Euphorbia Millii red flowers, flower bunches of spiky tropical garden plant, Kerala Garden Plants

Euphorbia Millis bright red flowers. Photographed from gardens in Kerala, the cute little red flowers of the ornamental plant grouped under the plant family of Euphorbias. A wide variety of hybrids are produced for this garden plant and grown in gardens. Flowers of varying sizes and colours are achieved through hybridization of Euphorbia Milliis.

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The Red Euphorbias Milli flowers. The red flower group, some old and some just bloomed fresh flowers snapped from the garden plant. These are relatively smaller flowers of Euphorbia.

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Photograph is another variety of Euphorbia Milliis with a larger flowers planted in pots in the home garden. These garden plants are having very fierce thorns and the fleshy stems are filled with a white sap which is considered poisonous. The thorns and sap are the natural defense of the plant towards the plant eaters.

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