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Thought may give you something different today..Me with ma friend had a leisurely visit to Fort Cochin of Kerala- the south Indian state..It was an evening visit and as we returned back saw the fish market so lively with fresh captured sea fishes, prawns, crabs etc..

you know, fort cochin has the peculiarity of Chinese fishing nets arranged along the bay and fishes captured with them are sold fresh in no time..There are some facilities,  by you select a fish and will get it cooked in some nearby hotels...We just with a cell phone camera, but decided to give a try under those yellow CFLs....

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Ohh what happened to us.. We were just swimming around and these naughty humans caught us..The eyes and face of fish having a gesture of helplessness..
Fish commonly termed as Carp, a type of pearl spot fish..And in the language of kerala Malayalam, this fish is termed as KARIMEEN (black fish)...Hey guys why you people happened to be so tasty!!..
These humans won't forget your taste if once served fried with some pepper and salt paste smeared on you..You can't blame humans much, bcoz you are so irresistible with your taste..

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Ohh the prawn community, now waiting to be cooked... Or the shrimps..Its still a little confusion between the two..My friend said these are black tiger shrimps.. Hmm me too felt so..some places says all types of these fishes as prawns. In some other places the bigger ones are termed prawns and smaller ones as shrimps..

Any way, in Malayalam the local language here, in kerala these fishes are termed as 'Konchu' , 'Chemmen" etc. These ones are usually seen in the deep sea waters..Whatever the name, i have tasted them cooked and the thought itself is mouth watering..

These are just a few photos..More and more photographs are coming for you in no time.. hope we can see tomorrow itself with the new snaps from fort cochin..Apart from this we have got much sunset photos with those Chinese nets on the shore. Photography with SonyEricsson K750. So wanna see the beach sunset and get some fresh fishes from the market?,  be in Fort Cochin, by this evening...

cu soon
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