Thenmala Parappar Dam Reservoir Photos- Keralas Longest Dam Reservoir-Second Largest Irrigation Dam Project- KIP, Unique & Oldest Irrigation Project for Paddy+Garden Tree Crops

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Thenmala Parappar Earthen Dam Reservoir
Thenmala Parappar Dam, the main dam of Thenmala which is the heart of Kallada Irrigation Project, the oldest irrigation project of Kerala. Parappar dam is having the longest dam reservoir among the dams of Kerala. Eventhough the dam hydel project is focussed on Irrigation process named as Kallada Irrigation Project electricity is also generated here. So its a hydro electric dam cum irrigation  project. The dam reservoir spreads through the shenthurini wildlife sanctury in the valleys of western ghat mountain ranges. 

Thenmala dam is also called Parappar dam as the dam is situated in the place called Parappar near to Thenmala. Parappar dam is an earthen dam which is relatively small in size and broad in base built with rock, sand clay etc. Earthen dams are also termed rockfill dams depending on materials used.. The biggest earten dam of Kerala is the Banasura project in Wayanadu district.

Parappar dam is built across Kallada river which is nourished with its main three river tributaries,  Shentharuni, Kulathupuzha and Kalthuruthi puzha. All the three tributary rivers orginates from the Kulathupuzha ranges of Western ghats. The possibilities to build a dam across river Kallada and develop the irrigation project is considered even before 1958. Even then the hydro irrigation project works got started officially by 1961only, after the project got sanctioned by the Government of Kerala  and an estimate of 13.28 crores was alloted. But the growth, health and functioning of this project is still in progress, pretty funny huh.The project money had increased more than 600 crores from its initial estimate and then again increased to 728 crores by 1999 making it one of the costly irrigation projects of Kerala.

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