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Welcome Back friends. Pixelshots back with something interesting! Let me take you to one of the highest mountain ranges of the Indian state Kerala..

Ramakkalmedu! To be exact these photos are from the Kuravan Mala of Ramakkalmedu ranges. From the list of Hill stations of Kerala the place which truly deserving to be called Hill Station. Above 3500 feet above sea level. Wind blowing in all its fury throughout the year irrespective of any seasons and is recorded to be having an average wind speed 35 km/hr. You can see the wind energy project here in Ramakkalmedu.This is one of the unique features of this place.

Ramakkalmedu mountain ranges, stands like a boundary wall between two Indian states, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Some part of ramakkalmedu mountain ranges is of Tamilnadu state.. The vast panoramic view that we gonna get once over the hills are of the Tamilnadu villages like Kumbom, Theni, Vaiga etc...

The hilll slopes covered by green grass carpets and the rocky peaks of the mountain adds beauty and adventure to the place..The twin hills here stands closer and as a tourist just feel free to explore them.. On one of them a huge statue of a couple named Kuravan and Kurathy was being built at the time when we were visiting this place years ago.. The other hill is adjacent where you may climb upto the peak if you are not phobic to huge heights..

If you are a photographer you are gonna love this place for the great opportunity to test with your panoramic shot skills...But i think the place has to be felt in real than just seeing through photos..Anyway you can't feel the wind in these photos na!!!...

You know, the place is Kerala's second th place where a wind energy farm is installed. You really have to feel the freshness of the constantly blowing wind over here.. Mind you, you standing about 3500 feet above sea level!..

Talking about the climate, by the time we reached there it was drizzling gently, and the sky was much cloudy. But the climate was lovely at the time with minute raindrops sprinkling on us with the company of strong winds. You will love watching the cover of mist getting moved quicker with the winds..Seems you can get a much great view of the vast valley beneath in a sunny day..

The photos here are not at all meant to publish like this at the time of clicking and the camera was just an ordinary low cost one..And i haven't covered atleast 1 percentage of the tourist attractions in this place and around . You can get a view of just the Ramakkalmedu mountain peaks and the valley beneath in this posting...In the district itself there are numerous tourist places, alike and more attractive than this...

The photos was taken in a one day trip during our Graduation time and a single day is not at all enough to cover this place... Sorry we had to hurry on it for we arranged the trip just by bunking the classes for a day, and if we can't make it back to our hostel in time our hostel warden is supposed to show us his love.

Rock Formations in Ramakkalmedu mountain ranges of Kerala

ramakkalmedu mountains,kerala-hills,one of keralas most attractive tourist places,hill stations of kerala india,amakkallu,rock formations in ramakkalmedu mountain ranges Nature's Study Table!.Watch the Rock books ordered neatly one over the other.Their are some peculiar rocks like these here. All of them are having names and i think this one is named Amakkallu, not sure

The place is truly adventurous, and equally dangerous if you not watching your steps... You have to be physically a bit sound and a little brave if you wanna explore the place to the extreame, for it involves some walks through the edges..

By the time we visited there it was off season and not much people around.. The place was still developing in the stream of tourism facilities. By the time of this post it's likely to be gone much forward..And hope so!

Mountain peaks in Ramakkalmedu

ramakkalmedu mountain rocks,ramakkalmedu pictures,kerala hill-stations,one of the biggest mountain ranges in the kerala tamilnadu bordersHmm.There..At the top... We are going to climb..Care to take a flag to mark our presence! Highest peak in the ramakkalmedu mountains. Snap from Kuravan Mala

One among the twin mountain peaks of Ramakkalmedu.The place has a myth related to it with the Hindu Lord Rama..Its says that when Ravanan lofted with Seetha, Raman placed his feet on the top of the highest peak here and watched around for Seetha..The place got its name from the belief that Raman placed his foot over the rocks here..

Aerial View of Tamilnadu from Ramakkalmedu Mountains

aerial view of tamilnadu from ramakkalmedu mountains,vast valley aerial view from the top of mountains in ramakkalmedu idukki kerala,landscape scenery from tourist places in keralaOn the Edge...Behind, the farm lands in Tamilnadu

There are points where you can stand by the extreame edge. Steep depth below your next step.. This rock is one among such a point..A single step will get your body to Tamilnadu the neighbouring state beneath and soul to Heaven.At points like this you may not be much able to stand and look down for the winds can be much stronger and the depth may make you nervous.. hmmm it depends...

Had to take this snap for i didn't get a much clear view of the valley down in any other photos.. And we took only a few snaps too, which turned as a great loss.. Hope shall visit the place soon again and get some great photos.

Vallay of Ramakkalmedu Kuravan Mala

ramakkalmedu,mountain valley view from the top of ramakkalmedu mountains in kerala,a place ideal for adventure tourism in keralaWhat about Walking Down!!..valley beneath Ramakkalmedu mountain ranges

Hey don't judge this by this photo.. Its mere limitation of the device.. You may even dare to stand there and look down if you are once there...If you like hiking, and you got a professional training for that, i think you can try out.. Your own risk..

Highest mountain peak- Huge Rock of Ramakkalmedu

kuravan mala,images of ramakkalmedu,kerala-hill-station-photos,rock mountain peaks of ramakkalmedu mountain ranges,one of the highest mountains in keralaThe Top Point over the Layered Big Rock.

You wana reach the top most point of the place..Just climb over that mountain.. Their are some huge rocks like The Krishna's Butter Ball at Mahabalipuram over that mountain top.. You can just jump from one to another, again a little risky job for the Rock pieces have a little gap in between...

The place is fun if you are with a group of friends in the adventurous side.. And will be much refreshing and calm if you are with family and can just sit around and relax enjoying the big valley beneath and continuous cold wind.If you can wait untill Dawn it will be a much gorgeous scenery of electric lamps glowing in the valley below like stars on earth.

Way to the Highest mountain Peak of Ramakkalmedu

big-rock-ramakkalmedu,mountains photograph from ramakkalmedu,hill station and tourist spot in keralaOn the Way to Ecstasy

May feel a little fear when you climb up and the wind hitting you constantly like an enemy..No problem. keep moving..But i insist not to walk alone and go to the ends like this if you are Hysteric about having some phobia to heights..Sorry for i haven't got much photos from the top to put here. will surely get it for you if i go there again...

Read somewhere that the Hollywood actor Learnado Di Caprio, after visiting the place commented on it as "Heaven on Earth"..Hmm he may have considered the height. Much closer to the Heaven above na..

ramakkalmedu-highest-peak,tallest mountain peak in the area of ramakkalmeu mountains,mountains photo from keralaThe pillar Rock...

It seemed like you don't have to look for a great suicide point anywhere else if you are in search for one.. Unlike the suicide points of Kodaikkanal etc which is always invisible beneath for covered by strong mist, you can choose here if you wanna die seeing the valley which you going to crash land.
Hmm but its not a must!!, that you have to suicide if you come here! Upto you..

A tour trip Snap from Ramakkalmedu hill station

tour-trip-to-ramakkalmedu,kerala-hillstation-tour-snaps,tour trip group photograph,college-tour-to-ramakkalmedu,friends standing over a rock in a scenic place in ramakkalmedu mountainsA part Of the Tour Team.. Hmm ma lovely hostel mates...

The sweetest part of life just got over with these people, hmm in the Hostel.. The team which was together for everything.. Even to jump walls of the hostel for late night movie Shows ...

Watch the twin contrast of the photograph.. I meant in the background you may watch the hill dark, and by the place we stands its having sunshine... guess why.. Nothing much.. The clouds are keeping the mountains behind us under their shadows .

Vagamon Mountains

vagamon-idukki,vagamon-hills-photos,tour trip photograph taken from hill station in kerala vagamon,kurishumala in vagamon kottayam keralaAt Vagamon Hills...To be precise 'Kurishumala' (Mountain of Cross)

Vagamon hills..More specific, we are on kurishumala, one of the three hill ranges in Vagamon...Watch the mountain peaks in the background..have you noticed a blue colour..Nothing but the magic of nature as the clouds keeping them under their shadows and we are right under the sun rays.

Eventhough brightly lit with sun rays the place was having a pleasant cool climate.The hills here are much covered with green lush grass and valleys wet in small springs..

This is a place nearby Ramakkalmedu in the border of Idukki and Kottayam Districts of Kerala state..The place is blessed with a pleasant climate and many lush green mountain slopes along with some Tea Estates..

Vagamon is one of the ideal places in India's eco-tourism projects.. One of the enchanting hill stations of Kerala dotted with tea plantations and with a pleasant cool climate makes it prime among the holiday resorts of Kerala..

The place is having Hills at heights of 1100 feet from sea level and attracts hikers... mainly three mountains comprises the whole place named as Thangal hill, Murugan Hill, and Kurishumala..The names are enough to tell you about the religious harmony...

The Christian monks runs a huge dairy farm in kurishumala and is worth a visit..At times of Good Friday Way of Cross in memory of the Crucification of Christ, is done by people along the hill sides of Kurishumala.. The 14 places are marked permanently with crosses along the valleys..

How to Reach...

Ramakkalmedu:- 16 Kms from Nedumkandom a place in Tekkady Munnar road..
75 Kms from Munnar the famous hill station of Kerala
Nearest Railway station: Changanacherry.. (93 km)
Nearest Airports: Madhurai (140 kms) Tamilnadu State
Nedumbacherry(190 kms) Cochin/ Kerala state

Closest town is Erattupetta (25kms)..You can reach the place from kottayam district through kk road by taking a turn from peerumedu.. Their are more than about 10 tourist spots in and around vagamon, which you don't wanna miss i bet..

The photos above just glanced through a small portion of the huge tourist spots spread all over the districts of Idukki and Kottayam of the state Kerala..If you are a tourist wishing to take a visit to kerala you should not miss these places at any cost, if you missed you missed the heart.. Hope the government will take more concern into developing tourism in place like this which needs more exposure to the outer world still..

Cu guys. bye for now
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