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Photos from the Sholayar Hydro Electric power project premises. Some technical details on the dam along with the name list of dams in Kerala state.Sholayar is one of the Dams which is very near to Kerala-Tamilnadu borders. Sholayar dam projects are built along the river Chalakkudy which orginates from the Western Ghats. Two Sholayar named dams are there, one in Tamilnadu and the other in Kerala. Kerala's Sholayar is commonly known locally as Chalakkudy Dam.

The dam is in the dense forest and the scenic view of the calm reservoir along with the dense rain forests of the western Ghats attracts  anybody who passes through the highway connecting Chalakkudy town with Tamilnadu. Sholayar is 65 Kms from Chalakkudy. Along the course, Chalakkudy river forms many waterfalls and rapids and famous waterfalls Athirapally and Vazhachal along with some small waterfalls like Charpa can be viewed on the way from chalakkudy town to sholayar.

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The Pen stock pipes of Sholayar or Chalakkudy Dam.The water is taken to the Generator room through these pipes from the reservoir. The green dense rain forest and riparian vegetation covers the whole place and the river banks.


Reservoir of the Chalakkudy dam. The entry to the dam and spillway is needs permission and is not a common visiting place. The river Chalakkudy has many dams built like this along its rocky river course and dispute is going on currently in kerala about building one more dam in Athirapally, the Athirapally Hydro Electric Project.


The calmness of this place with the lush green nature around with misty surroundings adds all the ingredients needed for a tourist spot.The place is under Sholayar forest range.Elephants, Hornbills, langurs etc like wildlife along with many endangered species exists in these forests. River Chalakkudy has the largest fish diversity among Indian rivers.

Sholayar Dam Technical Details
Sholayar Dam is built in 1965 in river Chalakkudi. Its a Concreate-Masonry type dam with a max height of 66 metres from deepest foundation. Length of the Chalakkudy dam is 430.60 metres and the reservoir has an area of 8.705 square Kms. Reservoir effective Capacity is 150.20 million cubic metres and the spillway capacity is 1825.00 metre cube per second.

Dams in Kerala
  • Banasura Sagar Dam -Wayanadu District
  • Malampuzha Dam - Palaghat District- Biggest dam of Kerala
  • Chalakkudy Dam or Sholayar- Thrissur District
  • Peechi Dam - Thrissur District
  • Vazhani dam - Thrissur District
  • Mangalam dam - Thrissur District
  • Mattupetty Dam - Idukki District
  • Kundala dam in Munnar - Idukki District
  • Parambikulam Dam - Palakkad District
  • Pothundi Dam - Palakkad District
  • Walayar Dam - Palakkad District
  • Idukki arch dam - Idukki District
  • Mullaperiyar Dam - Idukki District
  • Malankara Dam - Idukki District
  • Neyyar Dam - Thiruvananthapuram District
  • Siruvani Dam - Palakkad District
  • Meenkara Dam - Palaghad District
  • Kanjhirapuzha - Palakkad District
  • Chulliyar Dam - Palakkad District
  • Jeevana dam -
  • Asurankundu Dam - Thrissur District
  • Chimmini Dam -  Thrissur District
Hydro Electric Projects of Kerala under KSEB
  1. Pallivasal Hydro Electtic ProjectDams-Kandla,Madupetty  River-Palar/Periyar
  2. Sengulam HEP- Shengulam Dam  River-Mudriapuzha/Periyar
  3.  Neriyamangalam HEP- Kallarkutty Dam River-Mudriapuzha/Periyar
  4. Panniyar HEP- Dams-Ponmudi,Anayirangal Rivers- Panniar/Periyar
  5. Idukki HEP- Dams- Idukki,Cheruthoni,Kulamavu Rivers- Periyar, Cheruthoni/Periyar, Kilivillithode
  6. Idukki Augmentation- Dams- Kallar, Erattayar, Azhutha, Vadakkepuzha, Vazhikkadavu  Rivers- Perinjankutty/Periyar,Perinjankutty, Periyar..
  7. ldamalayar HEP- Idamalayar Dam- Rivers-ldamalayar/Periyar
  8. Lower Periyar HEP- Dam- Lower Periyar- River-Periyar
  9. Poringalkuttu HEP- Dam-Poringalkuttu- River- Chalakudy
  10. Sholayar HEP- Dams- Sholayar-Main Dam,Sholayar-Flanking,Sholayar- Saddle Dam River-Chalakudy  
  11. Sabarigiri HEP- Dams-Kakki,Anathodu,Pampa Rivers- Kakki/Pamba, Anathodu/Pamba,Pampa
  12. Sabarigiri Augmentation- Dams-  Upper Moozhiyar, Gavi, Kallar, Meenar I,Meenar II Rivers-Moozhiyar/Pamba,Gavi Ar/Pamba, Kallar/Pamba, Minar/Pamba, Minar/Pamba
  13. Kakkad HEP- Dams-Veluthodu, Moozhiyar Rivers- Veluthodu/Pamba, Moozhiyar/Pamba
  14. Kuttiyadi HEP- Dams-Kuttiyadi River-Kuttiyadi 
  15. Kuttiyadi Augmentation- Dams- Kuttiyadi Augn, Kosani Saddle,Near Kottagiri Saddle, Kottagiri Saddle,Kuttiyadi Saddle River- Karamanthodu/Kabani
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Malampuzha Dam Reservoir Photo & tourist info, Scenic tourist spots in Palakkad,Kerala

Malampuzha Dam, an irrigation dam project started in the year of 1949 and got commissioned in 1955 is a major river dam in the Palaghat district of kerala state. The Dam built in Malampuzha river which inturn is a tributary of the river Bharathapuzha (the second longest Kerala's river),  provides water for both drinking needs and Irrigation of hectares of lands in one of the most paddy cultivated districts of Kerala- the Palakkad.

Information on Malampuzha Dam and reservoir:-

The dam is about 6066 feet tall and have two canal systems, the left bank canal system and right bank canal system. Catchment area f the dam reservoir is about 145 Sq Kms. Malampuzha dam has a capacity to hold 8000 square meters of water. Its a combination of earthen dam and masonry dam.The two canal systems which serves the dam water are of 32 Kms each. The left bank Canal system serves water to cultivations on taluks of Palaghat, chittur and Alathur, whereas the right bank irrigtes the cultivations in palakkad taluk.In total the dam has an ayacut of 42,090 hectares. Drinking water needs of the township of Palakkad is met from this dam.

Malampuzha Dam's Reservoir and the distant view of Western Ghats Mountain ranges

Tourist Attractions in Malampuzha Dam- Palakkad 

Malampuzha dam and surroundings is one of the most visited tourist spot in Palaghat district off Kerala. The scenic surroundings of the dam reservoir with the distant view of Western Ghat mountain ranges is enhanced with gardens in Mughal and Japanese styles.

Famous award winning sculpture named Yakshy is placed in the garden sculptured in concrete by 'Kanai Kunjiraman'. A fresh water fish aquarium in the shape of a fish is also awaiting you.

There is a Hanging bridge across the garden parallel t the dam's spillway, the hanging bridge is for pedestriants and is having a capacity around 50 people i think.

A rope way above the dam which is the very first of its type in south india is above the dam and garden, and the ride on it can be breathtaking, the ride lasts about 20 minutes.

A garden house which gives you options for watersports. Motorboats,Pedal Boats, Row Boats, Water scooters etc can be hired in the place. A swimming pool is there, but Tuesday a holiday for it. Boating and fishing can be done in the reservoir.

A children's park with toy trains etc and a Snake park is there. A road train which will take you for a ride through the gardens.

A Telescopic tower which has a range of upto 40 miles.

A Thread Garden which is very unique of its type. Plants and flowers made of embroidery colour threads which is enclosed in a large glass chamber. Years of hard work of many people resulted in the lively flowers and plants in this thread garden.

A Rock Garden which of the first of its type in South india built of unwanted materials of tiles,cans,tins,bangles,glasses etc is in Malampuzha.

If not satisfied, an amusement park with many rides, the first amusement park of Kerala the Fantasy Park is just a walk away from the Dam.

Reaching Malampuzha?

The place is about 13 Kms from Palaghat town and about 8 Kms from Olavancode Railway station.Palakkad junction railway satation is from 5 Kms from palakkad town.

Nearest airport is Coimbatore about 55 Kms and towards south Cochin airport at a distance of about 160 Kms.
Photo by Amit Druvan, Cwrdm
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