, d13 engine and a huge planet earth model.

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The Electric Car Concept model of Volvo..The car has a generator built in to assist, as the cell charge gets consumed up to 70%. Also the driver has the option to select the energy source..Said that the generator in he car can light upto a villa, hmm!!! a secondary power source for your home na?????..

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The Side view of the electric Car from Volvo...Lets wish the concept to be on the roads as fast as it can be, for our planet is suffocating with the exhaust from present fossil fuel engines.

speed boat engine and propeller from volvo,photograph from volvo pavillion at ocean race cochin india kerala, boat engines in automobile show"Technology For The Water Too....Volvo's Boat Engine"

The engine is designed for a speed boat...hmmm May be..

photograph of small yacht model used by volvo in ocean race,photo from volvo autoshow pavillion at cochin kerala, sailors race yachts demo in exhibition"The Technolgy Nut Shell..The Model Of an Ocean Race Yacht"

The model is inside a glass covering, thats why the glare..I have already explained you in the previous post about the things integrated into these Race Yachts. Hmm sooo densely integrated tech gadgets inside...

You can know more in the previous post...

d13 engines from volvo,latest engine technology from automobile giant volvo, volvo engines, american disel engines, automobile technology exhibition"The D13 Engine...Another View.."

I got good lighting into the subject in this photo without making glares.. The inside lighting and sun rays from outside provided the situation to be a little difficult to select angles without glare in the photo...Anyway managed to get some..

huge globe hung down at volvo autoshow venue photo from cochin kerala, big globe, hanging globe"Around The World"

The huge globe hung at pavilion...When i got out i was aware of the company's strongest desires to make power out of natural forces in an eco friendly manner...

The photos are taken with Panasonic Lumix(6mp) digital camera.The photos are taken in 3mp resolution and resized to 800*600 when posted here..
Photos taken by Georjo

Keep visiting for the continuation of this gallery with SUVs , Hybrid engines, FH16 driving cabin, and much more like , excavators volvo buses etc...

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  1. The Electric Car Concept model of Volvo very nice really nice concept nice pics

    Great job !!!

  2. The car has a generator built in to assist, as the cell charge gets consumed up to 70%. Also the driver has the option to select the energy source. Very well said. thanks for posting. boat motor


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