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One of the ancient churches in Kerala, Santacruz Basilica built by the Portuguese came to Kerala in 1500s.. The church was built by Portuguese, but later destroyed by the British who came here in Kerala..Hmm don't know why they hated catholic churches

Before the British the dutch people came here and they were also interested in destroying churches built by the Portuguese, but Santacruz Basilica and the St Francis church in fort Cochin didn't had to face the ill fate others had.. But the destruction was inevitable, later..

The church as seen today was rebuilt later and stands out for the gothic style painting throughout the church interiors and ceilings...The altar of this church pulls us back to the ancient artistic painting skills..The columns and the walls all got the skillful touch of an artist hand.
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Artistically Vibrant !Beautifully painted Altar of Santacruz Baslica, Fort Cochin..Preparations for Holy Mass going can see grotto of Holy Mother Mary nearby.For photographing the church their was much constraints by the time we happened to be there.It was some special day, and Holy Mass was going on and the church Crowded with people.. 

Not over, am doing the photography with a little mobile phone 2mp camera, which is not supposed to do marvels in such a condition..Hmm lights coming into the lens from many angles. Anyway thought just share with you.I wish if i could have snapped the whole ceiling of the church which is used as canvas by the painter.
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The face of the Old Church...The church was rebuilt but still older about 200 years..One of the pillars of the destroyed church is still placed in a corner of the premises like a monument.As a tourist you can't skip this church if planing to visit Kerala or Cochin.

Its one of the remnants from the past history of Kerala which can give you some nostalgic feelings of the history..Hmm my Mother says me, "when you gonna enter a church for the first time make three wishes!they will happen".Try it next time...
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Jesus dying in the cross for our Sin..One of his last prayers written around the cross, "Father forgive them for they don't know what they doing"..The sculpture of Jesus and the background wall painted beautifully. Their are many paintings inside the Basilica like this. Much mural arts by the painters.The church windows are covered with stained glass which is not much common..

Visiting fort Cochin is much interesting for their are many tourist attractions spread out through the place.The oldest Church built by the Portuguese, the St Francis Church still stands their near the beach side..You can watch splendid view of the sunset from the beach which has a few Chinese fishing nets fixed  ashore.

Another thing is if you like to have some fresh fish recipes, its available in the hotels by the sea side..Also have an option to select freshly caught fish from the market and get cooked in nearby hotels..You wanna see some sea fishes from the market in fort Cochin.The fish photo gallery is inside the archives..

Their is some more galleries of ancient churches in Kerala.St Mary's church, Kudamaloor- The home church of St Alphonsa at Kottayam district of Kerala..

will meet you soon here again,.Keep visiting friends..

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