Garden cactus photos & types of cactii, Cactus plants in gardens of Kerala

Garden cactus plants from gardens of Kerala. The ideal succulent garden plants for a garden which need less care and least supply of water. Cactus, a member of the plant family Cactaceae. Their are more than 2000 varieties of  cacti known. Most of the Cactus plants are native to the American desert lands. The plants are supposed to spread over the world through migratory birds eating cacti seeds.

Apart from ornamental plants some types of cacti are grown as boundary walls, food etc. Some of the cactus produces delicious fruits, and those varieties are cultivated commercially for their fruits.

Some cultivars of cactus produces brilliantly coloured flowers and the flowers are seen as an outgrowth from the stems and the spines. Instead of leaves cactus plants have their spines emerging from their succulent stems which often acts as a shield from plant eating animals. Cactus flowers are often night bloomers and most of them have exotic fragrance. The flowers are short lived and may die off by next morning.

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