Yellow Cichlid Aquarium Fish Photos & Facts, Aquarium fish show from Cochin/Kerala

Electric yellow Cichlid aquarium fishes, a member of the fish family cichladea,  photographed from an aquarium show conducted in Cochin, the port town of Kerala. This cochin aquarium show lasted for about 10 days and there were more than 100 types of aquarium fish species displayed in the event named D-Aqua.

oops, only got the fish face, the eyes andmouth only,  of the following yellow ciclid. They were a little restless pairs of aqua life there in those aquariums.
The bright yellow aquarium fishes, to be precise electric yellow Cichlids, also known in names like yellow prince, lemon drop, labido, yellow lab etc. These ornamental fishes are common among the fresh water aquarium enthusiasts due to its vibrant yellow colour and ease of breeding. These yellow fishes has another blue version too, but not that common.

Yellow long body with black bordering on fins. The yellow and black color blended aquarium fish beauties. These cichlid species are relatively little aggresive and prefer to live in pairs or alone. They are not at all territorial minded fishes. These yellow cichids are only seen naturally in the lake Malawi of East Africa. That makes them count among the African fish species in our fresh water aquariums.


Aquariums of these electric yellow cichlids are supposed to have some rock dwellings as these fishes like to move frequently in and out of hiding places. They are not known as a notorious aquarium plant eater, but may gave a bite in times.

The aquarium conditions have to be maintained accordingly to preserve the bright colour of these cichlid fishes. The desired temperature is between 74 and 84 F and the water PH value has to be maintained around 7 and 8.


 An interesting fact on this aquarium species is the breeding technique. They are mouth breeders, ie the female keeps the eggs in her mouth for weeks to hatch, approximately 3 weeks as hatching time. In the meantime the female fish won't be taking much food and it makes her weak. The female cichlid has to be kept in a separate aquarium tank with good food to recover her health before next breeding season.

yellow-aquarium-fishes, aquarium-show-kerala
A yellow fish puzzle for you, count how many fishes in the aquarium?

Among Electric yellow cichlids the male and female fishes are seen equally attractive with vibrant yellow colors, unlike other fishes in which male appears more attractive. The fishes are seen aggressive only at time of breding. Yellow cichilds are somewhat amicable to other species of fishes which you can count when thinking of a new fish combination for your aquarium. Their less aggressive nature with that bright yellow color makes it a nice selection for your aquarium. These fishes are in the red list but under the category least concern(LC).

Electric yellow cichlids are omnivorous. Can feed them blood worms, shrimps, pellet fish food or flakes etc. These labido fishes grows upto 20 cms.
The aquarium show has just begun in Pixelshots, the kerala photo blog.

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Dangling Garden Worm, Plant Eater Worm Dangling down using silk Web

The garden worms dangling down the garden plants using its silky string of web. I found him in my home garden just after a rain. May be the rain and the wind have thrown him down from the plant top.  Still he made a stay wire huh. May be returning back upto the plant top after some dangling exercises..
The worm in garden, holding onto his web and swaying in the wind. He's a suspect. The suspected garden Plant Eater in my violet flower plant. The plant buds new leaves and he eats. i think the plant is afraid to bud anymore now!.  anyway not gonna sue him for the damages he made.

The tiny Worm Ring. Heya buddy i don't want your ring, just don't eat the leaf and flower buds. you can have the old leaves. Hmm wat you say, old leaves are not Yummy!.  

Just some insect macro snaps from the home garden. Camera uses is cannon Powershot. I think any garden here in kerala will have presence of worms like these. Their were another type of worms which were so fond of dahlia leaves when i had some flowering plants of dahlia in the garden
I haven't seen a silkworm that feeds on the mulberry leaves. I don't think these are silk worms, but these ones also produces the silky strings from their rear end. Anyway not an expert web maker like a spidey. Also can't move that fast through the web string as a spider does. Alike any other worms or caterpillars these ones are also an active plant eater.
cu around

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