Dry River Landscape Photos. Empty River Terrain Rocks Sediments and Tree Trunks. Kallada river photos snapped during Tour Trip, Thenmala/ Kollam/ Kerala/ India

river landscape photos,landscape of a dry kallada river photographed during tour trip to thenmala in kollam district of kerala the south indian state
Kallada river landscape, Trees in river delta
River bed photo snaps, more clearly speaking the river landscape of an almost dry riverbed. The landscape which came visible when the dam upstream the river is closed seemed attractive to me and posting some of the photos here. The photographs are taken from a part of one of Kerala's beautiful western ghat river named Kallada.. The part of this river from where these photos are taken are considered 100 percent dangerous zone when the river is flowing with enough water and 50 percent dangerous even it's not without much water.

Our tour trip towards Thenmala eco tourism spots, parappar dam and the famous Palaruvi waterfalls was in the month of August 2010. Irony is it's the time of Monsoons and the river was seen almost empty. We just got down into the river bed for some snaps and any tourist or traveler happened to pass through here would have done it for the sight of the empty river bed is so interesting with much rocks and deltas of sand. Anyway the river was not fully dead as a small stream is finding its way through the rock filled river landscape calmly in deeper areas, and with a little violence in those places having some rock obstructions.
There was two different nature for the river landscape. One with huge rocks filled dangerous looks and other with small sand deltas and small trees giving the river a lovely scenic face. The huge river rocks are already posted in the river danger zone post and will be posted more soon, and wht you can see here is the soft and a little scenic landscape of the river terrain.

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