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A small mountain river waterfalls from the south Indian state Kerala. Kerala a place which is blessed by nature with so many rivers, backwaters, lakes, mountains, forests, beaches etc. The mild tropical climate makes Kerala an ideal Tourist spot in any time of the year.


Water Cascade in small river- Pamba Waterfalls. A beautiful milky falls of water splashing through the rocks.

Kerala River Photos and Information 

Kerala has about 44 rivers in total in which the majority originates from the mountain ranges of western ghats. 41 rivers flows to west while three of them flows east. The rivers may end up either in the Arabian sea or in Kerala's backwaters.

A small stream of River Chalakkudy, photographed from the forests of Athirapally, Thrissur, Kerala


West Flowing Kerala Rivers, Names, tributaries and lengths in Kms
  1.  Periyar 244 [Periyar tributaries- Edamala River, Cheruthoni River, Mullayar River, MuthirapuzhaRiver, Perinjankutti River]
  2. Bharatapuzha 209[Bharathapuzha tributaries- Thuthapuzha River, Gayathripuzha River, KalpathipuzhaRiver, Kannadipuzha River]  
  3. Pamba 196 
  4. Chaliyar 169
  5. Chalakudy 169 [River Tributary- Parambikulam river]
  6. kadalundy 130
  7. Achankoil 128
  8. Kallada 121
  9. Muvattupuzha 121
  10. Valapattanam 110
  11. Chandragiri 105
  12. Manimala 90
  13. Vamanapuram 88
  14. kuppam 82
  15. Meenachil 78
  16. Kutyadi 74
  17. karamana 68
  18. Shiriya 68
  19. Karingode 64
  20. Ithikkara 56
  21. Neyyar 56
  22. Mahi 54
  23. Keecheri 51
  24. Prumba 51
  25. Uppala 50
  26. Karuvanoor 48 [River Tributary- Kurumali river]
  27. Anjarakkandi 48
  28. Tirur 48
  29. Neeleshwaram 46
  30. Pallikkal 42
  31. Korappuzha 40
  32. Mogral 34
  33. Kaveripuzha 31
  34. Puzhakkal 29
  35. Thalassery 28
  36. Manam  27
  37. Chittary 25
  38. Kallai  22
  39. Ramapuram 19
  40. Ayiroor 17
  41. Bangra Manjeswara 16

     Kerala's second longest and famous river named- Nila, The Bharathapuzha. Now more to water we may see sand banks and grass on the river bed. Human intrusion in the river tributaries and Sand mining works is leading this river to its Death. So many river dam projects are constructed for irrigation and hydro electricity in this river tributaries.

       East Flowing Kerala Rivers, Names, tributaries and lengths in Kms
    1.  Kabani 63 [River originates in Kerala and ends in Karnataka] 
    2. Bhavani 39 [River orginates in Kerala and flows to Tamilnadu]
    3. Pambar 26[River orginates in Kerala and flows to Tamilnadu] 

     Names of Famous Waterfalls In Kerala

    Kerala's rivers are mainly orginating from the mountains of Western Ghats. The rocky and steep river course has provided the land of kerala with many awesome Waterfalls, the God's own Waterfalls in God's own Country.

    1.  Ananthoni Water Falls
    2.  Thenpara Water Falls 
    3. Aruvikkuzhi Water falls
    4. Mankayam Water falls
    5. Chellarkovil Water Falls
    6. Perunthenaruvi Water falls
    7. Kaalakkayam Water fall
    8. Keezharkuth Water Falls
    9. Meenmutty Water Falls [300 Feet]
    10. Adyanpara Water Falls
    11. Thommankuthu Water Falls
    12. Thusharagiri Water Falls
    13. Soochipara Water Falls [656 Feet]
    14. Athirappilly Water Falls [80 Feet]
    15. Vazhachal Water Falls
    16. Palaruvi Water Falls
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    There are some man made water cascades also which arises from the water bunds built for irrigation and drinking water during summer seasons. The photo of this small water cascade is from the river chalakkudy of Thrissur district Kerala.


    The rocky stream of a Kerala river. Most of the rivers flows through mountains and rocks surrounded by dense rain forests before reaching the
     Arabian sea or the Backwaters.

    Milky water stream in the Chalakkudy river of Kerala.Apart from the major waterfall names listed above, a few more are their which are relatively small water cascades, like Charpa water falls, pamba falls etc.

    Photo of Chalakkudy river taken somewhere from Thrissur district of Kerala.
    The mountain rivers of Kerala has wide varities of Fishes. Most often some of these species may seem more tastier than the sea fishes. The chalakkudy river of Kerala has the largest diversity of fishes in India.

    The River and Waterfalls of Kerala photos concludes here till the next tour trip. Information on Kerala Dams are already provided earlier i think.

    Photographs taken by Amit Druvan, CWRDM- Calicut.
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