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The continuation of previous gallery on fruits. Let me share some medicinal facts about these mulberries here. One major question now arising on it is, Can mulberries induce Weight Loss? Till now not sure for 100 percent that the fruit can be used to treat Obesity or it can cause Weight loss, but a fact that proved is the extract made of mulberry plant, to be exact their leaves are effective in controlling the sugar levels. Researches proved mulberries are found effective in controlling the sugar level increase after having food.  So the plant leaf extract can be used in treating Diabetics of Type2 which is usually caused by obesity. For mulberries can induce metabolism, it's believed to have an effect in Losing Weight..

Not only a natural remedy for Weight Loss but the fruit has immense medicinal value from the traditional time. Mulberries are used from olden times for nourishing blood, treating cases of anemia, fatigue, against kidney troubles, balancing internal body secretions, calming nerves, increasing metabolism and overall an increase in the immunity of human body . Something relating to beauty is also there, for they proved to be useful against hair graying.

As the fruit juice enriches body fluid balance, the juice from these ones found effective against dryness in eyes, impotence, hair growth and graying symptoms. Found the juice of Mulberries are applied on hair to promote hair growth..
Mulberry Teens
Mulberry fruits in the tree. The small collective flower bases are just starting to swell with the juice inside. Hope you remember mulberry is a collective fruit,which is mentioned in the previous fruit gallery.

Coming back to the fruit's medicinal qualities, lets look into the nutritional facts.. A 100 gms of raw mulberry fruits has Carbohydrates of 4.5g, Fiber 2g, fat 0g, and gives an energy equal to 120 kj. The fruits are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. High in vitamins, C,K, fiber, riboflavin and iron. About 88 percent of a fruit is water and the rest constitutes for the minerals etc
The twin berries. There is an ant trying to climb on the fruit.
What about the Fruit Juice? Its commonly and widely used in places like china. The juice of Mulberries are produced commercially in these places. You know what, the raw juice from the ripe fruits can be preserved for about 3 months in refrigeration and about 12 months if bottled. Mulberry fruit pastes and syrups are widely available in Chinese markets, and the people uses the paste to make tea like drinks.A drink which can sharpen the hearing and clear the vision.
The green raw fruits of mulberry
Mulberry plants are evergreen and resistant to drought to an extend.  The plant also can undergo cold whether conditions.The red mulberry types can thrive on sub zero temperatures. Preferred type of soil is well drained soil which is not shallow or gravel. Fertilization is a mear need.  Attack of pests and diseases to the plant is rare, eventhough there are some. The plants propagated from seeds are  found to provide better harvest and immunity than the steam spread ones. Grafting is done to produce hybrids of Mulberry species.
A collection of berries, the Mulberries.
Harvesting of mulberries are usually done by shaking the branches and fruits collected by covering the ground. Often ripe fruits are fragile even for touches.  mulberry plants needs not much pruning. pruning the branches carelessly is not good, for the plant may suffer bleeding the white tree sap. Cuts on branches with more than 2inch diameter should be avoided for a large cut may never get healed.
morus-alba,morus-fruit,medicinal-fruits,fruit-medicine-diabates-type-2,obesity-medicine,pink mulberries
Twin pinkys
Pink fruits of Mulberries
The pink or red colour of these fruits are due to the presence of cyanins. The colour darkens with increase in quantity of cyanin. Apart from a fruit tree, mulberry trees are used in some other ways too, like to block the wind in plane areas by planting mulberries along the boundary walls etc. The string like long small branches are used by Tribals to make baskets etc.  The fruit juice along with other plant extracts are used for treating more wide range of diseases than the ones mentioned above. I just tried to collect some details about these fruits from allover, an it turned its image of just a red sweet fruit, to a real valued medicinal fruit.

Will meet you soon with the next series of .... Anything here around me!
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