St Alphonsa's Life,Clay Portraited in Alphonseum;St Alphonsa's Home Museum in Kudamaloor

Main events in St Alphonsa's life portrayed inside Alphonseum, St Alphonsa's Home, and now a museum. Some of the major happenings in the Saint's life. Some of the events gave her happiness while some others were providers of utter grief.Anyway these are some of the happenings that influenced her on her spiritual journey. It was said that she had strong desire towards spiritual life from her childhood itself. Read somewhere that she burnt her leg intentionally to stop parents from compelling her to marry someone.Preaches and teachings from priests of her church influenced her to lead a spiritual life.
 saint alphonsa,baby-alphonsa-and-mother-portrait,inside-alphonsas-home,alphonseum,clay-portraits,kudamaloor-museum
A portrait showing baby Alphonsa with her Mother. She was an unfortunate kid who lost her mother after 3months from birth. Written above the portrait that "I could enjoy my mothers affection only for three months"  Life of St Alphonsa was filled with sufferings due to diseases. And now she is considered for the very same thing, ie Saint for curing Diseases.
Artist portrayed one of the main events in her life, infact in every Christians life, the day when he/she becomes a christian, The very day of Baptism..Christians has a religious belief, that everyone by birth we are only the child of our human parents and needs to undergo Baptism,a  religious ritual in which a child is labeled as child from the God.The ritual gives him the entry to Christianity and is also the remedy for the sin by Birth  he got from his parents..Baptism is also termed as second birth by christians.Its by this time parents declares his name before others and is enrolled in the church as a member of the community.

St Alphonsas baptism was at her home parish in Kudamaloor Kottayam. ie at the Ancient Kudamaloor St Mary's church. Still the baptism basket carved from rock happened to be used for St Alphonsa is preserved inside the church. If you coming to kudamaloor this church may be the first place you visit. Its worth a visit not only for the church's age but for the artistic European paintings done in the Altar.
alphonsamma,little-alphonsa-with-grandmother,portrait-in-museum-showing-alphonsas-life,St alphonsa-and-grandmother
St Alphonsa's childhood. From the death of her mother she was bought up by her grandmother with affection and care. Written above the picture that, "My Grandma brought up  me up with love and tender care,singing songs and telling me stories. Like all of us she too had a loving grandmother.These are only a few events of her life.Some more are their ,like her holy communion, her meeting with father after vestition etc. which are clay portrayed in the museum Some models shows her special character of forgiving even in childhood when fellow students does mischief. Her life after schooling till she became a nun was at Bharanangynam. Her tomb  now resides there in the church of Bharanagyanam which is now one of the most visited christian pilgrim spots in Kerala.

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