Keralas Old Fishing Methods-Chinese Fishing Nets-Fort Cochin Photos and Information

Adding to the previous photo gallery of Fort Cochin Sceneries, here comes one of the main peculiarity of this place.Chinese fishing nets, a fishing structure used since the olden times by the fisher men here..These structures are added attraction to the tourism value of this place-Fort Cochin..

This linear installation of massive fishing nets are operated daily and each of them needs about 6 people to operate. Balanced equally and rhythmically with stone weights tied to ropes dangling from particular points of this fishing structure, can say the fish nets are an absolute state of art by the Chinese.

Chinese Fishing Nets Placed In a Row-Photographed from Fort Cochin-Kerala
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Borrowed Chinese Wisdom....Fishing Net Structures Installed along the Beach of Fort Cochin. Held together tight and balanced. Using Ropes and weights. Supporting poles are pierced deep into the sea shore.

If you happen to be here in Fort Cochin, by evenings you may witness fishermen operating these fishing nets and taking the small catches. Being a shallow water fishing method, by the sea shores only, can't expect bigger catches. But moderate enough to cater the needs of people who may be their in the fish market that day.

Chinese Fish Nets, a Traditional Way of Fishing- Photographed from Cochin
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Another Snap of the Fishing nets of China. Photographed with Sony Ericssson K750i Cellphone Cameras.

These wooden fishing structures are supposed to be bought here to Cochin by ancient Chinese traders. Cochin of Kerala was one of the major spices Trading Centers of India. Still their are a few spice shops in an around and much of them are functioning in the Jew Street of Mattancherry-Cochin.

The fishing nets supported bu poles and balanced by hanging stone weights in ropes of different lengths, will immerse into the water by even the weight given by a man walking to the tip of the structure. Operated by cantilevers the structure spreads to an area of about 20 meters. Ie the nylon nets fixed on the structures may cover upto 20 meters..

Another peculiarity is the fishes are sold then itself to the needed people around, and if you a tourist, then too an option is there to buy some fish and get cooked from the hotels nearby. Crabs, Prawns,fishes like Pomfrets etc are seen in the fresh Fish Market here. And if you wandering in the fish-market, watchout for the crabs, there may be some mischievous ones which may have escaped from the baskets and waiting to give u a small prick.

Their are churches around, that too ancient Churches with some tradition.You can pray their to save from irritated crab's sweet bites. Nothing serious buddy, just kidding, ofcourse alive crabs for sale are their, but they won't bite you escaping from those little knots done by fishermen.
Cu..The coming post is from here fort Cochin, but that is a cute sunset gallery with these Chinese Fishing nets..

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Kerala Dam Photos Names & Info links-Irrigation cum hydro electric dams of Kerala-India

Photos and information on river dam reservoirs  and spillways from different parts of Kerala. Photos of both irrigation and hydro electric dam projects available. The list is not complete, but keeps filling as time passes.

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Thenmala parappar dam

One of the oldest Irrigation project dams in Kerala. Oldest and biggest irrigation network dam that comes under KIP. Photos of dam reservoir wall, catchment area spillway etc. Hydro electricity also produced here.. 

Weir Dam or Water level regulatory dam

Weir dam of Thenmala, Kollam, the point from which KIP canals are getting fed with water. The photos given here are taken when the dam was empty. The place is also called lookout point of Thenmala as there is a tower to watch the dam and premises for the tourists visiting the places.

tay glues, more photo links coming..

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