Fluffy tits, white tailed butterfly species of Indian tropical forests. Butterfly facts, & photos, India/ Kerala

Butterfly with Tails, really long white wing tails. More over rare to a weird creation found in the Nature's insect kingdom, butterfly with tails on wings. One of the rarest types of tropical region butterflies you may ever encounter. These Indian butterfly species are commonly termed as Fluffy-Tit or more technically Zeltus Etolus. These long tailed butterflies comes under the family Lycaenidea. Its the second largest butterfly family which has about 28,000 butterfly species around the world and contributes to about 40 percent of known butterfly species. 

Tropical region is found to be one of the very best dwelling places for butterflies. The basic needs for a butterfly to survive are sunlight, plants and flowers. So many flowering plants with nice fragrance and nectar is needed to attract butterflies into your garden. Some of the caterpillars are very selective in eating plants.

Some caterpillars of the family in which this tailed butterfly belongs, ie the Lycaenideas, often makes friendship with ants. The caterpillar communicates to ants using bodily chemicals and vibrations. Ants gives protection to the caterpillar and inturn the caterpillar secretion after honeydew feeding is taken by ants.

Butterflies with long tails like these are very rare to see, and is mostly found in the tropical regions. Insect species of moths and butterflies are very similar. One of the difference between them is, a butterfly commonly rests under the leaves with the wings closed together or with slow fluttering, while a moth keeps the wings opened horizontally. 

Let's have a look at the special butterfly tails , the tails of Fluffy tit butterflies and some interesting butterfly facts...

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