Rain wet yellow flower petals, Yellow Alamanda flowers, Kerala

Closeups snaps of the  yellow bell flowers drenched in rain. Some wet yellow flower petals from some gardens of Kerala. These alamanda plants are most common garden plants and the yellow flowers are one of the popular kerala flowers.

yellow-bell-flowers-in rain,rain-drops-on-yellow-petals-of-allamanda-flowers,kerala-flowers 
A try to snap rain droplets from the bell flower petals. Macro focus shot with Cannon Powershot, camera model: A530

A little more closer look on the rain droplet, Wish if i had a macro lens. It is just a point and shoot Digi Cam, the Cannon powershot. Just posting some amateur snaps, taken while trying to get used to the camera, not a big deal. The yellow flower seemed more fresh just after the rain, than under the bright sun.

just a quick flower pics post
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