Sand Mining in Kerala Rivers,Photos from Banks of Bharathapuzha

Sand mined from the river bed awaiting the trucks. Sand mining photos from the banks of Bharathapuzha, the famous Nila of Malayalees. The scarcity of this construction commodity have shot up the sand price around Kerala. Alternatives made from rock powder like rock sand are trying to be introduced.
Looted from the Rivers!. Mined sand filled in sacks for selling. Recently considering the scarcity of sand, Kerala Government has decided to dredge the dam reservoirs of kerala for the accumulated sand. The pilot project is going on and reports comes like effectively usable sand is not yet mined out from any Dams. Hope they may get the desired result soon.It may help satisfying the demand a little, along with increasing the capacity of Dams in Kerala.
Photo by Amit Druvan, CWRDM Calicut, Regards to Sreerag AS, CWRDM Calicut
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Sand Mining in Bharathapuzha,Photos from Thrissur

Sand Mining in Kerala rivers, a major factor leading to the gradual death of majority of kerala rivers. The photo is taken during the ongoing sand mining process in the bank of Bharathapuzha, the second longest river of Kerala. Infact the river sand has become a rare commodity mainly used in construction  works. The demand is much high and it's leading to uncontrolled illegal and legal sand mining in the rivers here in kerala. Traditionally the sand is filled in canoes or kettuvalloms like this by the divers and loaded into trucks from the river banks.

sand-mining in kerala-rivers,bharathapuzha,nila,second longest river of kerala,kerala-rivers,mining-sand-in-bharathapuzha-river
Trucks getting loaded with sand mined from the Bharathapuzha river. Uncontrolled mining of sand has lead to lowering of watertable in the geographical area and its seen that saline water from the sea is entering into the river in some seasons. Drinking water has to be provided from other sources for the people living around bcoz of early drying of wells as the summer nears. 

Numerous construction of Check dams, Irrigation dams and hydro electric dam projects in the river tributaries have lead to depletion of the river. More than water we may see dry sand banks and grass spreaded on them through the course of this river. uneven pits formed due to the mining works is causing many deaths throughout the year. The unevenness of this river course makes the river stream much violent during monsoons.
Photos by Amit Druvan,CWRDM, Calicut

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Charpa Waterfall, Kerala Waterfalls Photos, Thrissur District

Charpa Waterfalls from Thrissur district of south indian state Kerala. This is only a small waterfalls you may encounter on your way to the famous Athirapally and vazhachaal Waterfalls. The forest area around this river is having rich plant and animal species, mostly the rarest ones seen in the southern part of western Ghats mountain ranges.

The dense rain and riparian forest around has the rare species of Horn bills-around four types of them, elephants, leopards, langoors etc.The chalakkudy river has the highest fish diversity among Indian rivers. This river which make the waterfalls is joining onto the Chalakkudy River's main stream soon below the falls.

The best season to visit all these places is monsoons if you want to see all the waterfalls in their full strength. And if you are here in monsoon this waterfalls ie the charpa will be falling onto the Road and may give you a bath inside the vehicle itself if you don't care to close the windows. Anyway death alarms are hearing to the wildlife, the rivers and the waterfalls here for exploiting all the nature for Hydro Electric dam projects, plantations, poaching, hunting etc by humans is onto its peak. 

You can move along the way to the scenic places of Sholayar where there is a hydro electric dam project known as Chalakkudy dam or sholayar dam. If you move to valparai tn Tamilnadu their is another dam built in the same river by tamilnadu known as the upper Sholayar.

photos by Amit Dhruvan

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Charpa Waterfalls-Famous River Waterfalls in Kerala Photos,Thrissur District

Charpa waterfalls, Thrissur district, Kerala. One of the famous waterfalls of  the south Indian state. This waterfalls is beside the highway connecting Chalakkudy town with Tamilnadu. The waterfalls can be seen on your way from chalakkudy town to Vazhachal and Athirapally waterfalls. The season to visit these places is by monsoons and this photo is not taken during the monsoon. So the man in the photo is able to stand there that close and stare on the falling stream.

Charpa waterfalls is formed by one of the tributary rivers of the famous Chalakkudy river of Kerala.The waterfalls is just before the point where this tributary meets the chalakudy river's main stream. 
Photos taken by Amit Druvan, CWRDM Calicut. Regards to Sreerag AS, CWRDM, Calicut.
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