Globular garden cactus plants-Small crater topped ball cactus photos from home gardens

Small Globular cactus variety for your home garden.This one a member among the Globose Flattened type cacti. The cacti species is seen worldwide and most of the members of this cacti are found flowering, especially white flowers. Small cute cacti globe, but covered densely with lean long spines. The crater like part at the cacti top is usually where the cacti flowers appears if the particular globular cacti species is flowering in nature.

You know what, mature cactus stems can be kept out of soil for weeks and some upto months. Usually cactus has a lot of water content inside the leaves to overcome drought. Apart from these if roots are unable to absorb water from the soil cactus stems will absorb the moisture content from the atmosphere through its skin. Have to say intelligently designed succulents..

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