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Palaruvi Waterfalls,Kerala
Palaruvi Waterfalls, 40th highest river falls when counted among Indian waterfalls and 3rd highest among the list of Kerala's waterfalls. The waterfalls is  inside the forests near Aryankavu of Kollam district, Kerala.

Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls are in first and second place among the waterfalls in Kerala state considering the falling heights. Palaruvi the third highest water falls seen in the River Kallada. Palaruvi falls has a height of 299 feet, ie 91 meters whereas Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls of Wayanadu district/Kerala, are having heights 300 meters and 200 meters respectively. 

Palaruvi waterfalls is classified under Horse Tail shaped single drop falls. Ofcouse the white stream of riverfalls resembles the shape of a white horse's tail, narrow at the starting point and spreads out by the tail end.

Palaruvi [Stream of Milk] waterfalls is a seasonal waterfalls which shows its mightiness during the monsoons and mostly dries up in the midst of summer. The photographs of the river falls posted here are taken during the month of August, monsoon was going on moderately that time. In heavy monsoons the waterfalls grows more wider.

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Lookout point Thenmala,Weir or Lowhead Dam of Kallada irrigation Project,waterpickup point of the Irrigation Canal Networks

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View from Thenmala Lookout tower near Ottakal

View from the lookout tower in Thenmala.What you can see from the lookout tower here is the Kallada river and an aerial view of the forest around. This place is named Ottakkal and is one of the major point of Kallada Irrigation Project (KIP). From here the irrigation canal branches of KIP starts. Mainly two canal wings the right bank main canal system and left bank main canal system starts from this weir dam.

Thenmala lookout point is one of the major stopping points  on the way to Thenmala dam and other attractions. The view form this site is not supposed to be like this with a a dry river course. As thenmala hydro project is an irrigation project and the season now it's rainy season, maintainance works are done now closing the water flow into the irrigation canals from the Dam reservoir. Usually you can see water gushing out through the water level regulation bridge-spillway and splashing onto the rocks in the river course.It will appear like a white stream of river flowing between the forested land. Technically these type of points in the rivers are termed as whitewater points as the river flow appears white and the current is random, mostly danger zone of rivers.

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Thenmala Road-trip Photos,Western Gaht Tropical Forests seen aside NH 208, roadstrip linking Kerala & Tamilnadu

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NH208-Near Thenmala Lookout
NH-208, the road from Kollam through Punalur,Thenmala,Aryankavu,  Palaruvi, Kuttalam, Chengotta etc and which ends in Thirumangalom in Tamilnadu. Before a few months back the condition of this road from Punalaur towards chengottai was like we can hardly say there is a road. It was more similar to offroad and something like dry river courses with huge dips and muddy swarms.

You would have suffered if you happened to pass through in a vehicle much lesser than a bus or atleast a SUV. Irony is it is one of the most important link between Tamilnadu and Kerala through which most of the goods transportation is done. Anyway things have changed.

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Mountain Stream Mini waterfalls,Tour trip to Thenmala,Kollam,Kerala

small waterfalls near thenmala lookout point,mini waterfalls,man made waterfalls,scenic points near thenmala,river bathing points
man made waterfalls in mountain stream

A small waterfalls seen aside the road strip towards Thenmala. As said in the hanging bridge photo post before we are continuing our trip towards Thenmala dam and Palaruvi waterfalls. Moving through the Kollam-Thirumangalom NH-208 just before the Lookout point of Thenmala this small watercascade came into view. Its seen in the left side of a sharp curve in the road.

Eventhough not at all a big waterfalls compared to other ones in Kerala, it has its own charm. When splashing down from that small height of a few foots the falls turns milky. The mini waterfalls seems to be human made for the sole purpose of bathing and other needs. Small hoses are laid in the

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Old British Built Hanging Bridge,Punalur tookupalam,one of two Indian Vehicular Suspension Bridges built by British engineers

punalur hanging bridge,tooku paalam,only south indian hanging bridge,one of two british built Indian hanging bridge,tookupalam of kerala built in 1877,vehicular hanging bridge of kerala indiaThe Hanging Bridge of Punalur,Kerala, the only vehicular hanging bridge of Kerala and the second one in India built by the British. This old hanging bridge is now under the authority of archeology department, and is under maintainance.
The construction and engineering of this hanging bridge marvel dates back to 1877, by a British engineer named Albert Henry. The bridge is situated across river Kallada and joins the Kollam -Chengotta state highway which is now NH 208, starting from Kollam and ending at Thirumangalaom in Tamilnadu. This snap is taken from one of the entrance of the hanging bridge.

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Ninnumulli,Valenjenganam,Murinjapuzha-Waterfalls,Kuttikanom,Idukki District,Kerala

Valanjenganam waterfalls in the Monsoon season, some snaps of a scenic water falls on the way to Kuttikkanam, the small plantation town in the Idukki district of Kerala, sometimes called as OOTY of Kerala. The waterfalls is about 75 feet high, ie about 23 meters. The waterfalls is situated on the way to Kuttikanom beside Kottayam- Kumily route.  This white fresh milky river stream of nature which is untouched is said to be originating from somewhere in the mountains of Kuttikanom.  This waterfalls is also known in the names of Valavukayam waterfalls, Murinjapuzha falls, Ninnumullippara waterfalls (peeing rocks waterfalls), Keasari waterfalls etc. The most renowned name of the waterfalls is "Ninnu Mulli Para", meaning rocks that stands and pee, weired huh!..

Bathing under this waterfalls is allowed and a small concrete platform is built under the falls for bathing. The photograph is taken during the month of july when the monsoon rains are moderate here. In the peak of monsoon this waterfalls  becomes more furious and in the summer seasons it dries up.

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