Volvo Xuvs In Cochin Auto Expo | XC60,XC90 features & Safety Detailed

Auto show photos from Cochin, Kerala. Featuring photos and specs of latest Volvo SUVs like Volvo XC90,and Volvo XC60.  XC90 and XC60 are the latest in the series of SUVs that the Swedish auto giant Volvo offers for the year 2010. Volvo which has been getting its main shares from Europe and North America recently started showing up in markets of India, Russia and China.Volvo is now owned by Ford Motors.

Volvo Suvs, have to say that packed with power these sports utility vehicles are so muscular in their looks and incorporates the most advanced technology, safety features and comfort a vehicle of its class have to offer. The SUVs comes mainly in variants, like 3.2, 3.2 R-design, V8 AWD, T6 AWD, T6 AWD R-Design etc. These muscular road burners are designed considering those off road terrains too and comes with features like traction controll, better ground clearance, tyre pressure monitoring, rollover protection, dynamic stability and roll stability control, boron steel reinforced passenger cavity etc etc.

Volvo XC90, a muscular front hood with a blended in headlamp clusters and the nice front grill with the Volvo logo.There are safety bars as part of crumple zones to alleviate any impact that may occur from a direct collision under those bumpers. Lets have a look into the technical specs and features of this Car.
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 The muscular power house with the extreme of safety, security and power in an SUV of its class, the Volvo XC90

XC90 Safety Features
DSTC- Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, Roll Stability Control [RSC, helps the vehicle to keep its stability in drastic emergency movements. On board chips monitors the car speed and leaning angles and controls the engines and brakes to retain the vehicle stability].

Anti locking Brakes with emergency brake assist(EBA), and Electronic Brake Distribution(EBD) , front fog lamps, side markers etc, Dual Xenon gas discharge lamps with active bending lights(ABL).

Reinforced passenger cavity with boron steel. Crumble zones which minimizes collision impacts throughout the car body. SIPS or side impact protection system with high strength boron steel structures considering the vehicle getting collided from sides with bigger vehicles. IC inflatable side curtains, side airbags etc are extra with ordinary safety features. 

ROPS or rollover protection system, gets activated with the signal from a sensing gyroscope which monitors the vehicles leaning angles and makes the seat belts extra tensioned to keep passengers intact during rollover. Side curtains are also inflated and the vehicle roof is done considering rollover cases.

WHIPS,whiplash protection system, implemented if front seats headrest cradles around the neck in a regulated way in case of hard collision from the back of the car. Head Restrains, 3 point safety belts with pre tensioners, Anti Submarining under seats to avoid sliding of passengers out of seat belts during strong collisions. Third row Crumple safety, Dual stage airbags and passenger airbag cutoff,  switch. Curtain airbags and side impact airbags in front row for side collisions.  

Collapsible steering column with energy absorbing car interior. Special front collision zone design to protect other cars and even pedestriants during collision. Child safety with booster cushion which inflates to make the child fit within safety belts and ISOFIX for the child special seat. Child central lock of rear doors and power windows.

Remote Central locking of doors and the hatch,  
volvo white suv,xc 90 photos, kerala latest suvs in market, most advanced utility vehicles,american cars,safest family vehicleEngine immobilizer with deadlock[car doesn't start withour right key and in case the thief gets in breaking windows deadlock won't allow the doors to be opened from inside]. Remote alarming system which goes off on attempts to open doors, breaking windows, or even alerts if the wheels are jacked up if provided with a ground level sensor.  

Approaching and home Lighting [illuminates your way by pressing the remote when you approaches or goes away from the SUV, headlamps turns on in dipped form upto 60 or 90 seconds], power door mirrors and laminated glass. Lockable wheel bolts[each wheel have a unique socket and makes the owner the only person to remove the wheels]

Volvo On call[built in GPS and alarming systen alerts the Volvo oncall service when the airbags gets activated or manually. Brings you help from Volvo during emergencies and also it alerts if anyone breaks into the car. Stolen volvos can be traced using GPS embedded in the car]

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XC90 Comfort: Adjustable seats with ventilated massaging(executive), power drivers and front seat with manual height adjustments on passenger seats. heated front seats, Electronic Climate Control, Air Quality System, Third row AC vents, tinted windows and zone tinted windshield, heat reflecting windows, power glass sunroof, engine and cabin heaters, heater remote start. IAQS or interior air quality system prevents dust particles and dirt from entering inside the vehicle. It senses presence of carbon monoxide in the exhaust from other vehecles coming in and closes the vent automatically before the level increases.

XC90 Drive assists: Cruise controls [Operate the cruise control button on the steering and car continues its cruising speed untill you apply accelerator, brake or clutch. For the sake of overtaking even th accelerator is applied the vehicle will come to cruising spped gradually after you step off the accelerator pedal], Sensible internal lighting and reading and footrest lamps.

Rear reading lamps are adjusted in a way not to disturb the driver's eyes. Interior lighting will go dim within seconds from the doors are closed or suddenly if the ignition is turned on or doors are locked.

Road and Traffic Information(RTI), the Volvo navigation system displaying maps, from maps in HDDs and will inform driver through voice and maps about nearest fuel points, restaurents, shortest routes etc. If fed with Traffic Infos the thing will alert of any congestions in ordinary routes and suggests alternate paths.  

BLIS, blind spot information system, [alerts the driver about approaching vehicles from two sides particularly the blindspots of the driver. The system is activated above 10 Kmph and driver gets alerted with help of lamps on the door beams on corresponding side of approaching vehicle. The side mirror embedded digital cameras facing to the SUV's back sides monitors traffic on both sides of the car].  

Speed dependant steering controll, makes the steering firm and quick in highway speeds and makes it light and soft to handle during parking slow speeds. Park assists on front and rear which buzzes when the bumpers are within 30Cms to any obstruction.

Customizable rain sensors. Outer rear viewers are electrically adjustable and heated to keep frost free. Multi functional door mirrors which are operated from driver side with joystick and have power folding, puddle lights and Volvo's BLIS [Blind Spot Information System].

Cabin rear view mirror has anti dazzle capability which avoids behind vehicles headlights from being reflected into driver's eyes by reducing the reflection. The glass becomes normal when no light falls directly on it. Also has built in compass.  

Trip computing showing fuel consumption and calculates the distance you can cover with the current amount of fuel your car have. Temperature gauge in driver console, monitors inside and outside temperatures and warns of black ice. Headlamp beam adjuster for the driver is given as a dial in the console.

Automatic levelling system that adjusts the cars shock absorbers to maintain the stability, road grip and ground clearance. Also it cares to adjust the head light beam during nights according to the load.

The suv has power outlets at certain places and comes with a few multimedia packages. Performance audio, Premium sound audio system with Dyna audio etc. Steering wheel remote controls, rear headphone control panels, aux/usb ports, digital TV receiver, Rear seat entertainment package with dual lcds etc.

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XC90 Engine and performance specifications: Six cylinder petrol engine(3.2, 3192 cc), Eight cylinder petrol engine(V8, 4414 cc), Five cylinder turbo diesel(2400 cc). Transmission is 6 speed synchromesh manual gears. Haldex All Wheel Drive(AWD), monitors the speed of wheels, engine torque, throttle , rpm and the brakes and as conditions and tracks of running change tyres with more grip is assigned more power by the system and the slippery wheels are given less power helping the vehicle to move off and avoids getting stuck in the ground.

Specially designed chassis with a low centre of gravity and about 218mm ground clearance. All four Suspensions adjusted together electronically and in curves the rear tyres are also given a little effect from steering wheels to keep the vehicle stable through its path.DSTC anti skid system, RSC active stability, Sport tuned chasis with R-Design make the car flat through steep curves and firmed suspensions gives the car better traction,Automatic leveling and electronic power steering adjusting itself depending on vehicle speed.  

Diesel particulate filter in the exhaust of the car traps particles coming out through the exhaust and when the amount increases beyond a limit the filter burns out the particles. The system is designed to function for lifetime of the car.
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A car with not only muscles, but a strong skeleton too. Volvo seems not ready to compromise in safety features in any of its Vehicles.The XC60 series seems topped with security measures and power. The blue lighted device on the front grill is a unique urban drive safety feature introduced by VOLVOs.

All the features above mentioned for XC90 SUV series is also available for this new XC60 series. The additional features are listed below.

 Features of XC60:- Safety features in the SUV includes,

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  • City Safety [A safety feature first of its type in the world from the volvos. Designed to make sure your safer drive through crowded city traffic. At speeds upto 30Kmph a infrared laser beam based device attached to the front grill of the car senses the motion of the vehicle infront of you which is in a range of 6 to  8 meters.The ssfety system senses if the car infront comes to a halt or movs slower and predicts any collision that may occur and precharges the brakes to get quicker response to the driver when he applies it. if the driver fails to apply the brakes the system overtakes control, turns off the throttle and applies brake. The system is auto activated when the vehicle is started and is an option to turn it off if the driver wants to.]
  • Adaptive cruise control and Distance alert [Auto cruising  your SUV in a desired speed without operating the accelerators manually above 30Kmph. Select the speed and minimum distance to alert from the vehicle in front of your car. If the radar sense a slower car in your front your SUV will adjust its speed to a slower rate and follows the one in front. when the car in front disappears ACC will resume the speed to previously set level. If ACC is off and you nears the front car so close the distance alert will buzz the driver]
  • Collision Warning with Auto Braking [When your SUV comes in 150m range of the car moving infront a radar and a digicam infront of the car monitors the distance and speed of the moving thing infront of you and will warn with a red light and a buzz if the car infront brakes suddenly or slows down. The brakes will be applied suddenly and more fast by the initiation from the driver and if driver fails to react and collision becomes unavoidable the brakes will be applied automatically]
  • Driver Alert Controll [Simillar to CWAB]
  • Roll Stability Controll [The RSC system monitors the leaning tendencies of the vehecile in sharp and fast turns with the help of gyroscope. The system applies brakes in individual wheels as needed or may cut off engine power inorder to regain the stability of the vehicle and avoids it from rolling off]
  • Trailer Stability Control [When your SUV tows something above 50kmphr this system gets activated and monitors the vibrations and oscillations in the trailer and starts reducing the vibrations by counter reacting to it by applying brakes in individual wheels and reducing the engine power. The safety feature can be turned off if you does't want it and then all the four wheels will be given even braking in times.]
  • Lane Departure Warning [above speeds of 65Kmph with the help of digital cams the vehicle will monitor the markings on road and makes sure its moving through the desired lane in the road. If the car crosses the markings due to drivers carelessness LDW will alert the driver to keep on the desired lane. If the lines are crossed with proper indicators turned on LDW won't activate]
  • Dual Xenon Lights [Xenon gas discharge lamps with auto beam adjust even in extreme speeds and hard brakings.Front fog lamps]
  • Active Bending Lights [Lights are adjusted upto 15 degrees according to steering and helps to better lightup the vehecile paths in curves and turns. A daylight sensor will disengage the system during daytime]
  • Adaptive Braking lights[Above 50Kmph the system activates and incase of panic braking the brakelights blinks four times more per second alerting your tail vehicles faster]
  • Dynamic Stability and Traction Control[Helps the stability of the SUV in slippery and snowy conditions. Detecting the direction of the vehicle from steering,comparing rotation of drive wheels, the system may adjust engine power or even brakes the wheels individually to keep through the desired path. can adjust traction controll manually in snowy roads]
  • Intelligent Driver Information System[A feature seen in fighter planes, the car monitors the driving situations alltime and delays distractions to driver like phone calls etc in time of critical situations. The car's on board syatems takes decision to delay the phone call like distraction from reaching driver during critical time and transfers it later when things cool off]
  • Water repellent side window glasses[The tinted glass are hydrophobic treated to make the waterdroplets small and blew away in wind. helps in snow too]
  • Antilocking Brakes, Hydraulic brake assist and ready alert brakes [Makes braking much efficient. Hydraulic assist helps to apply the brakes to the fullest in emergencies. Ready alert braking senses the panic situation and moves the brake pads closer to discs to make the sudden harsh braking faster.]
  • Tyre preassure monitoring [Sensors in all tyre valves. Monitors and indicates improper inflations if any above speeds of 30Kmph]

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The rear end of Volvo's latest offering, The new in SUV series, XC60.

Personal Car Communicator[Its an advanced remote control feature the PCC. Its features are keyless drive and entry, reminds you of if the car is left unlockes, can get the status report of the car by pressing a button within range of 100 meters. If the theft alarm has got activated an onboard heart beat senser warns you if anyone inside the car as you approach the car. All other ordinary remote operations are also integrated in.]

Load compartment floor hatch [An extra safe storing space in the car's's load compartment.]

UV protected lamitaed glass and sunroof. Apart from all these all the features mentioned for the VOLVO XC 90 is also present in XC60.

Integrated GSM phone: [You can get a gsm connection for your car, the sim card reader placed inside the glove box and is easily reachable. Extra handsets to speak personally or can speak through the car's speaker and mic system.]

Power Parking Brakes [electronic brakes operated with a button to get you the vehicles control when pulling off from steep slopes after stopping. The brakes releses automatically as you apply the throttle.]

Digital Audio Broadcasting, comes with premium audio package.

Performance features: XC60 comes with four engine variants, Six cylinder Petrol engine(3.2), Six Cylinder Turbocharged Petrol engine(T6), Five Cylinder turbo diesel(D5 engine), Five Cylinder Turbo Diesel(2.4 D DRIVE e, front wheel drive with optimum fuel efficiency and minimal pollution, complies with Euro5)

XC60 transmission and handling featuresSix speed manual gearbox, six speed Geartronic transmission [Option for manual gearshift and auto gear shift.Auto gear will allow to crawl your car through congested traffic conditions even with heavy load. 

A separate winter mode for the auto gear system to move on slippery surfaces], All wheel Drive, Hill Descent Control[When you have to move down the car through steep rough surfaces just press the hill descent control button and concentrate fully on steering your vehicle. The descending system will control the brakes as needed for a safe ride through the steep. Works nicely when you have a heavy towing load too.]

Chassis designed for safe and comfortable ride through rough roads and even in off road adventures. McPherson spring strut suspensions on front makes your car feel completely under control irrespective of  the type of road you are in. 4C chassis system(Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept) gives you three modes to adjust the chassis state according to the drive terrain you are in. Any of the three modes-  Comfort, Sport and Advanced can be selected in the press of a button. The system will monitor the car's brakes, throttle, DSTC system, engine, and steering in a rate of 500 times/second to keep you in the desired safety, control and performance.

It seems being in Volvo its much difficult to make an Accident than drive safely. Even if you wanna hit the car in your front, the SUV won't be telling a yea to the decision.  Also everything inside and outside the car is monitored always. Senses even  the heartbeat of any alien inside and notifies you when you are away from your car. An amazing and intelligent series of SUVs from Volvo for the car loving world.

Apart from these SUVs there were Concept Electric cars, hybrid engines of Volvo's, FH series trucks, Sedans, Excavators, boat engines, and so many depiction on Volvo's safety and technology advancements and concepts.
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