Clitoria Violet Flower, Fruit & Bud Photos. Shankupushpam-Ayurvedic/ Medicinal Cures. Bluepea Agricultural Significance

More photos on Herbal flowers of Shankupushpam or blue peas, also called butterfly peas and scientifically named as Clitoria Ternatea. The famous Ayurvedic herbal flower plant of Kerala, at the same time ingredient of many recipes in Asian countries. Despite its medicinal value the plant is seen all around unnoticed in between the shrubs and small trees. As it's a perennial herb most of times the flowers are seen peeping from the greenery of the plant or tree it's having an entangled affair for existence.

Flowers of shankupushpam appears in colors of snowy white,dark blue, fluorescent blue ,violet etc. Have got some violet flowers of shankupushpam here and have already posted the photos of blue and white flowers of Aparajitas in previous postings.

 Butterfly peas-Herbal flower's Bud

shankupushpam herbal flowers bud closeup photograph,clitoria flower bud
Walking around after the rain, these are some of the photos i snapped from the nature. As these plants of Shankupushpams are seen abundant all over in between trees and plants, they came in front naturally and i couldn't help taking some closeup snaps of the flowers and buds before leaving.

Am trying to present a little more details on the medicinal value of this common tropical herbal plant by this post. Peculiarity of this plant is, no part of the plant is unusable as per Ayurvedic maestros. In ancient books on Ayurveda the plant, its roots, flowers and even leaves are mentioned for the preparation of peculiar medicines.

Shankupushpam or Bluepea flowers are mentioned in a variety of synonyms in the books of Ayurveda. Butterfly pea flowers and plants are mentioned in most of the old Ayurvedic scriptures for its herbal medicinal value. Some of the common ayurvedic synonyms of aparajita are supuspi, sveta, girikarnika, gokarnika, mohanasi, ardrakarni, mahasveta, sephanda, vishnukrantha etc. Also the flower is known as aral, malayamukki, Kakkanam etc.

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Happy Xmas Greetings-Cribs & Christhmas Tree

Happy Christmas greetings to all the readers of this Kerala photo blog. giving you some
Mini Xmas Tree Cochin kerala,Christmas celebrationspics of Cribs and Xmas trees seen around.

The cribs are from churches here around in Cochin and as its 24th of December nd Jesus not born yet, the cribs are without infant Jesus.

Infant Jesus  is gonna be placed in those cribs in between the christhmas services in the churches mostly during midnight.

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Digital Photography-Rain Drops @ Macro mode -Water Droplets Snapped from Nature after a Rain.Testing Digital Camera of Fuji Finepix S7500 S700, for its Super-Macro Mode Photographic Potentials

Digital Photography in Macro mode. Not just digital macros, but digital super macros, as the special focus mode is named in the digital cam of Fuji Film. The maximum minimum distance that can be focused was seen as 4 cms in the camera manual, but could't get something that closer eventhough i tried. The focus length was shown as 6mm in all photos taken with super macro mode.

The camera showed pretty brilliant close focusing than something without a super macro focus. Anyway can't expect a stunning photo capture form this point and shoot 7MegaPixel camera, like we may get from a digital SLR with macro lenses. Provided if the subject is well lit and have a contrasting colour from the background canvas, you are gonna get awesome clearly focused photographs.

Raindrop in Green Leaf

rain drop photo in macro closeup camera focus,rain droplet in garden plant green leaf,droplet closeupJust some digital snaps of rain water drops i got from garden plants just after a rain. Being always amazed by the tiny wonders of tiny world around us, always gives a try to snap them whenever i can, especially if a new camera comes in hand. These photos were taken for the sole purpose of testing the Super Macro focus mode i saw in the camera of Fuji Finepix S5700 S700

These guys haven't reached the ground yet!, yea the rain drops......
Its easy to leave them unnoticed if you doesn't care to walk around and watch the nature close. In every leaves and flowers we may notice those tears of the nature clinging,  and taking their last breaths of life, before gonna fall down the plants or getting vaporized in the heat of sun-rays. Just gave a try to have them photographed, with a Digicam i wanted to test for its capabilities in seeing things closer.

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Kerala Birds-Woodpecker, Myna-Photos & Bird Facts. Bird watching snaps from Kerala, the South Indian State

Photographing some birds seen around while walking on a rainy day, in the interval i got between rains. Thanking to the 10x optical zoom of the Digital camera, else i would have been unable to get the birds even spotted in the photos, for their tree living, easily disturbed and flying away nature. Also spotted some green  feathered fruit eating birds, but they seemed much busy flying here and there whenever i tried for a snap. They are the pappaya fruit eaters who tastes the papayas right from the trees before anyone can even notice the fruits are ripe there.

Bird watching, Photos and Facts on some Kerala / Indian Birds

Bird watching around my house in Kerala. A heavy downpour just over and i decided to try the camera as bright sunlight spilled onto the wet nature around. What i got in my camera in the birds category apart from nature snaps are some Woodpeckers and Myna or Mina-bird renowned for its singing and talking abilities-the bird photos are posted just below.

Woodpecker on Coconut Tree

wood pecker on a coconut tree, a distant shadow photo of bird woodpecker,maramkothi or maram kothi of kerala india,kerala bird photo
So this is the very same bird species that comes in the advertisement of the major shoe brand, woodlands, claiming their shoe leather will even stand a woodpecker's pecking beak. Hmm the bird has got a universal acclamation on its beak's tearing power huh.

You know what these pecker birds doing when knocking on those tree trunks, they not eating the tree but trying to get a hold of those insects, butterfly larvaes, spiders, worms, cocoons, caterpillars etc which may be hiding deep inside the tree trunk cracks and holes. They pulls out the insects with the drilling efficient beaks and the woodpeckers sticky long toungue does the rest of consuming process.

Some other interesting facts on this bird are, the woodpecker's nostrils are guarded with fine hairs which stops the small wooden and other debris from going inside the nose during the pecking process, by this born tree driller. Something similar guards its eyes too during its beak is at work, a fine membrane covering which closes over the eye balls as needed, as an extra protection with the ordinary eye lids.

Woodpecker's brain is known to be evolved from the time being in orientation and size to adapt the sudden impact from its beak during pecking on hard wood.

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Kerala Eco Tour Destination-Thenmala, Tour Map, photos, Tourist Info,Tourism Activities, Forest Trekking Info, Accomodation Facilities and other Nature tour attractions around Thenmala


Tourism projects based on Nature, which includes environment awareness programmes and interpretations along with benefits to local people can be termed as eco tourism. Eco tourism should maintain the rhythm of nature along with the tourism activities. The International Eco tourism society/TIES, defines eco tourism as, 'responsible travel that conserves the nature and sustains the well-being of local people'. In short eco tourism is the co existence of nature conservation and nature tourism projects.

Eco Tourism @ Kerala/India

Kerala, the small Indian state which is bordered with the green stretched western ghat mountains in the east and beautiful beaches along the shores of Arabian sea in the west, no wonder the natural topography with rivers and mountains are much ideal for Tourism of all kind. Tourism being the major revenue to the state, it can't be ignored as well as the God gifted Natural beauty along with the flora and fauna has to be preserved from the hazards of Tourism. Their emerged the concept of eco tourism and started ecological friendly tourism project developments with utter care given to the fragility of nature we are getting engaged into.Thenmala eco tourism is just one among them and also the first planned eco tour project of Kerala and even India.

It's found that about 60 percent of worlds plants, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, birds, mammals etc are seen in about 25 spots of the world which covers only 1.4 percent of the whole land area. Western ghat forests are considered one among those spots and thus conservation of nature and wildlife is most important here.

Along with the Western Ghats  forests which abounds Kerala's eastern side, about 2324 square kilometer  is considered protected area having two National Parks and 12 Wildlife sanctuaries. The eco system inside the tropical forests of western ghats is an ideal support from the part of Nature for the development of eco-tourism projects here in Kerala.

Eco-Tourism Projects of Kerala

  • Thenmala
  • Palaruvi
  • Periyar
  • Parambikulam
  • Eravikulam
  • Peppara
  • Neyyar
  • Arippa
  • Gavi
  • RhodoValley
  • Shenduruney
  • Aralam
  • Chimmini
  • Mankayam
  • Konni
  • Tommankuthu

Thenmala Eco Tourism-India's first Planned Eco Tourism Project:The Eco-Tour Area Map and Infos

The first planned eco tourism project implementation done in India, is in and around the Parappar dam and Shenthurinny wildlife sanctuary forests of Thenmala. The eco tourism project here in Thenmala is a joint venture by the Forest, irrigation and Tourism departments of Kerala. Thenmala is a small village in the valley of western ghat mountain ranges and is seen covered in the tropical deciduous mixed forested land.

Thenmala the Malayalam word means Honey Mountains and the honey collected from these forests is considered special and medicinal. You being a traveler especially if comes under the category of nature lover or one who loves trekking, forest traveling and forest camps, this eco tour spot is ideal for you. You can do trekking and forest explorations in the dense greenery, cladding the mountain slopes and valleys here in Thenmala.

Eco Tourism zones of  Thenmala

The eco tourism project attractions and activities of Thenmala are distributed in 3 zones coming in around 500 meters radius. The major spots of this ecotour spot are:-

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Sculpture Garden @ Thenmala Eco Tourism Leisure Zone-Sculpture Photos, Forest Nature Trails etc.

Sculpture park and leisure zone photos from  Thenmala eco tourism project, Kerala/ India. What you can expect here is sculptures blended into the green extravaganza of the tropical tropical dense forest, in this small valley village of western ghats. The leisure zone and sculpture garden is beside the Thenmala dam, the Irrigation-hydro electric dam of Kollam district / Kerala. The main attractions of the leisure zone and sculpture park are, as the names implies sculptures and interesting resting points inside the forest outskirts of Schenthurinny wildlife sanctuary beside the dam.

Nature trails, board walks, hanging bridge across the river stream that continues from the dam spillway etc are other attractions. The sculptures of animals, cosmic flying men, depiction of ideas and thoughts, mythical characters like Vikramaditya and vethala, lord shiva, parasurama the Hindu avatar of God etc are arranged in various points of this sculpture park. We have to walk through the eco nature trail to have a sight of these sculptures and in the middle there are nicely designed, stepped resting platforms inside forest. The resting points are vast enough for a group of 50 to 60 tourists to be seated together and can have some leisurely activities in between your tour trip.
Thenmala Leisure Zone
thenmala leisure zone and sculpture garden photos,eco tourism spots of kerala
The signboard of leisure zone, showing deterioration with that missing 'i' in tourism. We visited the adventure zone before being here by 5:30pm of the day. It will be better to visit the adventure zone before leisure zone in-case you are here after 4 pm as adventure zone will be closing by 5:30 pm whereas leisure zone by 6:30pm.

Leisure zone is much near to the tourist facilitation centre from where you have to get the entry tickets and directions to various spots of this Kerala's eco tourism project area.

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Adventure Zone @ Thenmala Ecotourism, Kerala. Rock climbing, Mountain Biking, River Crossing, Rapelling & Nature Trails. Photos of Elevated Canopy Walkway Bridge, Burmese rope Bridge, Forest pond boats etc

Photos from the Adventure zone of Thenmala eco tourism project, Kerala, India. The major tourist attractions here in Adventure zone of Thenmala are, Forest Canopy Elevated walkway bridge, Nature trails through the forested hills, rock climbing, mountain biking, river crossing, Burmese bridge walk, boating in the forest pond, rapelling etc. There is a place where you can do some bow and arrow practice but by the time we visited, it was out of order.

You shouldn't miss this adventure spot of Thenmala ecotours, even if you are not much adventurous. Being adventurous helps you to get the most out of this eco tourism location of southern Kerala. For a Nature tourist the canopy walkway and Nature trails will be an experience with chances to watch the nature, birds and the mighty forest trees closer walking towards them.
Canopy Walkway Bridge of Thenmala Adventure Zone,tourist info board of canopy bridge,Kerala ecotourism photos and info,kollam tourism,adventure nature tourism places in kerala,thenmala adventure zone

After verifying the tickets you will be entering right into a museum here. A descriptive display of all the types of rope knots used during rock climbing like adventure sports and also by Surgeons, Fishermen, rescue professionals, sailors etc. From the knot museum you will move on to the Canopy Walkway or Elevated bridge of the adventure zone, a must visit here.

From canopy bridge you can either walk to the top of the hill and traverse through the nature trails or select a more adventurous way to go down to the forest pond through a rope (valley crossing), exactly the same way you have to cross the river using ropes. The above photograph is the starting point of the elevated walking bridge which rises up through the forest  tree canopy. The information board says, "Resemble Canopy Walkway. The canopy bridge hangs suspended over the forest floor". Specifications of the bridge is gives as, Length of the Bridge: 120 meter, Number of Steps: 109, Number of tree canopies: 11 big trees. The platform of the bridge is done with of wooden planks paved over steel structure,very similar to the old hanging bridge of Punalur.

Am gonna walk up through the bridge to the top of trees, what about you giving me company...

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Big Trees @ Thenmala Ecotourism Deer Park. Photos of River and Mixed Deciduous Forest Trees in southern regions of Western Ghats.

Photos of  Big trees found in the Thenmala forests and the river Kallada that find its way through this green lush evergreen forests of western ghats found here. The nature of the forest here in and around Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is mixed deciduous forest with evergreen ones. The trees here in this post are photographed from the Deer park of Thenmala eco tourism. Most of the trees found here are huge tall evergreen trees-the typical Western Ghat Nature. The deer park is meant to protect the deers used to stay out of inner forests.

tree photos from western ghat forests,trees of thenmala forests,schenthuruny wildlife sanctuary trees,mixed deciduous forest trees,thenmala eco tourism deer park treesThe greenery of the forest is preserved around the park as the name suggests- ECO TOURISM. Have found some interesting trees along the river side of this park. Interesting in the sense of trunk shapes and sizes especially when coming to the bottom part. Most of the forest trees in this park are having a name board telling their names including scientific names. Some of the trees found here are Therakam, Karanjili, Kambakom, Karimarom etc. You may have heard about Kambakom, the tree renowned for its strength and which is used in the construction of bridges and even elephant training cages in olden times. The vehicular hanging bridge of Punalur was having Kambakom wooden planks in its platform.

The tree to the above right is seen while we walking around in the deer park after snapping some of the deers there inside the fenced part of the deer rehabilitation. Comparing to other ones this tree is small, but the tree trunk appeared like layers rooted into the ground.

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Forest Tree House @ Thenmala Eco Tourism Deer Park / Kerala / India.Thatched Tree house built of Canes,Bamboo,Ropes etc for tourists. Kerala Eco Tourspot Travel Photos

tree houses,tree house in thenmala deer park,kerala eco tourism spots,kerala tree housesTree house photos from the deer rehabilitation centre of Thenmala / Kollam / Kerala.The tree house is built as a part of eco tourism projects of Thenmala, Kerala. Near to the canopy of the forest trees the tree house stands tall like a watch tower for the vegetation and wildlife around. This tree house is added as one of the many eco tourism attractions in and around Thenmala forests, ie the Shenthuruny wildlife Sanctuary forests of Western Ghats

From olden times man used to make tree houses in forests and in trees near to farm lands, to cater as a safe dwelling from wildlife in the forests and also to guard farm lands and all. These days many of the Nature Tourism spots of Kerala has tree houses mainly for tourists. If the tree house here in Thenmala is just for the sake of climbing up and watching around, their are many tree houses as part of tourist resorts in and around Kerala, mainly in the Wayanadu district, which are equipped with all the amenities a modern tourist will need in his room to make his holiday stays here in Kerala memorable. Most of them are exactly like a well furnished resort room, with balconies. Differentiating them from ordinary resort rooms, they will be made entirely of wood and bamboos and ofcourse will be placed over a tree, thereby people can call them tree house resorts.

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Deer Photos-Tourist Info @ Deer Rehabilitation Centre, Thenmala.Wildlife Conservation Park , Part of Thenmala Eco tourism Project, Kollam / Kerala / India. Photo info on Spotted Deer, Samba Deer and Barking Deer from Thenmala deer park

deer rehabilitation centre entrance board, attractions of thenmala deer rehabilitation cente,deer parks of kerala,thenmala eco tourism deer park info boardPhotos of  Deers in the deer rehabilitation centre from the forests of Thenmala/ Kollam/ Kerala/ India. This deer park of Thenmala is a distant part of Thenmala eco tourism and is built within the Kallada river side forest. Apart from various varieties of deers what you can see interesting here is a Tree House and a small Childrens park with some ecologically blended resting places. 

Various walking routes into the forests can be seen and if you a group of people with plenty of time to spend here no harm in walking into the park forests. What you will witness for sure in these forests in big trees of the western ghats and most of them with a name board fixed by the park authorities, So that you won't end up disappointed thinking of what tree this can be.

In the deer park you can see Barking Deer (Kezha Maan in Malayalam), Sambar Deer (Mlave), Spotted deer[Chittal, Cheetal, Axis deer, Pulli Maan in Malayalam].

The forest in deer rehabilitation centre is a collection of huge trees and many of them are having interesting trunk shapes. The deers are fenced inside the forested land and you can walk around the fence and watch for the deers. Deer herds can be seen around the water tanks near to the fencings. Am giving you some photos of the deers we saw here within our limited time we spent in this deer rehabilitation centre.The info about deers given here are obtained from the tourist info board fixed at some places of the deer park.

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Kerala Sea Side Beach Resorts & Restaurents-Kerala Ayurvedic resorts, Beach Cafes, Seaside cottages etc @ Varkala beach mountain cliffs

varkala cliff top walking lane,walkway through beach cliffs in india kerala,varkala photos,sea side walking lanes,arabian sea
Varkala Cliff top Walking Lane
Photos of Varkala beach side resorts, restaurants and sea side cottages. The resort and beach hotel photos given here are from the cliff top near varkala helipad. Apart from hotels and resorts there are ayurvedic massage parlours, dental spas, wifi enabled restaurants, cliff top heritage cottages etc.

To the right is the small tiled walkway that extends through the clifftop which you may use to access the hotels and resorts here, and also for enjoying the beach from the cliffs. The path extends seemless and we stopped walking after sometime. One side of this walkway is packed with so many palm thatched restaurants, hotels and many sea side shops. Paintings shops, garments and sculpture shops are seen in between the palm thatched restaurants. A Spices supermarket of Kerala is also seen there, but was closed by the time we were there. All the amenities a foreign tourist may need from currency exchanges, tour packages in Kerala to travel ticket bookings can be done from the shops around here in Varkala.

You can get reasonably rated accomodation and food from the hotels and resorts in this place if you can just search a bit here for the rates. Rooms facing beach side starts from INR 500 per night in some of the beach hotels here. Rates may vary depending on the hotels and type of rooms you choose. Its said that this is the place where you can get a good deal to have an accommodation during a beach holidays in Varkala / Kerala / India.

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Kerala Beach Aerial Photos-Varkala Beach and Rough Arabian sea Waves photographed from Southern Mountain Cliffs of Varkala/Kerala. Monsoon time Beach Photos from Kerala/India

varkala beach photos,beaches of varkala photographed from mountain top,thiruvambady beach of varkala,arabian sea waves in varkala beach,south kerala beaches,monsoon sea waves in varkala
Varkala Beach under Cliffs
Aerial view of Varkala beach and the Arabian sea, along the southern coastal line of Kerala / India. The beach pictures and the sea given here are taken from the mountain cliffs of Varkala, near to the helipad. Eventhough it was a bad time for beach tourists coming to Kerala beaches, as the sea is rough, watching the vast sea and waves invading the beaches of varkala seemed awesome from here at this mountain top.

Varkala is a unique place having around three beaches. Cliffs guarding the beaches can give you a birds eye view of the long strip of shallow beach lying through those mountain valleys. The varkala formations, ie the mountain cliffs have walking paths through the cliff edges where you may take a walk enjoying the vast sea and cold sea breeze, witnessing breathtaking sea waves splashing over those beach rocks down under the cliffs. 

Another speciality is the clifftop palm thatched hotels and sea side room stays, where you can get affordable accommodations and most of the wold class dishes. Will give you some of those beach side hotel photos soon. Most of beach photos are displayed here in smaller sizes and you can click them to enlarge.

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Unique Kerala Beach, Varkala beach landscape peculiarities-Tour Varkala for these reasons.

varkala mountain cliffs,beach with mountain cliffs,unique kerala beach,arabian sea beaches,mountain cliffs and rocks of varkala beach landscapes,geographical monument,varkala formations,beach sedimentary rocks
Varkala Formation, Sedimentary mountain cliffs
Varkala beach, cliffs and rocks- what's so special of these things?, have to say this beach of Kerala has much many importance and specialties than other flat land Kerala beaches.

Considering the rocks and nature of the beach topography, Varkala is considered to be an alternative to Kovalam, the famous Indian beach in Trivandrum district of Kerala state. Infact Varkal also is in trivandrum, Kerala's capital district. 

Unique features of Varkala beach and Landscapes
Varkala is a madly preferable beach tour spot if you consider a less crowded and large beach and cliffs. Infact three beaches are there bordered by mountain cliffs. Yea the vast stretch of Mountain Cliffs count to be first peculiarity of this beach.The beaches of Varkala are found to be formed in the valleys of these crescent shaped mountain cliffs. Considering the southern cost of Kerala, mountain cliffs are seen adjacent to beaches only in Varkala. This peculiar geological formations of mountain cliffs are termed as Varkala Formations
Most of the other Kerala beaches are flat lying beside the vast Arabian Sea. The mountain cliffs here named as Varkala formations are considered Geological monument by Geological Survey of India. The invasion of sea waves are seen in some parts of the cliffs and small landslides are seen. Much many huge sedimentary rocks are seen adjacent to the beach alleviating the wave attacks on cliff bottoms.

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Beach photos @ Varkala Helipad, Varkala Beaches, Mountain Cliffs- Arabian sea aerial view from Varkala mountain cliffs

varkala helipad ground,helipad over beach cliffs,helipads in kerala
Varkala Helipad
Varkala Helipad, snaps of the sea and beach underneath the mountain cliffs of Varkala are shared for you here. If you visited Varkala and returned without being into this helipad area of mountain cliffs, you have missed the real beauty of Varkala beach landscapes. From here what you gonna get is an aerial view of the beach and white sea waves splashing onto the bottom of those mountain cliffs.

The photos of the beaches and mountain cliffs adjacent to the beaches are taken during noon time, and i wonder how cute they will be during a beach sunset.

Reaching Varkala Helipad from Papanasham white sand beach
Reaching this part of the varkala beach is simplified by a small walkway from papanasham beach progressing through the mountain sides. Being noon time we didn't preferred a walk in the sun instead just took our vehicle for much parking space is available here as its the helipad point of Varkala. A taxi stand is also there near the helipad ground. Its just about a kilometer through road, from papanasham beach to Varkala helipad. We felt refreshed with the cool sea breeze blowing here as soon as we got down from the car, and it was an awesome refresh particularly under that noontime sun.

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Papanasham beach Varkala -Kerala's Beach renowned for Tourism,also as Sacred beach based on Hindu mythologies and believes.

papanasham beach photos,hindu rituals done in sacred beach of varkala named as papanasham,baliidal for dead souls by hindu believers
Bali Idal, in papanasham beach, Varkala,Kerala
Paapanasham Beach -Varkala, Kerala, a south Indian beach situated in the state of Kerala which has importance as a tourism spot as well as a Hindu pilgrim spot.One of the beaches of varkala called Papanasham is believed to be a sacred beach as per Hindu religious believes and myths. The beach of papansam is the only white sand beach among the three beaches here in Varkala.

The Malayalam word 'PAPANASHAM' means something that destroys your sins or purifies your bad deeds. This beach is considered to be a pilgrim spot, where all sins will be purified by a sacred dip in the sea water here.

The religious significance of this southern Kerala beach is, its one of the water bodies in the state where so many Hindu believers comes to pray for their ancestors and passed away beloveds during Vavu Bali- a day to pay homage to dead souls and pray for them.The photo to the right is a religious ritual done by the believer as instructed by the priest or poojari at the Papanasham beach of Kerala. Very near to the Papanasham beach Janardhana Swamy Temple, a famous Hindu temple is situated.

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Varkala Beach Tourtrip Photos, Scenic Beach snaps from southern India. Beach tourism activities-Surfing, Sunbathe, Swimming..

varkala beach photos kerala india,beautiful beaches of south india
varkala beach Kerala/India
Varkala beach photos from the tour trips towards Kerala beaches starts from this post. By the noon time of a partially sunny day in the month of September we gave a visit to this beach. Have to say its one of the most lovely beach picnic spot of Kerala-more specifically in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital district of Kerala.

If you intend to visit a beach in which you can swim, if you want to sit over the mountain cliff and watch the long stretching sea infront of you same time enjoying the cool pat of sea winds, or even if you want to use a surfboard on that roaring beach waves, this is one of the beaches to consider in Kerala. Not many of Kerala or Indian beach gives much variety of options to enjoy your holidays as the beaches here in Varkala/ Trivandrum/Kerala.

The tourist season here in and around Varkala beach is around the months of December. Our visit was on monsoon time and monsoon rains were showing up intermittently in its big and small packages. The rainy season had made the sea a little rough and submerged some of the beaches here under those roaring waves, compelling the authorities to close those beaches from being visited by tourists till the sea becomes calm by season change.But those who intending a monsoon tour visit to Kerala's vivid landscapes and beaches, don't wait it's time to be here.

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Dry River Landscape Photos. Empty River Terrain Rocks Sediments and Tree Trunks. Kallada river photos snapped during Tour Trip, Thenmala/ Kollam/ Kerala/ India

river landscape photos,landscape of a dry kallada river photographed during tour trip to thenmala in kollam district of kerala the south indian state
Kallada river landscape, Trees in river delta
River bed photo snaps, more clearly speaking the river landscape of an almost dry riverbed. The landscape which came visible when the dam upstream the river is closed seemed attractive to me and posting some of the photos here. The photographs are taken from a part of one of Kerala's beautiful western ghat river named Kallada.. The part of this river from where these photos are taken are considered 100 percent dangerous zone when the river is flowing with enough water and 50 percent dangerous even it's not without much water.

Our tour trip towards Thenmala eco tourism spots, parappar dam and the famous Palaruvi waterfalls was in the month of August 2010. Irony is it's the time of Monsoons and the river was seen almost empty. We just got down into the river bed for some snaps and any tourist or traveler happened to pass through here would have done it for the sight of the empty river bed is so interesting with much rocks and deltas of sand. Anyway the river was not fully dead as a small stream is finding its way through the rock filled river landscape calmly in deeper areas, and with a little violence in those places having some rock obstructions.
There was two different nature for the river landscape. One with huge rocks filled dangerous looks and other with small sand deltas and small trees giving the river a lovely scenic face. The huge river rocks are already posted in the river danger zone post and will be posted more soon, and wht you can see here is the soft and a little scenic landscape of the river terrain.

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Kerala River Danger Zones, Kallada RIver Bed Rocks Photos near Thenmala, Rock Filled River Course of an Empty River orginating from Western Ghat Mountains

yellow caution board seen aside kallada river near thenmala ottakkal lookout,caution board of water authority saying danger zone of river,dont enter river,dangerous rivers of kerala,yellow danger caution board of kerala water authority
Kallada River photos near Thenmala. River Danger Zones
Beside the river that yellow board says, Dangerous Zone of River, entry to the river is strictly prohibited. A caution board erected by Water Authority near Thenmala besides the Kallada river. Last time when i passed through this place the river was full and water level was upto the sand near the caution board.

The river was flowing much calm, filled up with green water that time, and anyone seeing this place will wonder why is such a board placed near a calm slow flowing river like this.The river may appear swimmable and ideal for some water fun. But this time as the river is empty due to the closure of dam shutters i came to know why such a danger caution is given here. Anyone watching the empty river bed will know how dangerous the traps formed of those huge rocks can be to anyone going into the river even if the water level is moderate. Giving you a few picture snaps of the rocky river bed below.

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Thenmala Parappar Dam Reservoir Photos- Keralas Longest Dam Reservoir-Second Largest Irrigation Dam Project- KIP, Unique & Oldest Irrigation Project for Paddy+Garden Tree Crops

thenmala dam,parappar dam,kerala dams and irrigation projects,earthen dams of kerala,kallada irrigation project dam and tree crop development project dam,oldest irrgation project dam of kerala,hydro electric cum irrigation dam project
Thenmala Parappar Earthen Dam Reservoir
Thenmala Parappar Dam, the main dam of Thenmala which is the heart of Kallada Irrigation Project, the oldest irrigation project of Kerala. Parappar dam is having the longest dam reservoir among the dams of Kerala. Eventhough the dam hydel project is focussed on Irrigation process named as Kallada Irrigation Project electricity is also generated here. So its a hydro electric dam cum irrigation  project. The dam reservoir spreads through the shenthurini wildlife sanctury in the valleys of western ghat mountain ranges. 

Thenmala dam is also called Parappar dam as the dam is situated in the place called Parappar near to Thenmala. Parappar dam is an earthen dam which is relatively small in size and broad in base built with rock, sand clay etc. Earthen dams are also termed rockfill dams depending on materials used.. The biggest earten dam of Kerala is the Banasura project in Wayanadu district.

Parappar dam is built across Kallada river which is nourished with its main three river tributaries,  Shentharuni, Kulathupuzha and Kalthuruthi puzha. All the three tributary rivers orginates from the Kulathupuzha ranges of Western ghats. The possibilities to build a dam across river Kallada and develop the irrigation project is considered even before 1958. Even then the hydro irrigation project works got started officially by 1961only, after the project got sanctioned by the Government of Kerala  and an estimate of 13.28 crores was alloted. But the growth, health and functioning of this project is still in progress, pretty funny huh.The project money had increased more than 600 crores from its initial estimate and then again increased to 728 crores by 1999 making it one of the costly irrigation projects of Kerala.

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Kollam Beach photos-Kerala beaches in monsoon season-Golden Beaches of Southern Kerala

kollam beach,monsoon photos of kerala beaches,quilon beach,kerala beaches,kollam,beach with park infront,kollam beach with MG park
Kollam Beach during Monsoons
Kollam beach photos, taken during a small holiday trip. Just a few kilometres  from the heart of kollam town this beach turnout to be a perfect place to relax. Tourism activities are nourishing around this place. The old Mahatma Gandhi park near this beach is renovated now and is on the verge of finishing touches. What you may like is the neatness of this beach along with the golden beach sand which is kept evaded and drenched by those sea waves.

The beach and surroundings is free from the busy city life. Resorts and hotels are just showing up and some of them are facing the beach. Last time when i visited the beach sand was slanting onto the sea but now the sea is in monsoon fury and started eating the beach. A step of sand is formed by the sea waves and now we have to step down to meet the waves.. Seems it to be a natural process and the previous state of the beach will be replenished in a matter of time.

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Palaruvi Waterfalls,3rd Highest Waterfalls,Kerala-Photos,Entry pass rates,Trekking rates & route,Visiting time,Contact info,Tourist Atrractions, Routes & Distances

palaruvi waterfalls,palaruvi,40th highest indian waterfalls,3rd highest kerala waterfalls,waterfalls in kollam district kerala,south indian waterfalls,kallada river waterfalls,horse tail shaped waterfalls,stream of milk,single drop waterfalls
Palaruvi Waterfalls,Kerala
Palaruvi Waterfalls, 40th highest river falls when counted among Indian waterfalls and 3rd highest among the list of Kerala's waterfalls. The waterfalls is  inside the forests near Aryankavu of Kollam district, Kerala.

Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls are in first and second place among the waterfalls in Kerala state considering the falling heights. Palaruvi the third highest water falls seen in the River Kallada. Palaruvi falls has a height of 299 feet, ie 91 meters whereas Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls of Wayanadu district/Kerala, are having heights 300 meters and 200 meters respectively. 

Palaruvi waterfalls is classified under Horse Tail shaped single drop falls. Ofcouse the white stream of riverfalls resembles the shape of a white horse's tail, narrow at the starting point and spreads out by the tail end.

Palaruvi [Stream of Milk] waterfalls is a seasonal waterfalls which shows its mightiness during the monsoons and mostly dries up in the midst of summer. The photographs of the river falls posted here are taken during the month of August, monsoon was going on moderately that time. In heavy monsoons the waterfalls grows more wider.

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Lookout point Thenmala,Weir or Lowhead Dam of Kallada irrigation Project,waterpickup point of the Irrigation Canal Networks

thenmala lookout tower view,ottakkal lookout,thenmala lookout point view of kallada river course,dry river course filled with rocks,thenmala photos,kallada irrigation project main point,view from watchtower thenmala ottakkal
View from Thenmala Lookout tower near Ottakal

View from the lookout tower in Thenmala.What you can see from the lookout tower here is the Kallada river and an aerial view of the forest around. This place is named Ottakkal and is one of the major point of Kallada Irrigation Project (KIP). From here the irrigation canal branches of KIP starts. Mainly two canal wings the right bank main canal system and left bank main canal system starts from this weir dam.

Thenmala lookout point is one of the major stopping points  on the way to Thenmala dam and other attractions. The view form this site is not supposed to be like this with a a dry river course. As thenmala hydro project is an irrigation project and the season now it's rainy season, maintainance works are done now closing the water flow into the irrigation canals from the Dam reservoir. Usually you can see water gushing out through the water level regulation bridge-spillway and splashing onto the rocks in the river course.It will appear like a white stream of river flowing between the forested land. Technically these type of points in the rivers are termed as whitewater points as the river flow appears white and the current is random, mostly danger zone of rivers.

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Thenmala Road-trip Photos,Western Gaht Tropical Forests seen aside NH 208, roadstrip linking Kerala & Tamilnadu

road trip photos,nh-208 kollam thirumangalom road near thenmala,tour trip in maruti wagnor to thenmala,road towards palaruvi kuttalam thenmala chengotta,rubberized roads in kerala,national highways connecting tamilnadu-kerala,enchanting drive routes in kerala,western ghats roads
NH208-Near Thenmala Lookout
NH-208, the road from Kollam through Punalur,Thenmala,Aryankavu,  Palaruvi, Kuttalam, Chengotta etc and which ends in Thirumangalom in Tamilnadu. Before a few months back the condition of this road from Punalaur towards chengottai was like we can hardly say there is a road. It was more similar to offroad and something like dry river courses with huge dips and muddy swarms.

You would have suffered if you happened to pass through in a vehicle much lesser than a bus or atleast a SUV. Irony is it is one of the most important link between Tamilnadu and Kerala through which most of the goods transportation is done. Anyway things have changed.

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Mountain Stream Mini waterfalls,Tour trip to Thenmala,Kollam,Kerala

small waterfalls near thenmala lookout point,mini waterfalls,man made waterfalls,scenic points near thenmala,river bathing points
man made waterfalls in mountain stream

A small waterfalls seen aside the road strip towards Thenmala. As said in the hanging bridge photo post before we are continuing our trip towards Thenmala dam and Palaruvi waterfalls. Moving through the Kollam-Thirumangalom NH-208 just before the Lookout point of Thenmala this small watercascade came into view. Its seen in the left side of a sharp curve in the road.

Eventhough not at all a big waterfalls compared to other ones in Kerala, it has its own charm. When splashing down from that small height of a few foots the falls turns milky. The mini waterfalls seems to be human made for the sole purpose of bathing and other needs. Small hoses are laid in the

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Old British Built Hanging Bridge,Punalur tookupalam,one of two Indian Vehicular Suspension Bridges built by British engineers

punalur hanging bridge,tooku paalam,only south indian hanging bridge,one of two british built Indian hanging bridge,tookupalam of kerala built in 1877,vehicular hanging bridge of kerala indiaThe Hanging Bridge of Punalur,Kerala, the only vehicular hanging bridge of Kerala and the second one in India built by the British. This old hanging bridge is now under the authority of archeology department, and is under maintainance.
The construction and engineering of this hanging bridge marvel dates back to 1877, by a British engineer named Albert Henry. The bridge is situated across river Kallada and joins the Kollam -Chengotta state highway which is now NH 208, starting from Kollam and ending at Thirumangalaom in Tamilnadu. This snap is taken from one of the entrance of the hanging bridge.

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Ninnumulli,Valenjenganam,Murinjapuzha-Waterfalls,Kuttikanom,Idukki District,Kerala

Valanjenganam waterfalls in the Monsoon season, some snaps of a scenic water falls on the way to Kuttikkanam, the small plantation town in the Idukki district of Kerala, sometimes called as OOTY of Kerala. The waterfalls is about 75 feet high, ie about 23 meters. The waterfalls is situated on the way to Kuttikanom beside Kottayam- Kumily route.  This white fresh milky river stream of nature which is untouched is said to be originating from somewhere in the mountains of Kuttikanom.  This waterfalls is also known in the names of Valavukayam waterfalls, Murinjapuzha falls, Ninnumullippara waterfalls (peeing rocks waterfalls), Keasari waterfalls etc. The most renowned name of the waterfalls is "Ninnu Mulli Para", meaning rocks that stands and pee, weired huh!..

Bathing under this waterfalls is allowed and a small concrete platform is built under the falls for bathing. The photograph is taken during the month of july when the monsoon rains are moderate here. In the peak of monsoon this waterfalls  becomes more furious and in the summer seasons it dries up.

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Globular garden cactus plants-Small crater topped ball cactus photos from home gardens

Small Globular cactus variety for your home garden.This one a member among the Globose Flattened type cacti. The cacti species is seen worldwide and most of the members of this cacti are found flowering, especially white flowers. Small cute cacti globe, but covered densely with lean long spines. The crater like part at the cacti top is usually where the cacti flowers appears if the particular globular cacti species is flowering in nature.

You know what, mature cactus stems can be kept out of soil for weeks and some upto months. Usually cactus has a lot of water content inside the leaves to overcome drought. Apart from these if roots are unable to absorb water from the soil cactus stems will absorb the moisture content from the atmosphere through its skin. Have to say intelligently designed succulents..

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Fluffy tits, white tailed butterfly species of Indian tropical forests. Butterfly facts, & photos, India/ Kerala

Butterfly with Tails, really long white wing tails. More over rare to a weird creation found in the Nature's insect kingdom, butterfly with tails on wings. One of the rarest types of tropical region butterflies you may ever encounter. These Indian butterfly species are commonly termed as Fluffy-Tit or more technically Zeltus Etolus. These long tailed butterflies comes under the family Lycaenidea. Its the second largest butterfly family which has about 28,000 butterfly species around the world and contributes to about 40 percent of known butterfly species. 

Tropical region is found to be one of the very best dwelling places for butterflies. The basic needs for a butterfly to survive are sunlight, plants and flowers. So many flowering plants with nice fragrance and nectar is needed to attract butterflies into your garden. Some of the caterpillars are very selective in eating plants.

Some caterpillars of the family in which this tailed butterfly belongs, ie the Lycaenideas, often makes friendship with ants. The caterpillar communicates to ants using bodily chemicals and vibrations. Ants gives protection to the caterpillar and inturn the caterpillar secretion after honeydew feeding is taken by ants.

Butterflies with long tails like these are very rare to see, and is mostly found in the tropical regions. Insect species of moths and butterflies are very similar. One of the difference between them is, a butterfly commonly rests under the leaves with the wings closed together or with slow fluttering, while a moth keeps the wings opened horizontally. 

Let's have a look at the special butterfly tails , the tails of Fluffy tit butterflies and some interesting butterfly facts...

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