Rice fields,paddy cultivation in kerala india

Green lush paddy or rice fields, a scenery of crop cultivation that is now diminishing here in kerala the south Indian state..The state of kerala now buys more rice than the amount cultivated here..Anyway the cereal which is believed to be originated in China is now a major south Asian countries food menu. Paddy has many advantages over other crops for it can grow in semi aquatic conditions than good land soil. Paddy is regarded a crop which has stable demand and comparatively less price tag..

For grown in marshes rice fields are resistant to weeds and pests related to land crops. The only thing have to be taken care of is on irrigation.. No matter that countries that have major part of them as rice fields already have good irrigation projects in the form of small check dams canals and water bunds.. Rice cultivation big enemy is the Drought and, as am writing this, major part of India is facing severe drought conditions and heavy loss of crops..

Japan is a place which has a major advantage of acidic soils from volcanic activities ideal for rice fields. China has the record of making record harvest from a hectare using super-crop rice seeds.. 

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 close shot of the paddy field.. i like the greenery here.. and you know, places aside paddy fields will give you cool steady winds throughout and it feels much refreshing.. The water flowing through small channels for irrigation in the rice fields keeps making that sweet sound and adding to the cool wind its nice to rest beside a paddy field..Hmm look for a shade of coconut trees beside it, watch for ripe coconuts before sitting in the shade.. else, am sorry..your ill fate!!
 paddy cultivation pictures from kerala India,green paddy fields from indian state kerala,paddies 
paddy fields with coconut trees beside..you know what, paddy has the advantage of long storage life than other crops..The processing of paddy to make the rice, includes three steps of harvesting  - thrashing(gets brown paddy)-   milling(gets the white broken or whole rice white and semi brown).. The whole process gives husk which is used for feeding cattle and bran also used for cattle feeding , as the bye products..
 wide rice fields photo,rice fields in kerala state of india,rice fields in India,green fields of paddies
The green paddy fields..Its not yet near to harvesting.. May have to wait few more months to the budding of paddy straws..The main factor that makes farmers to stop the cultivation of rice here in Kerala is the less return compared to cultivation costs and risk of droughts hitting the country unexpectedly.The weather conditions are such that nothing can be predicted.. even the weather reports making terms may or may not rain!!!
People here turning to other crops like tapioca, and some people filling paddy fields with soil and planting rubber, while some others just making homes over the filled paddy fields..Eventhough the government of kerala puts some initiative to stop the filling of paddy fields, rice fields are slowly diminishing from our culture.. Kerala has the place Kuttanad of Alappuzha district which is famous for rice cultivation and the place is often termed as the rice storage of Kerala..

Photographs taken by Arun and Georjo using sonyericsson cellphone cameras..
Be back here in time friends.. will be waiting for you..
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