Ninnumulli,Valenjenganam,Murinjapuzha-Waterfalls,Kuttikanom,Idukki District,Kerala

Valanjenganam waterfalls in the Monsoon season, some snaps of a scenic water falls on the way to Kuttikkanam, the small plantation town in the Idukki district of Kerala, sometimes called as OOTY of Kerala. The waterfalls is about 75 feet high, ie about 23 meters. The waterfalls is situated on the way to Kuttikanom beside Kottayam- Kumily route.  This white fresh milky river stream of nature which is untouched is said to be originating from somewhere in the mountains of Kuttikanom.  This waterfalls is also known in the names of Valavukayam waterfalls, Murinjapuzha falls, Ninnumullippara waterfalls (peeing rocks waterfalls), Keasari waterfalls etc. The most renowned name of the waterfalls is "Ninnu Mulli Para", meaning rocks that stands and pee, weired huh!..

Bathing under this waterfalls is allowed and a small concrete platform is built under the falls for bathing. The photograph is taken during the month of july when the monsoon rains are moderate here. In the peak of monsoon this waterfalls  becomes more furious and in the summer seasons it dries up.

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