Hill palace - Thripunithura- cochin, Photos on the old palace front buildings, Gardens,archaeological and heritage centre office building etc

More photos on Hill palace Thripunithura, Cochin are here..photos on the palace front buildings, gardens, Palace side view, archaeological and heritage studies centre etc...Photos taken with Sony Ericsson's w810i cell phone....

keralas old palace in ernakulam cochin india,hill palace photographWhat about shooting a horror movie here!!!...Yea it has done already..

Shot on the way back to the valley of the hill, through the side of the palace..Ma mobile camera was not enough to cover the building fully in a single shot... Had to take part by part..Even if you have an SLR, that may not help much for a gigantic building like this...

hill palace of cochin india one of the oldest palaces in kerala built by rajas of cochinThe maximum enclosure of the palace in a single shot...From the right most end of palace..

The weather was cloudy and the time was nearing sunset..So much of the shots came out a little dim..

archaeological department building working in hillpalace of kerala cochinOffice of the Centre for Heritage Studies...Cultural affairs department... Government of Kerala...

Thats what written on the board..

garden and curvy mountain road to the top of hill through the gardens in hill palaceTo the Valley........

Way down through the middle of the Garden..

flowers in the garden plants of hill palace of ernakulam keralaGroup of Bloomed Beauties..

The bougainvillea plant found with a blanket of flowers over it in the palace garden..Just snapped on the way down to the valley

More photos in the final gallery of this old palace and Heritage museum of Kerala..

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Hill palace photographs- digital photography on Kerala's old palace and now the archaeological and heritage museum,images of palace,Garden and pond.

More images on Hill palace of Cochin.. hope you have visited the previous galleries on this old palace..Photos of Hill palace buildings, Garden, Pond etc...Photos taken with SonyEricsson W810i..

photograph of hill palace of kerala cochinThe palace.. a side view picture..

picture of garden landscaping in the front of hill palace kochi ernakulam keralaThe Garden View from the Palace Courtyard..

hill palace of ernakulam kerala photograph from palace walking laneThe palace front courtyard..

A question to my class mates.. Can you figure out the one walking in the photo..? hmm wanna need any clue !! ok... here you go...."The innocent Notorious criminal in our Class with a Big smile always, even if he's sitting over nails".....

palace building where weapons are stored with old horse chariots and carts used by the kings of cochin keralaThere is a garage at the ground floor of this part of the Palace..

Interesting things like Swords, spears, Royal carriages, Punishing Equipments etc are stored in the ground floor.. ..

pond in the hill palace surroundings with greenish water and broken pond roof tilesThe palace Pond.. Clear from the photo that not well Maintained..

If you have seen The film Manichitratazhu you wont forget this place for many interesting shots in the movie is taken around this place...

There are tile roofed pathways from parts of the Palace to the pond, that people can reach pond Inspite of the weather conditions..

Their are replicas of objects used during the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjodaro in northern India, displayed in the palace museum...

Photos Taken By Georjo
Device: SonyEricsson w810i mobile phone with 2mp camera..

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