Hibiscus flowers- Flowers in Kerala Photos

Hibiscus, also known in names like shoe flower, China rose, Flor DE Jamaica, rose mellow etc.. Most commonly the flower is known Chinese hibiscus and has more than 200 species in the forms of plants,shrubs,perennial plants and even some tree genesis..Throughout the world the plant is seen in tropical and sub tropical conditions..

The photos of the hibiscuses  below are some common species seen in India, photographed from the Indian south western state,  kerala..Hibiscus a native of  East Asia, is grown widely in gardens and has a wide variety of flowers different in colours and sizes..Its a plant which need less care when compared to plants like Rose, and so the plants are much popular...

red indian hibiscus flower stigma and pollen photo,stigma of hibiscus flower laying on fern photographed,flowers in kerala india
The Stigma And Pollen of Hibiscus flower..The contrasting green colour of the ferns highlighting the flower tip...Hm the stamen,stigma,pollens etc etc..Had to study the flower structure in schools..i like the way this photograph is taken, just a little blurred at the tip, hmm the limitation of cellphone cameras. May have got it if tried a number of times.. seems like the camera lens like the green more to the red tip of flower stigma..

hibiscus or china rose flowers in india photos,indian red shoe flower photos
The hibiscus or shoe flower variant seen commonly in India.Red hibiscus flower or china rose from home gardens.Photographed from the southern state of India..the kerala..These flowers are not mere show plants in gardens, apart they have medicinal values..The hibiscus plant skin is much abundant in fibres and is used in some places to make fiber skirts, and also wigs..You may sometimes know, these flower petals are crushed and the juice is used as a conditioner for hair...

white flowers kerala india,white hibiscus flower,white hibiscus with medicinal value from kerala,flower with medicinal value used in Ayurveda
The white hibiscus plant from the gardens..You know what, these white flowers are considered to have more medicinal effects..The flowers and root of the plant is used in Ayurveda, for the treatment of certain ailments.. And in some parts o world hibiscus tea and juices are used, and also considered good for some diseases..hibiscus is the national flowers of South Korea and Malaysia..Photos taken by Arun using cell phone SonyEricsson K750i
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pepper-spices kerala photographs,a cash crop of kerala india

Kerala renowned for the supplier of the finest of peppers from ancient times.Trading of this spice-pepper also known as 'Black Gold' was a major business from ancient times.The Arab merchants used to collect pepper by coming to Kerala's ports and traded to European and other western countries and still Kerala produces fine quality pepper even-though the cultivation of pepper is less compared to the past. 

changing business conditions and demands forced farmers here to switch to coco and vanilla like cultivations in recent times, but its a fact that nothing can replace pepper for its use in our diet and also in medics..Pepper being vastly used in our dishes like a flavoring agent is also having much medicinal qualities. Along with the seeds of pepper the plant stems and roots are also used in some treatments.. 

Hmm.. how could am Omelet be tasty without a little salt and Pepper, and how can you have your soup without a little pepper powder sprinkled in it..

pepper photograph taken after harvest,photo of green and red ripe pepper seeds collected for processing,pepper the king of spices from kerala, kurumulaku, nanya vilakal, green pepper, kerala pepper, green chilly pepper 
 The ripe pepper seeds just after the harvest..You may know these are perennial plant groups and in kerala, at the time of harvesting people climbs on the trees with a back pack made of dhotis and collects the pepper.. The photo above is just after they are plucked from the pepper plant.. Some are ripe and turned red na!!
 pepper,kerala spices photographs,pepper the spice of kerala named as black gold, cash crops, mulaku 
The ripe green and red pepper seeds just after the harvest..The next step of processing is separating the pepper berries from the stem by crushing under feet..its really fun in families as all people gather together to do the process, till all the seeds are separated carefully.Their is a belief here in kerala that, the byproduct after the separation of pepper must be thrown to the street roads, that people should step over them to get better harvest next time.. Hmm just a belief, from olden times..
 spices of kerala,pepper photos,spices photographs,raw pepper,ripe pepper berries, pazhutha kurumulaku, ripe peper, fresh pepper grains
The BLACK GOLD, also termed as King of Spices, the pepper..The next step of processing pepper after separating the berries is to dry them up and get the black pepper..After enough drying the pepper can be used grinded or after removing the black skin over them to get the white seed inside known as white pepper..Usually its used in powder form after grinding the dried up pepper seeds in our dishes.. Hmm and you may know how our dish goes tasty with a little salt and pepper.Hope Kerala will come back to the olden glory times of pepper and paddy cultivation, unlike the current declining state..Thumps up for chillie pepper.

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