Kerala House Boats-Photographed from Cochin

Interested in Houseboats?, The renowned Kerala Backwater houseboats. Was just walking through the lanes of Marine drive of cochin and this House Boat caught in my eyes, and no second thought, the digital cam eyes were allowed to blink on it..You know the south indian State Kerala is blessed with Backwaters and lagoons, mainly the Vembanad lake the biggest in the state and the Ashtamudy lake the second biggest one.

The state of kerala is blessed with much water bodies like backwaters and rivers..No wonder from the olden times boats like these are used for both transportation and more to that as Goods Carriers..In the local language of Kerala- Malayalam, these types of boats are termed as KettuValloms- means boat made of Knots..

In district of Alappuzha inland waterways contributes most for the transportation and certain areas are only accessible through water, and the place is called Venice of the east..

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Awaiting you! go and take a ride..
The House Boat seen in the backwaters of Cochin..A tourist Carrier.Not man driven as traditional ones, but Motorized..

These boats were nearly at the verge of extinction when motorized metal made ones came for carrying the goods, but resurrected when tourism in backwaters of Kerala started depending them for inland navigation through the backwaters..The peculiarity of boats like this is they are completely made of natural materials like, bamboo, jack wood planks,canes,arecanut tree wood etc.Coir made carpets are used over the wooden decks as needed..

house boats photo,small houseboats,kerala houseboats,backwater tourism,boat journey,tourist houseboats
Manmade but everything from Nature..A small model of traditional houseboat of Kerala..

Kettu Valloms which are remodeled like this to House Boats can last for generations if they are built by men with expertise in the field and is maintained properly. their are more than 100s of these moving around in the backwaters of kerala, in Kottayam, Alappuzha and Kollam districts..Many star hotels have their own house boats which are furnished like a 5star suite with all the modern amenities. Along with the local cuisines tourist are served with fresh fish caught from the lakes during journeys.

You know what, not a single nail is used in the making of real houseboats, instead the jack wooden planks are tied together with coir ropes, and smeared with black resins made of cashew nut kernels..Long before these boats were used to transport Rice and Spices from the inner districts of kerala to the Cochin port.. A single one was capable of carrying about 100 tonnes of goods to the port..When modern boats replaced them things evolved from Goods carrier to Tourist carriers, now a real deal of revenue to the State.

I have just given a model of houseboats in this post..the real one can be much bigger and beautiful..Their are more than one houseboats joined together to become a boat train in some places..Moving around in these houseboats through the backwaters will be a charming experience..If you ever happen to be here in Kerala don't miss the chance to have a boat Journey through the backwaters.

Cu around

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Antiques-Sculpture shops-Cochin Kerala

From the jew Street of mattancherry Cochin Kerala..The street is adorned with shops selling Antiques Paintings Sculptures, Handicrafts, Handmade Toys, House holds, Garments, Candlier Lamps and many many curious cute materials which are tied up with the culture and history of  the very god's Own Country Kerala..

The street which is the witness of many historical events still has the fragrance of it in the form of sculptures, pottery, paintings etc.. Fragrance yea there is a mild fragrance of spices from the spice shops here which is a few in number compared to past Cochin, which was a main spice trading center..Spices like Pepper Cardamom, cinnamon etc were once abundant here..Still available but not like before..
antiques shop,sculptures,clay sculptures,mattancherry shops,cochin jew street shops,antiques
Sculptures more to Antiques..A shop filled with clay sculptures, candlier ceiling lamps, brass and copper sculptures etc..Some paintings are also seen, but absolutely not a paintings shop..Their are shops which are dedicated for selling paintings, in the street..

Some of the shops are big enough and they even charges a small fee for photographing and visiting the shop's inside.Some shops restricts visitors with board like "Entry for Customers Only" etc..But you can have a glance of the shops inners from the street itself..
 antiques,copper statues,copper utensils,copper and brass materials,oil lamps,candliers,antiques for sale,kerala antiques
Copper Brass and may be Panchaloha sculptures..Hmm all are small ones, but you can see much bigger ones in some shops.Also some clocks, they claims some of these are carried over to them from the Jew families lived here..May be true.

You can see the remainings of old Jewish buildings in some parts of the street..Much traditional households used here in Kerala, which are new to the present generation of Keralites are also displayed in some shops..I remember some huge water wheel made of wood found somewhere in the shops, which were used for irrigation in paddy fields here in Kerala long before.
 panchaloha sculptures,candlier lamps,decorative lamps,antiques pieces,shop selling sculptures and antiques,copper lamps,copper bell,oil brass lamps
 Hanging lamps, colourful candliers, copper oil lamps, wooden households and small sculptures, a copper bell etc from an antiques shop in Cochin Mattancherry..

The place was given to the Jews by the Raja of Cochin as a place of their own, later much of the jew community moved from here and their are only a few living here. their is still service in the Jew Synagogue here on their religious days and the synagogue is open to tourist in weekdays..The Dutch Palace, Jew Synagogue Jain Temple etc are nearby this place.Their are boat and bus services from Ernakulam to the place and places like Fort Cochin is nearby from the place..

Meet you as soon as possible..Take care..

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Kerala Paintings Shop Photography-Mattancherry Cochin Kerala

Paintings for sale found in a shop at Mattancherry Cochin..You may have heard of the Jew Street in Kerala / Cochin / India.The ancient street in which the jew community used to live in India..Still their are a few Jews here, and also a Jew Synagogue, where these people worships. Its the oldest synagogue which is still lively..

The place mattancherry of Cochin has a long history of arts, from the times of Rajas of Cochin..The palace of the Raja which is termed as Dutch palace is nearby the Jew street where you can see an Art Museum and a Museum of Portrait Paintings along with Mural Arts..

The Photographs were taken in a leisurely walk through the street, which is adorned with antiques and paintings in the street side shops meant for sale to the tourists coming there..After visiting the jew Synagogue we were trying to have a walk to the other end of the street, keeping the Digital Camera Eyes wide open through the street side shops..

beautiful painting photography,painting for sale,picture showing love making,paintings shop,kerala painting,complicated picture,love
This painting is meant for your Inference skill..Have a thorough look and come to the conclusion!I think you can come to the Idea the painter trying to express if you are nice in watching things.If you confused you may comment below, i shall tell you what i inference from the painting.. The painting was displayed outside a paintings shop and to be honest i was not aware what the painter trying to convey at the time of snapping..Later hmmm i figured out it..Come on guys give it a try.Not much complicated for your sharp eyes i think

paintings for sale,mattancherry paintings shop,kerala mattancherry,artistic painted pictures,types of paintings
A paintings shop.Beautiful paintings on display and sale inside a shop in the Jew Street of Mattancherry, Kerala.Their are varities of paintings, from portraits to landscape scenes..Seems the place is blessed with so many painters..Yea it has a long history of artistic skills. 

The raja of Cochin was also a painter and once you visit his Palace, The Dutch Palace, you can see much murals on the palace walls painted by the Raja itself picturing moments from Hindu Holy Books like Mahabharata and Ramayana..What is stunning in the art gallery is the Portrait Paintings of the Rajas of Cochin..You will wonder to see, how a photographer is replaced by an artist in that time.. Much realistic 3D alive images, and you will feel the Raja standing infront of you..

beautiful painting of lady and horse,painting on a cloth canvas,photo of painted cloth,art shop paintings
The Lady and the Horse..What the painter wanted to convey?..Is it just a painting!.you may comment if you feel something.. Hmm happened to get it a little blurry..Do you think it an ordinary painting..not that ordinary, its painted on a cloth, and it was hung for display infront of a shop..The wind was blowing and making the cloth canvas dangle, hope you may know now why it blurred..

Their is a few antiques shop too in the street, and am gonna give you the photos of them by next post.Their are some photos their in the archives itself..Photographs taken with Canon  powershot A630..Hope we can meet soon, will be waiting here with the antique pieces i got for you.See ya..

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Santa Cruz Basilica-Old Churches Kerala

One of the ancient churches in Kerala, Santacruz Basilica built by the Portuguese came to Kerala in 1500s.. The church was built by Portuguese, but later destroyed by the British who came here in Kerala..Hmm don't know why they hated catholic churches

Before the British the dutch people came here and they were also interested in destroying churches built by the Portuguese, but Santacruz Basilica and the St Francis church in fort Cochin didn't had to face the ill fate others had.. But the destruction was inevitable, later..

The church as seen today was rebuilt later and stands out for the gothic style painting throughout the church interiors and ceilings...The altar of this church pulls us back to the ancient artistic painting skills..The columns and the walls all got the skillful touch of an artist hand.
old church alter,santacruz basilica fort cochin,beautiful church alters,old churches kerala,christian churches in cochin,kerala catholic churches,holy mass
Artistically Vibrant !Beautifully painted Altar of Santacruz Baslica, Fort Cochin..Preparations for Holy Mass going can see grotto of Holy Mother Mary nearby.For photographing the church their was much constraints by the time we happened to be there.It was some special day, and Holy Mass was going on and the church Crowded with people.. 

Not over, am doing the photography with a little mobile phone 2mp camera, which is not supposed to do marvels in such a condition..Hmm lights coming into the lens from many angles. Anyway thought just share with you.I wish if i could have snapped the whole ceiling of the church which is used as canvas by the painter.
santacruz basilica,ancient church,fort cochin churches,christian pilgrim centres,catholic churches in kerala
The face of the Old Church...The church was rebuilt but still older about 200 years..One of the pillars of the destroyed church is still placed in a corner of the premises like a monument.As a tourist you can't skip this church if planing to visit Kerala or Cochin.

Its one of the remnants from the past history of Kerala which can give you some nostalgic feelings of the history..Hmm my Mother says me, "when you gonna enter a church for the first time make three wishes!they will happen".Try it next time...
jesus nailed on cross,paintings inside churches,wall paintings,inside santacruz baslica,death of jesus,final words of Jesus before death

Jesus dying in the cross for our Sin..One of his last prayers written around the cross, "Father forgive them for they don't know what they doing"..The sculpture of Jesus and the background wall painted beautifully. Their are many paintings inside the Basilica like this. Much mural arts by the painters.The church windows are covered with stained glass which is not much common..

Visiting fort Cochin is much interesting for their are many tourist attractions spread out through the place.The oldest Church built by the Portuguese, the St Francis Church still stands their near the beach side..You can watch splendid view of the sunset from the beach which has a few Chinese fishing nets fixed  ashore.

Another thing is if you like to have some fresh fish recipes, its available in the hotels by the sea side..Also have an option to select freshly caught fish from the market and get cooked in nearby hotels..You wanna see some sea fishes from the market in fort Cochin.The fish photo gallery is inside the archives..

Their is some more galleries of ancient churches in Kerala.St Mary's church, Kudamaloor- The home church of St Alphonsa at Kottayam district of Kerala..

will meet you soon here again,.Keep visiting friends..


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Hydrangea Violet Flowers-Kerala

Violet flower bunches for you. Hydrangea flowers photos from home gardens in Kerala. No photographer can leave such fresh flowers beauty if he is a little interested in picturing out nature and the same happened here.. 

The flower species are natives of south Asian countries and is a seasonal flower.The color varies from white to blue depending on the alkaline nature of soil..I remember some hydrangea plants in my garden..They were precious for me than others for they blooms only a few times in a year, and when they comes it was beauty.Can we call this this type of flowers as collective Flowers, a flower appearing as one formed by a group of flowers.But am sure if its a fruit then we can call it a collective fruit, for example Mulberries.

Hydrangea's Violet Flowers from home Gardens. 

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Fresh violet flowers of hydrangea..A group of small violet flowers arranged together like a bouquet..The bouquet of violet flowers arranged by nature itself. The plants grows like small shrubs and often covers a circular area..

They are cute little dwarf shrubs with flowers coming in bunches seasonally, particularly flowers by autumn of the year..yea to make the autumn season violet in our garden with those violet flower bunches.

Hydrangea flower bunch formed in the shape of a heart. 

hydrangea garden plant flowers,hydrangea flower formation,flower bouquet in shape of heart,natural flower bunch shaped like heart,Kerala flowers,hydrangea garden plants,hydrangea indian flowers,indian garden plants,flowering garden shrubs,spring season flowers
Violet or light purple flower bunch  of hydrangea arranged similar to a small little heart..hmm creativity of nature.. May be showing the love to the gardener in a natural way..The nature's way to communicate i think.. What you feel about it, just a flower formation or something special..  may be coincidental..

You know at the peak of flowering we would be seeing more flowers than the leaves of this plant.A real asset for our home gardens..Saying about the emotional meanings of violet flowers it says about faithfulness, trust worthy etc..Hmm about the emotions related with roses i have another flower gallery.. a gallery of roses

Awaiting your next visit my friends.. with love


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Thetty or Chethy red flower bunches,Medicinal Flowers of Kerala, Ixora Red Flowers

 Ixora Red Flowers Kerala's Local Flowers- Chethy Flowers from home Gardens

Another gallery of flowers of kerala. Flower bunches of thetty also known as thechy in Malayalam the language of Kerala.Flowers of the plants in the group of Ixora.Thechy flowers can be seen in varieties of sizes and colors.Their are many types of these plants available for those can be grown in pots like little dwarf flowering plants and others which grow on land like perennial and non perennial ones.

The flower has names like Ixora, Jungle geranium, Rugmini(Hindi), Vedchi (Tamil), Rangan (Bengali), Chethi (Malayalam). about 400 species and colours of ixora plants are there. The flowers photographed here are of Large Ixora plants which can grow upto heights of meters. another bushy variety of Ixora is available in a variety of cultivars. Ixora plants are considered natives of Asia and is grown widely as a tropical ornamental plant in gardens of Asian countries.

Some thetty flower bunches are dense in those small flower siblings,while others may not be so..Thechy flowers are used for worships in temples here in kerala..And also during the festival of flowers like Onam in kerala, these ones are the favourite ones taken for flower designs..

Red Flower Bunch Closeup- Chethy Flowers, Ixora Red Flowers

flower has names like Ixora, Ixora coccinea, Rubiaceae (coffee family), Jungle geranium, Rugmini(Hindi), Vedchi (Tamil), Rangan (Bengali),thechy poovu,thetty flowers closeup photo from gardens,techy flower,kerala flower thetty,red flower bunch closeup photos,kerala medicinal flowering plants,chetty,tropical ornamental plants,tropical flowers,ideal flowers for flower arrangement
Lush red bunch of flowers.Watchout the little yellow flower petals between those red ones.
 Thechy or thetty some places i heard these ones as chethy flowers.

Chethy flowers in Garden Plant-Flowers photographed with cellphone

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Chethy or thetty flowers hanging down from the garden plant.. 

Thetty plants are more significant than the flowers.Coz the plant is having medicinal values..Thetty plant roots, stems etc are used for treatment of skin diseases..

I remember some shrub like plants of thetty in ma garden, was so cute when flowering.The dense flowers packed between the lush green curly small leaves of the plant made them special in my garden. They were dwarf Ixora ornamental plants

Ixora plants blooms throughout the year and can make the garden much colourful. Ixora plants needs very little care relatively to other heavily cared ornamental plants like Rose. Dwarf ixora flowers makes the garden much beautiful with a bushy appearance. Dwarf Ixoras has very small curly leaves in little bushy shrubs. Ixora flowers can be kept fresh in vases with water for a number of days which make them ideal for flower arrangements in vases inside home.

Cu around.. hope we can meet soon again here.
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Fish market Photos-Kerala, Fort Cochin

Photographs of fishes from the fish market of Fort Cochin Kerala-the South Indian state.The continuation of the previous edible sea fish galleries from fort cochin beach side. The place is an active fish market by evenings..You can take home fresh sea fishes and crabs for a reasonable price if you are good in bargaining..

Also you can select a fish from the fish seller and get it cooked from some nearby restaurants.. Under the light of the CFL lamps the fresh catch of fishes were so interesting subjects for a photographer, that we can't leave them unsnapped..Hope you may have seen and ,sometimes have eaten fishes like these ones. Could you please help me name them. Am not so well versed with fishes. Anyway am gonna give a try. Correct me if any mistakes with the names am giving them.

Silver Pomfrets, Edible Fishes from Fish Market in Kerala
silver pomfret fishes in fish market of kerala,kerala fishes,white pomfret,aakoli,silver moony,aavoli,pomfret fishes fish market photos,fort cochin fish market fishes photos,sea food market,salt water fishes for sale
 Silver Pomfret fishes..Hmm on the weighing balance, can you guess how much they weight.About 3 kilos, and was costing about 300 INR i think. Not that precise with the price, but the fish cost around that..In our local language of kerala- Malayalam these fishes are called as AVOLI.. No need to describe the taste of these ones fried with pepper paste smeared over.When you happen to be once here in Kerala, don't miss the opportunity to taste all fish varieties here.

Kerala's Sea Fishes-Fish Market Photos
 fishes in fish market of kerala cochin,cochin fish market,ayla,mathy,chaala,parava,chura,aavoly,karimeen,kili meen,poomeen,netholy,kozhuva,fishes for sale in fort cochin,pomfrets,sardines,Indian Mackerel,kerala fishes,avoly,meen,ribbon fish,ocean fishes,sea foods market,kerala fish market photos
Hmm.. laying together in ice..
The Varieties of Fishes in Cochin fish market. A snap from Fort Cochin Fish market in the evenings..heir are pomfrets,ribbon fish like fishes,Indian Mackerel fishes etc..Fishes, big, small and lengthy stick like ones.. I appreciate if anyone can name them correctly..Come forward friends, can you say what these fishes names are in your country..

Fish Market Fresh Fishes
 paral meen,fish pairs closeup photos from fish market in cochin kerala,paral fishes,fishes for sale,fresh fish market,Cochin, fish market,fort cochin fish market kerala,kerala fishes
They seems like pairs. Could be fish friends.May have been caught together while having a friendly chit chat. In our local language Malayalam here in Kerala, this fish is named as Paral Meen(paral fish) or something like that. Am not that sure of its name.

Name the fish if you know them.. if you don't like seeing salt water fishes, that too laying dead in fish market, their are some fresh water fish aquariums awaiting you inside my blog.. Just have a look over insid ethe gallery archives for aquarium fishes or something like aquarium photography.The photos taken by Arun and Georjo using SonyEricsson k750i cell phone..

Cu soon friends.. Thank you for visiting me.. Keep coming..hope can serve you better things in coming days..

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Beach Tree in Sunset Afterglow-Fort cochin-kerala

The trees seen aside the beach of  Fort Cochin at Ernakulam district kerala..Snaps taken on an evening walk through the beach..It was a nice evening and the sunset was just over, and we walking back from the beach.. This tree was standing lonely there with a few number of leaves at the branch tips..

The sky, horizon,gentle sound of waves splashing to the rocks and the fading light of sun all together makes the place special..A portion of the beach is guarded from the fury of the waves by paving huge chunks of rocks....Fort Cochin beach is one of the nice beaches in kerala, which has witnessed many historical events from time to time and their are many historical places nearby like palaces, churches etc..

sunset afterglow and tree in beach of fort cochin,tree and sunset,steam boiler,tree and sunset,sunset horizon from fort cochin kerala,afterglow photos of sunsets 
 In the Afterglow.....
The tree and the steam boiler beside the beach of Fort Cochin Ernakulam..Nice breeze and the scattered smoke like clouds moving in the horizon was an addon to the beauty of that evening..The sea was so calm and we took many photos of the Chinese fishing nets with a background of the setting  sun from the guarding rocks (rocks for guarding the bay from furious waves in monsoons) filled aside the beach..The above snap was taken from the walkway aside the fort Cochin beach of kerala the southern state of india...
 sunset scenery from fort cochin beach,tree photographed from beach after sunset,tree in sunset,picturesque sceneries
The scene of the horizon with the tree felt picturesque..Their is a bird flying and some smoke like little clouds moving in the horizon.. The sunset afterglow light gave the scene what is sufficient for my small cellphone camera CCD to grab it.The place is not only for tourists, but also known for the fresh sea foods like fishes and crabs available in the evenings....

The posts from Cochin still coming.. Keep visiting friends..
CU again..Take care....

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Chinese fishing nets,Sunset from Fort Cochin

Was having an evening walk through the lanes of fort cochin beach sides, with a friend. Yea had an intention to stay around the beach for a little time and get a nice watch of the sunset..We stayed there to get some snaps of the sunset with those Chinese fishing nets..Cochin the port city of kerala will be having some ships moving through those waters almost all time..

The calm cool breeze from the sea and the warm colour of the sunset will make you stay in the beach watching the scenic beauty of the evening nature.. If you do like a trip to kerala its worth to spend two or three days in cochin and have some visits around the palaces, synagogues, jew street, hill palace etc including the sunset from Fort Cochin..It would be nice to have a walk now...go down..

chinese fishing nets fort cochin,photos of sunsets and fishing nets from fort Kochi kerala,sunset scenery from fort cochin ernakulam 
 The Chinese fishing nets placed along the shore side..Picture taken after the sunset..the afterglow prevailing still with those scattered smoke like clouds on the horizon..They are immersed in water for sometime and lifted up to capture the fishes..The peculiarity is that, you can buy fresh fishes from here, as son as they are caught.. Its not a big fish harvester..Just captures the fishes near to the shore..
 fishing nets and sunset,sunset scenery from fort kochi,china fish net in cochin photo,cochin sunset afterglow sceneries
Sunset behing the fishing net of china..A sunset scenery photo from fort cochin/ ernakulam/ kerala/ India...There are a few lonely little clouds over the sky and horizon..Just giving a company for the sun..There will be a fish market getting lively by this time along the beach side lane.. If you can bargain the fish sellers effectively, you will be getting fresh sea foods like, fishes, crabs, prawns, etc etc.. 

We just had a look around those markets and the crabs seeems funny and dangerous to....Fort Cochin has some remainings from the history like steam furnaces of cranes, old ship anchors etc placed along the beach and churches like St Francis church,Santacruz Baslica etc..I will cover the basilica in the coming post.. All the photos taken with SonyEricsson K750i..

Thanx for the visit friends..Cu around.. Cu tomorrow.

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Fresh fishes & sea foods, Cochin fish market, Kerala

Thought may give you something different today..Me with ma friend had a leisurely visit to Fort Cochin of Kerala- the south Indian state..It was an evening visit and as we returned back saw the fish market so lively with fresh captured sea fishes, prawns, crabs etc..

you know, fort cochin has the peculiarity of Chinese fishing nets arranged along the bay and fishes captured with them are sold fresh in no time..There are some facilities,  by you select a fish and will get it cooked in some nearby hotels...We just with a cell phone camera, but decided to give a try under those yellow CFLs....

fishes in fish market photographs,carp fishes,pearl spot fish,fishes for sale from ernakulam fort cochin,fresh fishes in market,karimeen 
Ohh what happened to us.. We were just swimming around and these naughty humans caught us..The eyes and face of fish having a gesture of helplessness..
Fish commonly termed as Carp, a type of pearl spot fish..And in the language of kerala Malayalam, this fish is termed as KARIMEEN (black fish)...Hey guys why you people happened to be so tasty!!..
These humans won't forget your taste if once served fried with some pepper and salt paste smeared on you..You can't blame humans much, bcoz you are so irresistible with your taste..

 shrimps or prawns in fish market fort cochin kerala,prawn photographs from fish market,sea food in kerala markets,fresh prawns,chemeen,konchu
Ohh the prawn community, now waiting to be cooked... Or the shrimps..Its still a little confusion between the two..My friend said these are black tiger shrimps.. Hmm me too felt so..some places says all types of these fishes as prawns. In some other places the bigger ones are termed prawns and smaller ones as shrimps..

Any way, in Malayalam the local language here, in kerala these fishes are termed as 'Konchu' , 'Chemmen" etc. These ones are usually seen in the deep sea waters..Whatever the name, i have tasted them cooked and the thought itself is mouth watering..

These are just a few photos..More and more photographs are coming for you in no time.. hope we can see tomorrow itself with the new snaps from fort cochin..Apart from this we have got much sunset photos with those Chinese nets on the shore. Photography with SonyEricsson K750. So wanna see the beach sunset and get some fresh fishes from the market?,  be in Fort Cochin, by this evening...

cu soon

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Trees-Ernakulam Maharaja's Ground-photos of old shade Trees

They may be old, but giving a mysterious feeling with that monstrous looks...Was mentioning about the trees!! the trees seen aside the ground of Maharaja's college of Ernakulam district of Indian state kerala..Photography done using 2 mp cellphone cameras of SonyEricsson...

trees photographs,tree,maharajas college ground ernakulam,photography with cellphone cameras of sonyericsson
Green members of our Mother Nature!!!..
Trees...The natural CO2 filtering factories....
Beauty of the giants seen aside the walkway through the ground.. Hmm i wonder, since how long these people are standing here..The structure of the tree branches will surely wake the instinct of a photographer to capture them..

tree photos from playing ground at ernakulam cochin,old trees photos,trees standing in line aside the walk
 Hey wasn't there a barber for long time to give these people a hair cut.. what about a nice straightening of those curly hairs!! Haircut??... mayn't be a custom among them..   
Trees.. the standing still and growing products from the master architect God....

Spreading out the branches like they wanna cover the whole place under them..More to providers of fresh air, these ones are a nice shelter of shade from the bright noon sun..A small tilt of the frame before the click made the picture more interesting..
Hope we can meet soon with more snaps.. 

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Kerala flowers:Yellow and white flowers of jamanthi,common South indian Flowers similar to spidermums

Chrysanthemum flowers from the gardens of Kerala state of India. Let me give you today some white flowers of innocence along with the colour of  friendship joy and happiness, ie the yellow mellow jamanthi flowers, the Indian chrysanthemums.They are the particular Kerala flowers, named jamanthi.

we can see these flowers in the gardens of Kerala. The state of Tamilnadu cultivates these flowers commercially and supplies to the flower merchants in Kerala..Eventhough the flower is nice to look at, the fragrance is not that noticeable one. The flowers blooms in seasons in bunches, really a feast to the eyes by blending in yellow and white flowers in the home gardens..

White bunch of Jamanthy Flowers

white chrysanthemums,Indian chrysanthemum,white jamanthy flowers,white flowers,kerala flowers,south indian flowers,photos of kerala flowers,fresh white flowers
 The colour of innocence. purity and pure love. send her white flowers conveys your love is pure..Also presenting white flowers have a meaning that she is so perfect in the way she is..Most commonly the flowers for romance is roses.. the custom is presenting rose bouquets than other flowers.

Yellow flowers of Jamanthys, one of the popular south Indian Flowers
 yellow chrysanthemums,yellow jamanthi flowers,kerala flowers jamanthy,yellow flowers,common south Indian flowers
Yellow mellow..Yellow jamanthy flower bunch from home gardens.. yellow being the color of friendship is also presented to start a friendship that is looking forward into something more special than a friendship. wanna start with yellow flowers???

Usually the flowers meant for saying your feelings are roses, so it will be fine presenting roses than something else.Orchids are also used for the same with roses.Jamanthy flowers are the flowers local to southern part of India, especially in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The plant and flowers have similarity to spidermum garden plants and flowers.
Photography by Arun..
Will give you the next post back in time friends..

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Red rose flowers-kerala flowers gallery, Rose Flowers of South India

Have to say they are red and hot.Pixelshots presenting you with the most sexiest and hottest flowers from the flower kingdom..Red being the colour of love, a culture of  love using roses as a medium to say and express the feelings to someone.A language using flowers to express feelings, evolved from ancient times.And still followed, for it is proved to be acceptable to generations coming over and over again..

Saying more precise, a language with roses to express the emotions sprung up gradually from times, and it developed in a manner that  each color of roses conveys something particular, and also people started making meanings in the number of roses in the bouquet presented.. And now the language of roses is one that accepted worldwide..

Am sure that all the youngsters know a bouquet of red roses are meant to say their love to someone special..Hmm how many red roses you got at last valentines..?.

Red Rose Flower from Kerala- Roses found in South India
red rose flowers from garden,kerala rose flowers,roses photograph,red garden rose picture
Sexy red hot ... What you thinking of.. am saying about this red rose.. Sexy red rose..
A rose flower photograph from the home gardens..Not a commonly seen rose plant in kerala..These are special budded rose plants bought from the garden suppliers, and need much care to keep them away from the rose pests and diseases...Hmm i remember spraying pesticides on ma garden roses long before.. Had to do that occasionally.. till they got perished after some time..I really hate those bugs who ate my rose plants!

Fully Bloomed Red Rose Flower with a Rose Bud
 red rose flower and rose bud,red rose common in kerala india,rose flower and bud photograph from gardens
 Hmm Bowed head... soo humble huh!! i will say pretty and humble red rose.. Looks like she is nearing to shed those rose petals and going to the next stage of  seeding.. The rose flower extracts are used widely in perfumes..their are some edibles made of rose petals and the hips of rose are said to be very rich in vitamin C. A flower with not just looks.. The roses are special.

Kerala's own Roses, Rose Flowers photographed from Kerala/ India
 rose,red rose photo,red rose flower,photographs of roses
A close photograph of the red rose..A shot from the side..or is she shy to look straight into the cam lens..The varieties of roses are much and differ in colors sizes and the plants differ from perennial ones to shrub like ones.. England and America are having rose as their national flowers..

The symbolic meanings associated with roses made them much popular and favorite along with the nice fragrance..Apart from red, their are much varieties of yellow,white,pink,orange,black,violet etc of colors in roses.. am still waiting to see a black rose..

you can go to the previous flower gallery if you wanna see some roses closeup pictures and the symbolic meanings associated with the colors and numbers of roses in the bouquets presented..

Photographs taken using sonyericsson cell phones by Arun.....

when will you come back?? I will be here with something new for you ma friend.......Till then take care..

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Fruits from kerala-photo gallery

Welcome to a small fruit gallery with  fruits from kerala-the south Indian state.. Some of the fruits which are commonly seen here in Kerala like guava, bananas, and annona fruit or custard apple known as 'atha chakka' in our local language Malayalam here..their are different variety of fruits like botanical fruits, and culinary fruits based on the nature and taste of  them..

Botanical fruits are those non sweet fruits which we use as vegetables where as culinary fruits are those sweet ones which are often used in desserts and other edibles and also for eating alone...Fruits are again classified into simple,multiple,aggregate etc depending on the way they develop in the plants..

 guava fruits pictures,raw guava in the gauva plant,peraykka,green gauva raw fruits,perayka,fruits kerala
Hmm can't wait to ripe..Guava fruits in the guava plant in home.. A little more to wait to get them ripe..hope the squirrels will leave it for me..
Their are more than 100 types of guava fruits and they can be seen as shrubs and trees...Guava is often referred as a super fruit as i said about mangoes in the previous post..Hmm a super fruit which is rich in vitamins and other nutrient content along with huge likeness of customers for the fruits..guava is often used to make juices, and in ice creams and candies as flavors.nutritional content differs from varities and the most nutritional one is considered to be strawberry guava, contains 4times more vitamin C than an orange..
 raw banana fruits,banana fruits hanging in plantain photographed,raw fruits of banana,fruits,kerala fruits,vazhakkula,vazha pazham,nendra pazham 
 Banana hanging down from plantain.. Raw baby banana fruit from the farm..
Being a native of south east Asia their are much verities of the plant seen here in farms..They varies in sizes and tastes from each other,and some are eaten after being ripe as some others are cooked before eating..The plant needs proper irrigation and scarcity of water may break the plantain stems..The above banana fruit is of a different variety, not much seen in kerala, and the individual banana fruits can grow much bigger than the common banana fruits here in kerala..I may show you the ripe banana from this in a later post..Eat a banana every day, for they can give us a number of amino acids our body can't make, and also are great energy suppliers..
 anona or custard apple,fruits from kerala india,anona custard apples in anona plant,fruits pictures,atha chakka
 Red Custard apple or anona fruit.the plant of custard apple is known as annona, and these fruits are much fleshy and juicy with sweet taste when ripe..Also the fruit is called bullock's heart or bull's heart..The leaves of the plant used against cancers and tumors and its said the whole of the tree is useful..

The fruit is considered to be good in treating anemia, a good expectorant, coolant and stimulant. Fruits can give you abundant supply of vitamin C, water and fibre...So never Ever keep them away from your diet......
Photography by Arun using sonyericsson cellphones...take me here again..

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