Sculpture Garden @ Thenmala Eco Tourism Leisure Zone-Sculpture Photos, Forest Nature Trails etc.

Sculpture park and leisure zone photos from  Thenmala eco tourism project, Kerala/ India. What you can expect here is sculptures blended into the green extravaganza of the tropical tropical dense forest, in this small valley village of western ghats. The leisure zone and sculpture garden is beside the Thenmala dam, the Irrigation-hydro electric dam of Kollam district / Kerala. The main attractions of the leisure zone and sculpture park are, as the names implies sculptures and interesting resting points inside the forest outskirts of Schenthurinny wildlife sanctuary beside the dam.

Nature trails, board walks, hanging bridge across the river stream that continues from the dam spillway etc are other attractions. The sculptures of animals, cosmic flying men, depiction of ideas and thoughts, mythical characters like Vikramaditya and vethala, lord shiva, parasurama the Hindu avatar of God etc are arranged in various points of this sculpture park. We have to walk through the eco nature trail to have a sight of these sculptures and in the middle there are nicely designed, stepped resting platforms inside forest. The resting points are vast enough for a group of 50 to 60 tourists to be seated together and can have some leisurely activities in between your tour trip.
Thenmala Leisure Zone
thenmala leisure zone and sculpture garden photos,eco tourism spots of kerala
The signboard of leisure zone, showing deterioration with that missing 'i' in tourism. We visited the adventure zone before being here by 5:30pm of the day. It will be better to visit the adventure zone before leisure zone in-case you are here after 4 pm as adventure zone will be closing by 5:30 pm whereas leisure zone by 6:30pm.

Leisure zone is much near to the tourist facilitation centre from where you have to get the entry tickets and directions to various spots of this Kerala's eco tourism project area.

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