SUVs in Cochin autoexpo, Vehicle photos & features, XC90, XC60, latest in the XC series of Volvo

Auto show photos from Cochin, Kerala. Featuring photos and specs of latest Volvo SUVs like Volvo XC90,and Volvo XC60.  XC90 and XC60 are the latest in the series of SUVs that the Swedish auto giant Volvo offers for the year 2010. Volvo which has been getting its main shares from Europe and North America recently started showing up in markets of India, Russia and China.Volvo is now owned by Ford Motors.

Volvo Suvs, have to say that packed with power these sports utility vehicles are so muscular in their looks and incorporates the most advanced technology, safety features and comfort a vehicle of its class have to offer. The SUVs comes mainly in variants, like 3.2, 3.2 R-design, V8 AWD, T6 AWD, T6 AWD R-Design etc. These muscular road burners are designed considering those off road terrains too and comes with features like traction controll, better ground clearance, tyre pressure monitoring, rollover protection, dynamic stability and roll stability control, boron steel reinforced passenger cavity etc etc.

Volvo XC90, a muscular front hood with a blended in headlamp clusters and the nice front grill with the Volvo logo.There are safety bars as part of crumple zones to alleviate any impact that may occur from a direct collision under those bumpers. Lets have a look into the technical specs and features of this Car.

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