Photographing the Volvo Race village.Night Digital Photography of the race village,stage for cultural events,photos of volvo XC series SUVs.........

Some more photos from the Volvo ocean race village at Cochin..Presenting you with some Night photography of the race village and the volvo xc60 series suvs used in the village for officials..You may also watch the huge stage built up for the cultural events at Nights. All photos taken with Panasonic Lumix digital Camera in night mode and auto modes of photography..

night photograph of the streets in volvos race village at welligton island cochin india"The Night View...Lane soaked in yellow light"
..Sodium vapour lamp lit lane. View from Cochin wellindon islands.

photograph of stage built in volvo race village for public performance of keralas cultural arts,public stages in kerala,major events 2009,cochin events"The Stage"
All over the 10 days of staying of the crew there was cultural activities conducted in the night..Keralas traditional arts like Kadhakali and other folk dances along with some rock shows and comedy shows were in the package. The whole event was open for the public...

volvo ocen race emblem on the bonnet of volvos suv xc60,volvos photographed from race village cochin kerala, ocean race volvo, blue Volvo xc90 bonnet"Race Over The Hood"

The volvo XC series suv parked outside..You can see the Volvo race emblem sticked onto the body....The car is exclusively for the Race officials..

volvos ash colour suv xc90 used by officials in volvo ocean race, volunteering volvo cars in ocean race, volvo xc series vehicles in cochin, ash colour suv, advanced multi utility vehicle, latest volvos"How The Ash One Looks???"

Another one parked in the premises...There was about 5 or 6 of these SUVs were around there.

volvos latest suvs like xc60 and xc90 parked in the race village of cochin kerala india, volvos in kerala cochin, volvo cars in india, auto expo of volvo during ocean race, ocean race volvo suvsThe Official volvos

These XC series Volvo suv s provide the means of transport for the officials..These are carried with the race in a ship and used in all stop overs for official use..These are not meant for an exhibition out their, but for travelling needs..Their was a pavilion by the Volvo which brings you to the real Volvo world..the innovations, technologies, ideas everything depicted gorgeously. Be patient for that post.. Its coming next.. 

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Volvo Ocean Race Village Stalls, and exhibitions,Photos of yacht sailing,Chandrayaan exbition and Gslv rockets and the ships and boats from cochin.

The continuation of Volvo ocean race village photos.. Giving you the photos of sailing competition by kids of NCC, and some stalls and exhibitions from the race village, like food Stall, and exhibition on India's moon project Chandrayaan and the GSLSV rockets..

kids ocean race.jpgThe Little Sailors

That was an exhibitory sailing race by students of Kerala NCC Naval wing .

volvo ocean race exhibition hall entrance"Into The Exhibition Stalls from Kerala"
Their are soo many companies and shops stalls open inside the hall..There were stalls for crockery sculptures etc..yea some paintings were also can see those in the following postings coming soon

gslv.jpgFrom the stall of ISRO
The GSLV satelite launcher Exhibited..There was soo many depictions and future of the Chandrayaan project recently launched by india

chandrayaan.jpg"India's Pride"
Scenes from Indias Chandrayaan project..The stall meant to give the public an awareness of what is happening out their, by means of videos models etc..

ship and boats picture from cochin.jpg"Yup, chances are their for a traffic Block!!.."

The scene from the island while we were just sitting on a bench out their..Their are some boat services from Ernakulam town to wellington island,Fort Cochin etc which provides cheap transport for the public..the huge one is a ship which is a common scene..

The posts done here just gives an overview.The real attraction is following this one soon..Sorry guys for my delayed postings. hasn't got a good internet connection yet..Anyway am trying my best through my phone.Wont make you wait long for the next...

Photos by Georjo with Panasonic Lumix.

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More galleries coming which gives you the real Automobile and Technology pavillion

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